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  • Name: Hugh Laurie ( James Hugh Calum Laurie )
  • Date of birth: 11 June 1959
  • Age: 57 years
  • Place of birth: Oxford, United Kingdom
  • Height: 189
  • Activities: actor, writer, musician, screenwriter
  • Marital status: married

    Hugh Laurie: the biography

    Hugh Laurie is a British actor, familiar to the audience worldwide TV series «Dr. house», «Jeeves and Wooster», «Blackadder» and collaboration with Stephen fry entertainment «show of fry and Laurie». In addition, Lori, also known as a professional pianist, the Director, writer and singer.

    Hugh, whose full name is James Hugh Calum, was born in the ancient British city of Oxford. His father ran Laurie by profession was a physician and an athlete-Amateur. He even won the Olympic gold medal in 1948 in the competition. Mother Patricia was a housewife and raising four children, of whom Hugh was the youngest.

    Lori went to a private elementary school and then studied at the prestigious school of Britain for boys – Eton. There it is, the example of his father, became interested in rowing, won internal competitions among juniors and represented the UK at the world championship where in the doubles competition she took fourth place.

    Higher education, the future actor was awarded at Cambridge University, studying anthropology and archaeology. Sports he didn’t leave, hard rowing, then got a serious injury which has not allowed to continue training. Then Hugh joined the drama club and started playing in Amateur theatricals. In student theater «Footlights Dramatic Club» Laurie and I met with Emma Thompson and Stephen fry. Both of these men will mean a lot in his later life.

    Receiving the diploma of the archaeologist, the young man already knew that he wasn’t using it for its intended purpose. Together with friends of the Amateur theatre, he puts the Comedy «Basement tapes» on the stage «West end». And due to the fact that the statement was broadcast on television and was a huge success, the trio Laurie, fry and Thompson instantly becomes famous.


    After the theatrical success of Hugh Laurie stepped into the cinema. He first appeared in television series in the small, but always the comic roles. A huge success was waiting for the actor after joining the Comedy part of the serial movie «the Black Adder». It was also attended by his sidekick Stephen fry, with whom Hugh in parallel, organized a joint project «show of fry and Laurie» made these people stars number one in the UK.

    After the success of Hugh and Stephen adapted adaptation of the stories and novels of the famous classic Palama of Grenville Woodhouse. For three years every week they release a TV series «Jeeves and Wooster» about the adventures of a hapless aristocrat and his wise servant. Later, Laurie dabbled in the dramatic films «sense and sensibility» and «Man in the iron mask», where the main role played by Leonardo DiCaprio.

    But the basis of his filmography for a long time was Comedy. It is worth noting children and family picture «101 Dalmatians», «anything is possible, baby!», «Stuart little», «a Little over forty», «it’s over!» and «Girl from Rio». In all these movies the actor revealed his talent as a comedian. But in 2004, he dramatically changes the role and the result is a new round of great popularity.

    In the TV series «Dr. house» Laurie plays a brilliant but eternally sullen doctor-diagnostician. Interestingly, in this role Hugh is very hard specially trained American accent. And he managed to achieve that in a few seasons viewers who did not know the artist before, were not even aware that they face a Briton from an aristocratic family. «Dr. house» released for a long 8 years, but the actor did not limit himself only to this film set.

    He appeared in the Thriller «street Kings,» the military drama «Mr. PIP», the romantic Comedy «Love bound» action-Packed Thriller «Night administrator». In the fall of 2016 on world screens it is planned to launch a new series featuring the famous actor — «chance».


    When Hugh Laurie was still a little boy, he asked parents to teach piano. He now owns not only keyboards, but percussion instruments, great plays saxophone and harmonica. In many of his paintings, the actor showed his performing skills, and has organized charity concerts precast ensemble artists of the American television series «Band From TV».

    Authorship belongs to Hugh a few songs from the repertoire of different rock and Blues bands, including became a big hit «If I can’t Have You» performed by «Meat Loaf». As a musician the man has performed with groups of «Poor White Power» and «Copper bottom band» and even made several Studio recordings.

    In the end, Laurie has recorded his own solo album «Let Them Talk». The album hit the top ten in Britain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France. The most popular songs out are considered «You don’t Know My Mind», «Winin’ Boy Blues» and «St James’ Infirmary». In support of this album, the musician gave a Grand concert at the home of the Blues-in New Orleans.

    The second album «didn’t It Rain» had a more modest success and was in the top ten in the UK and Canada. Although the level and geography of box office seriously contradicted by indicators charts. The best hit of this album was the soulful song «Wild Honey».

    Personal life

    In his student years and a few years after the release of Hugh Laurie was in a romantic relationship with actress Emma Thompson. Despite the fact that their affair ended, they still remain very close friends.

    In the summer of 1989, the actor first and only time married theatre administrator Jo green, who in later years, bore her husband three children. They have two sons — Charles, Archibald and William, albert, and daughter, Rebecca Aug. Interestingly, the godfather of all three is my father’s best friend, Stephen fry.

    The actor collects motorcycles. In his garage is like an ultra-modern Porsche models, Harley-Davidson and BMW, and vintage cars.

    Hugh Laurie was not enough for what he has achieved success as an actor, musician and singer. In the mid 90-ies saw the publication of his first novel, «the Dealer guns», and in 2009 was ready to release the second book «Paper soldier», but the author has ceased publication indefinitely.

    For services to the UK in 2007, Laurie was awarded the title of officer of the order of the British Empire on the personal orders of Queen Elizabeth II.


    • 1986-1999 — Black Viper
    • 1990-1993 — Jeeves and Wooster
    • 1996 — 101 Dalmatians
    • 1999 — Stuart Little
    • 2000 — All things are possible, baby
    • 2001 — the Girl from Rio
    • 2003 — a Little over forty
    • 2004-2012 Dr. House
    • 2012 — Mr. PIP
    • 2016 — Night administrator


    • 2011 — Let Them Talk
    • 2013 — didn’t It Rain


    Hugh Laurie

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