Hillary Clinton

photo Hillary Clinton

  • Name: Hillary Clinton ( Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton )
  • Date of birth: 26 October 1947
  • Age: 69 years
  • Place of birth: Chicago, USA
  • Height: 165
  • Activity: American politician, former U.S. Secretary of state, candidate for U.S. President
  • Marital status: Married to bill Clinton

    Hillary Clinton: a biography

    Hillary Clinton is a bright conservative American politician, who thanks to his subtle mind could occupy a worthy niche in the politics of the US and become an active public figure in the country. Colleagues consider her to be an ambitious woman to adequately assess its relevance and competence.

    Chiseled the image of a calculating and cold lady during the reign of the USA her husband bill Clinton has made a woman as a politician, the most influential mistress of the White house in the history of the country, which after the revocation of that status continues to strive to new heights in the political arena and once again confidently fighting for the presidency of the United States.

    Born Hillary Clinton (nee Hillary Diane Rodham) 26 Oct 1947 in one of the largest American cities Chicago. Her parents, Hugh Ellsworth Rodham and Dorothy Emma Rodham was a Methodist. The father was engaged in small, but very successful business in the textile industry and her mother was a housewife.

    Hillary Clinton childhood
    Hillary Clinton childhood | uznayvse.ru

    The future first lady of the United States was a senior child in the family, she has two younger brothers Tony and Hugh. From childhood, she showed herself to be purposeful man with a tough attitude, who inherited from his father. A future politician was a diligent student, that teacher was one of the best in the class. In addition to training, Hillary Clinton was actively engaged in sports, namely basketball and swimming, for which has earned many honours.

    In 1965, after graduating from high school, the future Secretary of state was admitted to Wellesley College and then Yale University’s law faculty. While still a student at Hillary Clinton began to engage in social activities and headed a youth organisation the Young Republicans of Wellesley.

    Hillary Clinton young
    Hillary Clinton in youth | uznayvse.ru

    In 1973, she received a doctorate in law and went to work in the profession in the children’s defense Fund. But, a biography of Hillary Clinton have long been associated with the legal field, as an acquaintance at the University with her future husband bill Clinton has made a tremendous upheaval in her life and brought a female lawyer in the ranks of the American political elite.

    Hillary Clinton and politics

    Since 1975, after her marriage to bill Clinton, future first lady of the United States has been actively engaged in politics, helping the man to break into the highest echelons of power in the country. She made up for her husband right political campaign that helped him in 1976 to become the attorney General, and in 1978 Governor of Arkansas. While Hillary Clinton continued to engage in legal activities and in 1978 was appointed a member of the Board of the legal services Corporation. Over the next 12 years she was an active participant in the public life of Arkansas in the areas of health and education, and was engaged in the protection of the rights of children in this region of the country.

    Young Hillary Clinton
    Young Hillary Clinton | uznayvse.ru

    In 1992, after winning a spouse to the US presidential election, Hillary Clinton became the first lady of the country, and at the request of her husband, chaired the Committee on health care reform. In this position a female politician has been about a year, after which she had to leave the post from-for sharp criticism of its activities by the Republicans.

    Leaving the protection of the health, Hillary Clinton moved to protect the interests of women and children the United States, and has also held the position of chief Executive of the largest U.S. retailer, Wal-Mart, which is the world’s largest retail chain. The business made the first lady of the United States financially independent from husband’s income to Hillary Clinton for 1993 amounted to $ 250,000, the Governor’s income her husband had only 35 thousand dollars.

    In 2000, Hillary Clinton was elected Senator of the state of new York, which allowed her to become a favorite in the presidential race of 2008. Then it enjoyed considerable support among voters-Democrats and inclusively to 2007, he held a leading position among the candidates for the presidency of the United States. But just before the elections, voter attitudes to it have changed – people began to suspect spouses Clinton in nepotism, a female politician decided to abandon the struggle for the presidency and expressed support for his rival Barack Obama.

    Hillary Clinton — U.S. Secretary of state | the times.co.ru

    After Obama’s victory in December 2008, the new US President has nominated Hillary Clinton for Secretary of state of the country and in January 2009, the senators elected to this position. Thus, former first lady of the United States came to the state Department of the country that was the first time in the history of America.

    During tenure as Secretary of state Hillary Clinton was the author of the memoir «Hard fork», the name of which can fully characterize its work on a post. Accomplishments Hillary Clinton as the head of the US state Department rather ambiguous allies consider it a «hawk» in matters of military policy concerning Iraq and Afghanistan, as it is argued for tough «war» against terror, while others consider politics as Secretary of state «the American mistake» and strongly support its policy aimed at restoring relations with Russia. In 2013, Secretary of state Hillary Clinton is replaced by John Kerry, and she continued her public activities in the sphere of protection of rights and interests of women and children in the country.

