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  • Name: Elena Lander ( Lander Elena )
  • Date of birth: 27 September 1985
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: theater and film actress, TV presenter
  • Marital status: married

    Elena lander: a biography

    Actress Helen fedyshina, more familiar to us as the lander, known to television viewers for the TV series «Ranetki» and «Detectives.» And more recently we see it in the role of the leading program «Morning of Russia».

    Elena – Muscovite. She was born in September 1985 in an intellectual and creative family. Her parents are relevant to the acting profession. Moreover – they are «grown» artists. Vladimir G. Bacher works as the Dean of Director’s faculty of GITIS, and mother Natalia there’s also the drama teacher.

    Olena Lander
    Elena Lander | LadyGuru

    Ability the hypocrisy, the parents found the daughter’s pretty early. They took Elena to one of the secondary schools in Humanities. After his graduation in 2001, the lander entered the international Slavic Institute named after G. Derzhavin. In those years her father along with well-known actress Lyudmila Ivanova was recruited to the University of his acting course.

    Under the guidance of the father, and Lyudmila Ivanova, Elena graduated from drama school and began climbing the career ladder. She was accepted into the troupe of the musical theatre «the Impromptu», which was ruled by Ivanov.


    A cinematic biography of Helen lander, like most of her colleagues, began cameo roles. In 2006, the young actress appeared in the famous painting «Officers», where he played the representative of «Golden youth». In the same year, lander was entrusted with a key role in the acclaimed TV series «the Detectives», which was broadcast on «the First channel».

    Great debut opened the actress for domestic film Directors, and the proposals fell on Helen lander.

    Helen lander in the film
    Helen lander in the movie «the Detectives» | Kinoteatry

    The real breakthrough came in 2008, when the lander starred in the TV series «Gypsy» and «Ranetki». The latest project has brought her considerable popularity.

    But the film was not able to displace in the life of an actress theatre. Elena, even though he was busy filming, could not abandon the stage on which better communication with the audience.

    In 2009, she moved to Melikhovo, the theater «Chekhov Studio», where for 2 years he worked as artistic Director of her father. Lander has played in productions of «the Duel», «Kashtanka» and «Eldest son».


    In 2010, the actress married Israeli businessman Thomas lander, whose name today is. After the wedding the young family left the home of her husband.

    In 2013, Elena decided to try himself as a TV presenter. At the age of 29 she became the leading Israeli TV channel called «channel 9».

    But six months later, the lander suggested to play a role in Russian TV show «angel and Demon». After reading the script Elena had been unable to resist the temptation and went on shooting in Russia.

    Olena lander at
    Helen lander «Morning of Russia» | VK

    In November 2014, the TV returned Helen lander in the ranks of the presenters. But this time she joined the Russian colleagues: the lander was called into the co-host of the popular project «the Morning of Russia».

    Elena says that an interest in journalism she woke up in his student years. In film and theater she was more interested in the historical role and characters taken from real life. And lander loves to travel, to get acquainted with the culture and cuisine of different countries, to communicate with interesting people.

    Personal life

    The novels of Elena’s life happened, but they were not so much. The first began after enrolling in drama school. Between a future actress and a student of the 3rd course Alexander Ivanov broke out feeling. The novel developed gradually. Young people began to meet. But after 3 years I realized that apart from friendships they do not bind. But forever remain romantic memories and unforgettable emotions.

    Private life of Helen lander again lit up with a wonderful feeling, when she was 23 years old. At that time, she starred in «Ranetki» and its «object» was an assistant Director. Maxim Andreev – it was the name of the guy is also interested in a charming girl. After the bouquet-candy» period, they began to live together. But a year later the novel was exhausted. Maxim has a new girlfriend.

    Elena lander daughter
    Elena lander daughter | Belovodie

    Long left alone, and Lena. It drew the attention of businessman Thomas lander. Their wedding took place in one of the best restaurants in the capital in 2010. After a year, the couple in Jerusalem, a daughter Estelle.


    • «Officers»
    • «Detectives»
    • «Women’s history»
    • «Savva Morozov»
    • «Gypsy»
    • Ranetki
    • «Angel and demon»
    • «The crossing»


    Olena Lander

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