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  • Name: Helena Bonham Carter ( Helena Bonham Carter )
  • Date of birth: 26 may 1966
  • Age: 50 years
  • Place of birth: Golders green
  • Height: 157
  • Activity: British actress of theatre, film and audio
  • Marital status: divorced

    Helena Bonham Carter: biography

    Helena Bonham Carter was born in a famous aristocratic family in Golders green. The ancient ancestors of Helena – knights, lords and barons. Her ancestor was Lord Asquith, the Prime Minister of great Britain, and great-grandmother – Baroness Bonham Carter. The girl, as befits her peers from aristocratic families, he studied at Westminster school respectable. Besides her family grew older brothers Edward and Thomas.

    But rich pedigree and strong connections in the upper world did not protect the family from unexpected misfortunes. At first when Helen was 5 years old, from a nervous breakdown suffered by the mother. Within 3 years, the woman recovered. It is noteworthy that after that she chose the profession of a therapist and even started a small psychotherapy clinic. Then my dad got sick, a famous banker. Raymond Bonham Carter found a tumor due to which he became deaf. After surgery he had a stroke, and he could not move without a wheelchair. To help mothers and children left London and came home. To school they came back after a while.

    In 1979 Helena Bonham Carter wins poetry contest «grapevine», after reading the poem. For this she received the award, which was spent on the portfolio. The fact that Helena after viewing the painting «the French Lieutenant’s Woman» had a great desire to connect his life with the acting. And the portfolio she needed in order to place it in a casting directory.

    The girl noticed quickly. A cinematic biography of Helena Bonham Carter started when she was barely 15 years old. The young actress debuted in a small role in the film «Pattern of roses».


    The first major role she played in the film «Lady Jane». But not for this role, as well as in the movie «a Room with a view», brought Helena Bonham Carter popularity. In 1986, the film based on the works of Edward Morgan Forster was nominated the Oscar in 8 categories.

    Famous Directors vying to offer the actress a role in their projects. She starred in the melodrama «On the verge of death». Then appears at Miami Vice», «the Mask», «Francis» and other projects. But the greatest influence on the career of a young actress had the movie «twelfth night» and «Wings of the dove». After these roles, Helena is quite firmly attached to the role of the «Queen of corsets» and «English roses». Although these paintings have brought Carter the nomination on «Oscar» and «Golden globe», but looking for myself artist wanted more. So she moved to America and dramatically altered the cinematic image.

    This transformation is clearly seen in the film «Fight club», which was released in 1999, where the English played Marla singer. Change of role was so bright that, over time, the image of the heroine of «Fight club» was long associated with the Helena. It was further successful roles in «planet of the apes,» «Big fish», warmly accepted by the audience and critics. But the most striking was the film «live from Baghdad», where Helena Bonham Carter was nominated for a Golden globe.

    In 2005, the British played Mrs. bucket in «Charlie and the chocolate factory». The painting was highly appreciated by the audience. Bonham Carter is among the most respected Hollywood stars. To strengthen the glory managed the appearance in the image of Bellatrix Lestrange in 4 strips about Harry Potter that was released from 2007 to 2011.

    On the wave of popularity Helena together with designer Samantha sage launches clothing line, calling it «Pantaloonies». In the same year she appeared in the famous musical «Sweeney Todd: the demon Barber of fleet street», staged by Tim Burton. For their excellent work in this tape, it was nominated for the award «Golden globe». A small but key role in belike the «Terminator» has added to the popularity of the actress.

    In 2009, the «Empire» included Helena Bonham Carter in the list of 50 sexiest movie stars of all time. The British, having occupied 9-e a place left behind the most beautiful women.

    In 2010, the actress played the Red Queen in «Alice in Wonderland». And in the following year appeared in the wonderful film «King says!». The role of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon have brought to the movie star a BAFTA award, and another nomination for «Oscar».

    The best paintings involving Helena Bonham Carter, released in the last 4 years, can be called «Great expectations» where she played miss Havisham, and «Les Miserables», where the actress appeared in the image of Madame Thenardier. A special place is occupied biographical melodrama «the Lone Ranger» and «Burton and Taylor». In the latest tape Helena played very Elizabeth Taylor and her beloved Dominic West.

    Helena Bonham Carter 7 times nominated for «Golden globe», twice for «Oscar». She is a BAFTA award winner and deservedly considered one of the most famous Hollywood film star.

    Personal life

    In the movie «Frankenstein» actress met with his colleague Kenneth Branagh. Broke novel was bright, but short-lived. In 1999 the couple broke up.

    Personal life Helena Bonham Carter has long been associated with famous Director Tim Burton. They began to live together in the autumn of 2001, having become acquainted in the movie «planet of the apes». At first the couple lived next door to two houses in the district of Belsize Park in London. But then they got a mansion Mill House in the English town of Sutton Courtney. Previously the house was rented by Helena’s grandmother violet Bonham Carter. 2 years after the beginning of their life together the couple had a son Billy Raymond Burton. And in 2007, was born the daughter Nell Burton, named in honor of the heroine, played by Helena during pregnancy.

    The godfather of the children of Bonham Carter and Burton was johnny Depp, with whom the couple are very friendly.

    In December 2014 it became known that Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter aren’t together anymore. They broke up after 13 years of marriage, but for the sake of the children maintain friendships.


    • Room with a view
    • On the verge of death
    • Twelfth night
    • Where even angels fear to appear
    • Govards End
    • The wings of the dove
    • The Queen of corsets
    • Fight club
    • Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix
    • Sweeney Todd: the demon Barber of fleet street
    • King says!


    Helena Bonham Carter

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