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  • Name: Helen Kane ( Helene Rolles )
  • Date of birth: 20 December 1966.
  • Age: 50 years
  • Place of birth: Le Mans, France
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: French actress and singer
  • Marital status: not married

    Helen Kane: biography

    Helen Kane was born in the small town of LEM-mun in France. The family already has grown up daughter, Sophie. Shortly after birth Elen was born the third girl, Virginie. Mother of the future French actress was involved in the organization of show programs and concerts, dad worked as a programmer and had a hobby – restored historic building in your free time.

    Actress Helen Kane began quite by accident, we can say, at the behest of his grandmother. The woman saw a newspaper ad, where it was reported about the beginning of the test shots for the role in the film «Black lamb». However, there were specified and mandatory requirements for the candidates. They should be blue-eyed. But grandma decided that her brown-eyed granddaughter will approach more and not telling anyone, sent pictures of Helen in the editor. The girl at the time was 12 years. A miracle happened: it was chosen from three thousand applicants.

    After working in this film from Helen Kane came long break. Before the movie she came back after 12 long years.

    Helen Kane: music and TV shows

    But girl all those years dedicated to the music. In 1987, she began her solo career. Older sister Sophie introduced her to renowned music producer Jean-Luc Azoulay. The meeting was fruitful, and soon Helen Kane recorded his first CD «In his big, green eyes.» Two years later appeared the first album, Helen Kane.

    But the real glory and the cinematic biography of Helen Kane originate from 1991, when the actress was invited to appear in the popular youth sitcom

  • «First kisses». The success of this multi-part project was unquestionable. Surprise for the Directors of a large number of letters from his supporters that they need to give Helen Kane more time. The producers listened and decided to do a project specifically for the artist, so there is a new project for the youth audience
  • «Helen and the boys». The project and its main character was waiting for a stunning success. Saw it in many countries, including in Russia.

    Simultaneously with the shooting the Roll never forgets his passion for music. In 1992 came the second album was a huge success and sold in large numbers. A year later came the third album of the singer.

    During this period Helen Kane – very popular performer. She tours extensively in his native country and abroad. His fourth solo album the singer recorded in America.

    By the end of 1994 came on the screens 280 series «Helen and the boys». Producers the decision was made to stop the old project and immediately start a new one, calling it

  • «Dreams of love». And again I invited Ellen. Unfortunately, currently she is very busy concert activities and recording of their fifth album, so can only be removed in 15 series. 1998 Helen Kane arrived in the Russian capital. Here she performed with the group «on-On».

    Much to the delight of viewers, fans of «Helen and the boys», Roll of 2000 she returned to the set. The third part of the series was called

  • «Holiday of love» and starred in the Caribbean. In 2005, Helen Kane took part in the popular reality show, similar to the Russian «survivor,» called «the First company». The shooting took place in the South of America in a challenging environment. The contestants more than a month we lived under the Charter of the soldiers. Helen did not reach the finals quite a bit, but watching her whole country.

    In 2011, Rolle returned to the show, starring in the sequel

  • «Mysteries of love» and returning to the characters «Helen and the boys» . Note that in this project, the writers made a lot of noise. Adult heroes have changed not only externally, a lot of what happened in their fate. For example, major ladies ‘ man, Nicolas and Jose suddenly become a couple. However, the low ranking of the project speaks for itself.

    Helen Kane: personal life

    Unfortunately, the personal life Helen Kane was less successful as a musical and cinematic career. Wildly popular, played by actress cruel joke. The audience and admirers saw the actress exclusively with a hero ribbon

  • Patrick
  • Pudemo. Very nice, looked this pair in a movie. Perhaps during the filming at some stage between the young actors and was having an affair, but Ellen and Patrick never confirmed.

    At the end of 2013, the actress adopted two children from Ethiopia.

    Helen Kane: filmography

    • Black sheep
    • First kisses
    • Helen and the boys
    • Dreams of love
    • The holiday of love
    • Output
    • Mysteries of love

    Helen Kane: photos


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