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  • Name: Egorian Yana ( Yana Egoryan )
  • Date of birth: 20 December 1993
  • Age: 23 years
  • Place of birth: Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Height: 175
  • Activity: fencer, Olympic champion, winner of European and world Championships
  • Marital status: not married

    Ian egoryan: biography

    Ian egorian — Russian fencer of Armenian descent, master of sports of Russia international class. At the Olympic games in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro in 2016, she won two gold medals in team and individual competition.

    Although Yana she is Armenian by nationality, she was born in the capital of Georgia. The girl’s parents, Marina egorian and Karapet Alaverdyan, went there on holiday, and the birth proved premature. It is strange that more in Tbilisi, neither Jana nor her mother have not been. By the way, the grandfather of the future Olympic champion Henry Karpovich Alaverdyan was known in the Soviet Union actor and Opera singer, people’s artist of Armenia.

    Ian Egorian
    Ian egorian | VK

    The first six years of his life Jan held in Yerevan. But when my parents divorced, mom took the daughter in the suburbs. With the father of the girl is no longer seen, but occasionally talked on the phone. In Khimki, egorian had to adjust not only to new surroundings but also to the Russian language, which the girl did not know.

    Almost immediately from secondary school, Yana began to walk in sports anywhere in the fencing section. Up to 10 years in three fencing disciplines — epee, foil and saber — Yana chose the latter, as it turned out, the most hard form of martial arts because it strikes not piercing, and slashing. The athlete was very tired and even wanted to drop the class, but out of respect for his mother, who all these years have allocated money for training, uniforms and travel, continued to do his best and soon went into some of the most promising sablistok Russia.


    At youth, Junior and youth level egorian Ian has regularly achieved great success. She won gold medals in various Championships, both in individual competition and in team competition. By the way, I really do not like that in fencing, all participants dressed alike in white uniform. To somehow circumvent the ban on bright colors she wears, for example, striped leggings or uses pink laces.

    In 2012, the first time a girl wins the championship of Russia among adults and joins the national team. Here, the successes continued: bronze Universiade in Kazan, five gold and one silver medal in the Championships of Europe and World. But on the top step of the podium in senior competitions Yana egorian for a long time, was raised only in the team event.

    Ian egorian at the 2016 Olympics
    Ian egorian at the 2016 Olympics | Russian sport

    To change this situation sablistka could only in the summer of 2016, but at the most prestigious championship in the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro. In a dramatic finale, the girl was able to defeat compatriot Sophia the Great and to win first individual gold. Moreover, this award was the first for Russia with a victory in the individual disciplines in women’s fencing, and Soviet sport’s first victory since 1968, when the pedestal is raised rapiristki Elena Belova.

    Also, egorian in Brazil and took the second gold medal in the Russian team in the team competition. With the victory congratulated the girl not only President Vladimir Putin, but also and actor Mikhail Boyarsky.

    Personal life

    His first children’s love of Yana egoryan met in the Junior national team of Russia on fencing. Maxim Botezatu, through which the girl first learned the romantic sense, was older than her by three years. Their love quickly moved into the category of friendship, and now young people support each other as a close friend.

    Ian egorian and Trofim Great
    Ian egorian and Trofim Great | Instagram

    At older ages, Ian met with the Big trophy, the brother of her future partner in the national team Sophia the great. The young man is also a fencer, in fact, the competition they met. This affair lasted about three years, but then the couple broke up.

    Last winter, egorian the social network began to chat with 23-year-old Ivan by Piganovym from Krasnoyarsk. He is also an athlete, is a rather rare sport of swimming in flippers. Ivan repeatedly flew out to Yana in Moscow, then they held a joint holiday in the warmth of Dubai. But the distance between Siberia and Moscow still cooled feelings, and now the Olympic champion is free again. Although she admits that is ready to create family and have children.

    She Goran that Ivan Pyanov
    Ian egorian and Ivan Pyanov | Instagram

    In Jan’s life, egorian have a lot of Hobbies. She loves to sing karaoke, draw, decorate cooked dishes, and it is preparing, according to friends, very tasty. In addition, the fencer collects coins and banknotes of the countries visited, and a passion for quality jewelry.


    Ian Egorian

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