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  • Name: Hilary Duff ( Hilary Erhard Duff )
  • Date of birth: 28 September 1987
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Houston, TX, USA
  • Height: 157
  • Activities: actress, singer, entrepreneur, model, producer
  • Marital status: divorced

    Hilary Duff: the biography

    Hilary Duff born September 28 1987 in Houston. Her family is wealthy and affluent mother who’s been raising two daughters and the household, the father was the head of the chain of stores. Parents can give children a good education.

    Since early childhood, Hilary started acting – it was her mother. 6 years old girl first came on the scene in the ballet «the Nutcracker». Hilary is not by chance wanted to be a ballerina – followed in the footsteps of older sister Hayley.

    Happy family Duff soon collapsed. After the divorce, mother and her children left Texas. The woman chose California, considering that there will be more opportunities for her daughters.

    After the move Hilary Duff never took ballet, but continued to study acting. The girl constantly went to auditions and listening – the mother strongly supported it. Hilary suggested shooting in TV is there and has opened her talent.


    For the first time on the big screen, Hilary Duff appeared in the film «Casper meets Wendy». She played a young witch desperately looking for a loyal friend. Unfortunately, the film was briefly in theaters almost immediately went to the archive.

    In 1997, Duff was offered a small role in the TV series «Real women». Two years later she played Ellie in «soul Collector» and received the award as best young actress-she plays the role of the second plan. Then there were the occasional shooting «Chicago hope» and «Cold hearts.»

    In 2001, Hilary Duff appeared in a new role of a girl who suffers from depression, in the film «human Nature». She then starred in the film «Cadet Kelly» – the image of the daughter of the commandant of the military school she managed.

    About Hilary Duff talked about in TV circles following the film «Agent Cody banks». Box office receipts in the first weeks rent has exceeded $ 100 million.

    In the creative biography of the actress dramatic roles in the films «a Cinderella Story» and «Sing louder.» Unfortunately, both films were a failure, and Hilary received a «Razzie» for worst performance. After the paintings in the career of Hilary began to decline.

    In 2006, she decided to try himself as a producer of the film «material girls,» which also played the role of wealthy heiress Tanzania, and again it would fail.

    Failures didn’t break Hilary Duff – she continued to play. Viewers saw his in the criminal Comedy «Corporation wars», the family Comedy foodfight, the films «Greta» and «safety glass».

    Alongside with acting, Hilary Duff has made a career of singer.


    Her debut song was «I can’t Wait», which she performed in 2002 as the soundtrack to the film «Lizzie McGuire». The song «Why Not», written for the same film, and later entered the TOP 20 charts in New Zealand, the Netherlands and Australia.

    In 2003, Hilary Duff recorded the first album «Metamorphosis». In her songs she turned to the teenagers. In the same year the album became the leader of the American charts.

    In autumn 2004, released another album in the style of rock. After 3 years, Hilary has recorded another album «Dignity». It includes songs that the singer sang a duet with Beyonce, Gwen Stefani and Akon. Musical experts and critics embraced the album positively.

    In 2008, Hilary Duff has recorded a collection of the best songs in the Studio, «Hollywood Records», but the great success he had.

    In summer 2015, the singer released fifth Studio album. It included the song «Sparks», «One in a Million», «False», «Brave Heart» etc.


    In March 2004, Hilary has launched her own fashion line, which was sold in America, Canada, Australia and South Africa. First, it focused on a teenage audience, but later decided to expand production.

    Alongside stylish clothes, Hilary has launched the production line of accessories, fragrances and jewelry. In 2008, Duff ceased to control brand «Stuff by Hilary Duff», and soon he ceased to exist.

    Second chance was a collaboration with DKNY Jeans, for which Hilary Duff has developed a youth collection. The premiere took place in the late summer of 2009 in the United States.

    In September 2006 Hilary Duff has released her own perfume «With Love…Hilary Duff», which became one of the most sold in America. He soon sold in stores Japan, Canada and Europe.

    Books and charity

    Hilary Duff – author of 3 books. Her first novel «Elixir» was released in 2010 and sold millions of copies around the world. It tells the story of the journalist, hiding his father.

    In October 2011 he published a second book Duff «Devoted», which was a continuation of the bestseller «Elixir». The third book Hilary «True» was published in April 2013.

    The plans of the actress and writer was another novel, but she never wrote.

    Hilary Duff does charity work, she supports the youth organization, helping people affected by natural disasters, and schools. The actress is fighting hard for animal rights, helping young mums and participates in social advertising. Periodically Duff donates large sums to charity.

    Personal life

    Hillary herself believes that her personal life has not developed. Journalists were actively discussing her affair with actor and singer Aaron Carter. Because of this, Duff’s boyfriend got into a fight with Lindsay Lohan. Hilary met with Aaron in 2001 when she was 16 years old. Their relationship lasted until 2003.

    After breaking up with Carter, and the girl began to appear frequently in the company of singer Joel Madden. Two years later they divorced. Hilary Duff painfully experienced the gap.

    He haunted the actress fan, who called himself Maxim Mayakovsky: he threatened her with murder. Duff went to the police. The Stalker was sentenced to 117 days in jail and 5 years probation.

    In 2007, Hilary started Dating hockey player Mike Comrie, in the summer of 2010 they got married. Two years later the couple had a son Luke. A happy marriage did not last long – in the end of 2014, Hilary Duff has filed for divorce, and in the spring of 2015 she was free.


    • «Cadet Kelly»
    • «The perfect man»
    • «Greta»
    • «Wings»
    • «A Cinderella story»
    • «Real girls»
    • «Superstar»
    • «She wants me»
    • «Lizzie McGuire»
    • «Agent Cody Banks»
    • «Provinces of night»


    • «Santa Claus Lane»
    • «Hilary Duff»
    • «Metamorphosis»
    • «Breathe In. Breathe Out.»
    • «Dignity»


    Hilary Duff

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