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photo Helavisa

  • Name: Helavisa ( Natalya O’shea )
  • Date of birth: 3 September 1976.
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 176
  • Activities: Russian singer, songwriter, musician, linguist
  • Marital status: married

    Helavisa: biography

    Natalia of Nikolaev, which is what was the name of the current singer Helga at the beginning of his artistic career, was born in September 1976 in the family of Moscow academics. Natalie’s father was a chemist ORGANICA Dundee University, my mother worked at MSU biochemist.

    The love of music instilled in Natalia’s father. But after receiving a high school diploma daughter chose not the music, and Philology. She enrolled at MSU, where he studied from 1993 to 1999. In the process of learning Nikolayev was fascinated by tokenistic, mysticism and the occult. Hence her stage name «Helga». This is the name of the witch from the novel «the Death of Arthur».

    After graduation, Natalia Nikolaev remained in graduate school. Until 2004 she was the assistant of the Department of Irish and Celtic Philology, learned the Irish language and is conducted by seminars.

    In 2003, Nikolaev defended his thesis. For some time she worked as an Intern in Ireland and taught at the Dublin Trinity College.


    Biography Helewise began during his studies at MSU. The girl was fond of historical reconstruction and for the first time manifested itself in music as role-playing minstrel. Then she had a nickname «Halides». The singer sang their own works and songs, which was based on poetry by Nikolai Gumilev, Marina Tsvetayeva, Rudyard Kipling and Robert burns.

    In 1998, Natalia appeared first on under a new stage name – Helga. It happened in the period when the singer started cooperation with a group of «till Eulenspiegel». The group played songs of the bard of direction with an emphasis in folk music.

    In mid-October next year on the basis of the former «till Eulenspiegel», a new group called «Mill».

    From 2003 to 2008 Helga worked as a senior lecturer at the Department of Celtic and Germanic Philology of the University. Then to 2014, the singer fully devoted to music. But scientific activity she hasn’t given up doing it themselves.

    Natalia learned to play many instruments: piano, Celtic harp, acoustic guitar, castanets and percussion. More songs performed by Helavisa can be attributed to the folk and folk-rock. But special love singer Ireland are left with their own unique culture that Nikolaev studied to perfection.

    After persistent coaxing of friends Helavisa has released several solo discs. But the rest of her work is closely connected with the «Windmill». There is in her biography and other projects, called «Helavisa, Lazerson and friends» and the duet «36.6».

    Today Helga lives in Europe. But every month it happens in Russia, where he gives solo concerts and takes part in the performances of groups «the Mill» and «Clann Lir».

    Personal life

    Love for Ireland was decisive in the fate of the singer. Personal life Helavisa since 2004, tied to a citizen of this country James Cornelius In Saem. In August 2004 the pair signed. 4 years later they had a daughter Nina Katrina O’shea. And after 3 years the couple had a second child, whom they named una, Tamar O’shea.

    The husband of singer James Cornelius O’shea is related to art. He was attache of the Irish Embassy in the capital for culture.

    Natalya About Shay – this name is now the singer for some time lived with her husband in Geneva. But then the family has grown to 4 people, started to travel around Ireland, Switzerland, Finland and Austria, where he received a trip the head of the family.

    In addition to music and Celtic culture have Helavisa many other Hobbies. But chief among them are yoga, horse riding, climbing and skiing.

    Discography (solo albums)

    • «Running to Paradise»
    • «Road sleep»
    • «Day of the moon»
    • «Leopard in the city»
    • «New shoes»

    Discography (in the group «Mill»)

    • «Road sleep»
    • «Master of the Mill»
    • «Pass»
    • «The call of the blood»
    • «Wild grass»
    • «Angelofreniya»
    • «Alchemy»



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