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  • Name: Hilary Swank ( Hilary Swank )
  • Date of birth: 30 July 1974
  • Age: 42 years
  • Place of birth: Lincoln, ne, USA
  • Height: 168
  • Activities: actress, producer
  • Marital status: divorced

    Hilary swank: biography

    Hilary swank is an American actress, two-time winner of the award «Oscar» and «Golden globe». Fame came to her after the filming of famous movies like «Boys don’t cry» and «million dollar Baby».

    Hilary swank (sometimes found spelling of last name as Swank) was born in Nebraska, where her hometown is Lincoln. But the childhood of the future star went to another place in Bellingham, Washington. In the family, Hilary was brought up not alone but with his older brother James.

    In elementary school she began to visit the theatre and in the 9 years went to the big stage in the role of Mowgli from the play «the jungle Book». Also swank was a lover of sports she visited the pool and section of rhythmic gymnastics.

    Hilary was in high school when her parents divorced. Together with her mother she moved to Los Angeles, where a small family rented an old trailer and lived there for quite a long time. In the cultural capital of California love swank, theatrical performances embodied in something more solid. The girl began to participate in various television shows in small roles and gradually got the opportunity to star in a full feature film.


    After participating in the youth television series «growing pains,» «Evening shade», «Harry and the Hendersons» and «Buffy the vampire Slayer» Hilary swank finally landed a role in a feature-length teenage sports drama «the karate Kid 4». Much of this work the girl is not brought in, and she continued acting on television. The most famous series of that time in his career, Hilary was youth drama «Beverly hills 90210», where she played a single mother.

    Her role, the actress was unhappy, but the fact remains: it was there she saw Kimberly Peirce, the Director of the social drama «Boys don’t cry». In this film, swank was offered a non-standard character, Tina Brandon, who is actually a man. Drama film about a drag Queen, produced the effect of bombs, and the actress received her first statuette «Oscar». Moreover, the magazine «Premiere» called the work of Tina Brandon one of the one hundred greatest movies of all time.

    Another stellar job swank is a Boxing story, «million dollar Baby». In addition to these Oscar-winning pictures in the filmography of the actress there are very interesting projects. For example, the Thriller «Insomnia», a historical film «the affair of the necklace», the melodrama «P. S. I love you», religious-mystical picture of «Harvest».

    It is also worth noting the biographical film «freedom Writers,» a Thriller with elements of detective story «the Trap» and the life story of an American national heroine Amelia Earhart «Amelia». Latest released social drama «Mary and Martha», a Western «Local» melodrama «isn’t You» the home series «One percent». In 2015, Hillary took a leave of absence for family reasons.

    Personal life

    In the fall of 1997, Hilary swank was married to his colleague, actor Chad Lowe. They knew each other not very long: a few months before this the young people met on the set of the painting «Quiet days in Hollywood». Family relationships lasted a little less than 8 years, after which the couple divorced.

    Soon after breaking up with Chad Lowe, the actress tied relationship with her agent John Campisi. They even lived together in a de facto marriage, but in the end, and this Alliance came to nothing. At the moment Hillary is still not married.

    In 2015, the swank announced a temporary cessation of work, as her father suffered a complicated operation to transplant the lungs, and the actress decided all his time to devote to it.

    Prior to that, Hilary toured different countries of the world. She was in Russia, where he played in Grozny before the concert dedicated to the anniversary of Ramzan Kadyrov. Also, Hillary in 2004, is facing a line of women’s clothing Calvin Klein Sensual Support».


    • 1999 — Boys don’t cry
    • 2001 — the affair of the necklace
    • 2002 — Insomnia
    • 2004 — million dollar Baby
    • 2007 — P. S. I love you
    • 2007 — freedom Writers
    • 2013 — Mary Mar
    • 2014 — Local
    • 2014 — you’re not You
    • 2015 — One percent


    Hilary Swank

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