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  • Name: heads and Tails ( Orel i Reshka )
  • Date of birth: February 13, 2011
  • Age: 5 years
  • Place of birth: Ukraine
  • Activity: Show travel
  • Marital status: Hobos love the freedom:)

    Heads and Tails: a biography

    «Heads and tails» is a unique entertainment and educational project, one of the most popular shows. He would be the next guide to countries and continents, if not adventurous rules. Do you think anyone will well puteshestvuyte? The owner of a fat wallet or a reckless adventurer with a hundred dollars in his pocket and a backpack? Do not rush to answer – you risk to lose. Sometimes the wheel of fortune spinning does not favor handsome moneybags!

  • «Heads and tails»: the idea of the program
  • The rules are simple: two leading toss a coin to find out their fate for the next few days. And only the «heads and tails» to decide which of them will show off with a gold card and overspend, and who will receive all expenses a hundred dollars. By the way, in some countries and with a hundred dollars you will be real rich. But with the gold card, not all so rosy as it seems. I think it is very interesting to ride a luxurious limousine or take the entire presidential Villa as a whole, where no soul? Actually it’s pretty boring about it repeatedly leading admitted in an interview.

    Travel show produced for Ukraine and Russia since February 2011. Russians can watch a show on the channel «Friday» and on our website. «The eagle and Reshka» has been on all continents, climbed in such a jungle, as you can go. Only the creators know where fate will bring leading next time. But they know how to keep secrets!

    The idea of the project is to demonstrate to viewers that travel can be and with a fairly modest budget. The experience is just fantastic! You have to break a few thousand rubles? Learn how to see the world for pennies. Sleep can not only in a cheap hostel, but for free, for example, in the monastery or in the hospitable owners. However, in Istanbul, Andrew Bednyakova had to sleep on the street, on the street. Luckily he had just bought for the occasion a brand new carpet that poor guy was used instead of blankets.

    «Heads and tails»: the leading

    Leading creators choose excellent. This success the project has achieved, not without their participation. Erudite, funny, cheerful and somewhat reckless young boys and girls are ready to go though the ice cave Mendenhall in Alaska (Kolya Serga), though in the sky on a combat jet fighter tumbles to fabricate (Regina todorenko).

    All wheel drive:

    • Alan Badoev known producer and the showman. Led the first season.
    • Zhanna badoeva – actress (and part-time ex-wife of Alan), a leading first three seasons.
    • Andrey Bednyakov, comedian, showman and actor. The permanent host from the second to the seventh season.
    • Lesya Nikityuk – host and humorist (4 and season 5).
    • Nastya is Short – the participant of one of the teams of KVN, actress, wife Bednyakov (season 6 and 7).
    • Kolya Serga – singer, presenter (season 8 extreme).
    • Evgeny Sinelnikov – television Director (9th season).
    • Regina todorenko – singer, host and simply beautiful (8 and season 9).

    They all worked in pairs during different seasons and managed to catch the fancy of the audience. So the creators decided that the tenth season will hold, all leading in turn. We have prepared a photo of your pet is all leading «eagle and tails».

  • «Heads and tails»: doresy and the crew’s problems
  • It happened during the filming of project participants, and trouble. For example, in Europe, they almost went to the police because of the shooting of children, which are strictly prohibited. In the Netherlands they even had to remove images in order to solve the problem.

    In a poverty-stricken Colombia somewhere the locals are not allowed to remove themselves or their terrible living conditions. For this, the film crew had to pay with the glasses in the bus. And they were happy that took out his legs – the crowd began to shake their bus to pelt him with sticks and stones.

    And in India, Regina Todorenko generally recorded in suicide – the police decided that the shooting is underway for the preparation of the attack. It turns out, to remove it just prohibited. But all ended well – the arrested was released to the world, and they returned home.

    «Heads and tails»: the Anniversary season

    In 2015, the transfer celebrates its first major anniversary, the 10 consecutive season and fifth anniversary. He started at the beginning of February. Usually give gifts on birthdays, but the crew of the «eagle and tails» loves to turn everything on its head and make the audience a real gap pattern. So the gifts during the anniversary season, gives the heroine of the occasion, i.e. the transmission.

    For travel selected countries that have not yet set foot on leading of the project. You will find stunning India where can be hundreds of dollars to feel like a millionaire, unfamiliar China, luxury Puerto Rico and many other countries.