    Hillary Clinton
    Hillary Clinton | New York Times

    Throughout his presidency, his wife Hillary Clinton was always aware of all the internal state of Affairs, which gave me tremendous experience in running the country. In 2015, she announced her intention to run for President in the next election, which will take place in November 2016. According to opinion polls, former first lady of the United States currently occupies a leading position in the ranking of the most likely winners in the fight for the presidency of the country, it is supported by the majority of voters.

    Public and political activity and personal life of Hillary Clinton have been in the epicenter of scandals, the most striking of which was the affair of her husband bill Clinton with Intern Monica Lewinsky, who became resonant in the public domain. Then in 1998, the news became the most discussed political-sex scandal which could lead to the impeachment of the former head of the United States. But a cold mind and a desire to stay on top of political forced Hillary Clinton to Express public support for his wife and to call him a sexual relationship with Lewinsky conspiracy against the President of the United States.

    Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky
    Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky | Buzzingtonpost

    Last loud scandal with Hillary Clinton became the disclosure of data to her personal email, which she used for the implementation of the official correspondence during the tenure of the head of the US state Department. It is a crime of national importance, as it threatens the security of the country due to the declassification of classified information of the United States. After the special checks personal mail former Secretary of state managed to find out that a large part of the correspondence, Hillary Clinton did not contain secret data, and about 1.5 hundred letters still considered confidential, so they had to scramble.

    The US presidential election in 2016

    In 2015, Hillary Clinton announced the intention to participate in the US presidential election to be held November 8, 2016. According to the results of the primaries, the politician became leader of the presidential race, where its main competitor was the notorious billionaire Donald trump.

    From the very first days, between Clinton and trump began a serious rivalry, as both candidates for U.S. President are not going to give up without a battle and ready «before the blood» to fight for the presidency. Their debates attracted the attention of the world community — they are full of severe aggression, which is inherent in both of the favorites of the presidential race.

    Hillary Clinton and Donald trump
    Hillary Clinton and Donald trump | inosmi.ru

    The main positions of the election campaign, Hillary Clinton is support for immigration reform that would allow illegal migrants to legalize their status and protection of the rights of representatives of sexual minorities, which former U.S. Secretary of state plans to formally resolve to enter into marriage with their same-sex partners.

    In addition, the public trust the candidate in presidents of the United States is trying to gain its loyal position on the protection of the rights of the «middle class». It promises people to raise the minimum wage and to overcome income inequality in the United States.

    In the case of winning the presidential election in 2016, Hillary Clinton intends to pursue a tough foreign policy of the country. She is determined to fight with Russia and its President Vladimir Putin and are ready to continue to fight ISIS. In addition, the politician is ready does not stop supporting the Syrian opposition, which is armed by way of trying to seize power in Syria to overthrow the current leader of Syria, Bashar al-Assad.

    Personal life of Hillary Clinton

    Personal life of Hillary Clinton at first glance exemplary. She in 1975 married her classmate bill Clinton, which, thanks to the strong support of his wife was able within two presidential terms to be the head of the United States. Even the widely discussed cheating her husband with Lewinsky could not destroy their marriage, matrimony and are now joint life and demonstrate to society the ideal family relationship.

    Hillary Clinton with her husband and daughter Chelsea
    Hillary Clinton with her husband and daughter Chelsea | spletnik.ru

    The couple Clinton in 1980 was born the only daughter Chelsea Victoria. Husband Hillary was the only American who in those years made the decision to attend the birth of wife. Chelsea Victoria graduated from Stanford University, and then went to work in the charity Fund of his father.

    In 2010, Chelsea Clinton married banker Marc Mezvinsky is the wedding many called the «wedding of the century», as the scale of the festive event was estimated at several million dollars. At the end of 2014, Hillary and bill Clinton have become grandparents, their granddaughter Charlotte.

    Hillary Clinton became a grandmother
    Hillary Clinton became a grandmother | elle.ua

    In June 2016, the presidential candidate of the United States became a grandmother for the second time, Chelsea gave birth to her second child, son Aidan Clinton-Mezvinsky. The second pregnancy and childbirth do not interfere with the 36-year-old daughter to remain a public person and support the mother in a tough fight for the presidency.

    Disease Clinton

    During a fierce presidential race in the U.S. special attention was drawn to the health of Hillary Clinton. The Americans noticed that the candidate in US presidents has deteriorated significantly in appearance, suggesting that Clinton is sick of serious ailment, which carefully hides from voters.

    Oil poured into the fire incident during the ceremony in memory of the victims of the tragedy of September 11 in 2016 — Hillary Clinton almost fainted right in front of the public. After that, the theme of the health of the mistress of the presidential race became the most discussed in the United States, because the nation believes that the country does not need is a leader with serious diseases.

    The Disease Is Hillary Clinton
    Disease Hillary Clinton | gazeta.ru

    After the scandal with the faint Hillary Clinton hastened to reassure voters, saying that felt unwell due to pneumonia, which became ill during the long journeys to cities as part of its election campaign. Doctor candidate in US presidents confirmed the diagnosis Clinton, assuring that the politician has no chronic illnesses and in his later years maintained good health.

    Photo Hillary Clinton

    Hillary Clinton

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