    In each issue you can look «behind the scenes» of the transmission and see what is usually cut. The creators spoke about how they removed the transmission, that sometimes you have to go leading and courageous film crew.

    «Heads and tails»: the end of the world

    For someone and the Crimean mountains – something distant and unreleased, and someone wants to go to the edge of the world. But on a risky journey dare not everyone is bold! This, of course, is irrelevant to the transfer of «heads and tails». To its creators and presenters there are no obstacles. All of these sometimes dubious pleasure fell to Regina Todorenko and If Sergi. Jungle, live bugs for lunch, the hot sun of the desert, incredible national character, wild, villages and tribes who do not even have the concept of civilization – it’s a long story, better to see with your own eyes!

    Be sure to view the release in which leaders went to Alaska. Regina decided to earn some money and went to wash by the river of Golden sand. Didn’t scare her even a warning about wild bears that may attack at any moment a lone prospector. All day she’s not ahead and use even for a dollar, but gained invaluable experience. And Kolya, who had nowhere to spend their millions, has hired a single agreed to go tour guide and visited the cave Mendenhall. To say that it is beautiful, to say nothing. But it’s incredibly dangerous glacier, which for several million years, living out their last months or hours and may collapse at any minute.

    Tanzania, Seychelles, Honolulu, New Zealand – in every issue you will find amazing adventure and exciting journey.

    «Heads and tails»: shopping

    It is a separate part of the project, designed for lovers of luxury boutiques, small shops with Handicrafts of the bazaars and flea markets. The project «heads and tails. Shopping» will teach you how to spend money! Where better to go shopping. What awaits you in the prudish Europe, and the dangerous poverty-stricken Africa? You could spend millions and what you can buy for a few dollars?

    The program will be useful not only for shopaholics but also for those who have for the last penny to buy gifts for all their relatives, friends and distant friends. Believe me, it’s real! You can always find incredibly interesting and useful things for next to nothing. The lesson will be useful for budget travelers, and for incorrigible spendthrift who can’t get enough money.

    «Heads and tails»: it is better

    Every episode is an explosion of emotions. It completely breaks all stereotypes! Therefore, even once it’s hard to say exactly which editions are better. Each of them is interesting in its own way.

    Issue about India you can see that to travel in this country you can for pennies. However, if there is such a desire. For entertainment you local crematorium right on the banks of the sacred river, leisure centre, evening prayer, and a couple of dubious pleasures.

    In Nairobi (Kenya) presenters will go on a desert Safari and visit the village of the Masai tribe. Aboriginal life is amazing. For example, have you ever drank milk from the blood? Extract this delicacy is very simple: make the belly of the unfortunate cow hole and drained the blood. And this is not some exotic ritual sacrifice to the gods, and daily lunch. In General, foodies, even those.

    In an interview, Regina said that she herself was surprised at the Australian Melbourne, Rouen (Normandy) and New Zealand. Poor Andrew was left in awe from Paris, London, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires and Chicago.

    We encourage you to watch these new releases!

    Each transfer is absolutely incredible adventures of desperate daredevils. To look at these travel routes have each!

    • Such first-hand information you won’t find in any guidebook.
    • If you are going to soon relax, releases of programs will help you make the right choice, which you then will never regret it.
    • You have the chance to become the owner of a hundred dollar bill that was hidden by the leading «heads and tails». Such a nice surprise awaits the first man who finds her. About the whereabouts of the treasure, tell each program.
    • In 2014, the program received taffy. And that says a lot!

    «Heads and tails»: results and future plans

    The project «heads and tails» has been repeatedly cloned, modified and transformed. «Back in the USSR», «On the edge», the «Unknown Europe», «Shopping» is the theme of all past seasons. In 2015 the creators of the show said that they had another incredible plan, and they are looking for a new lead for secret project. All kept very secret, and at the moment don’t even know over the casting and will soon begin shooting season 11. Meanwhile, the intrigue is saved, you can once again enjoy the previous releases. They have accumulated incredibly much!

    What will happen next? Any project when something has run its course, whatever the rating, he was not. But while the eagle and tails into oblivion is not going to. The program has a new advertising sponsors, so we can hope that she will please us more than one season.

    They say that the scrip does not need to renounce. But for the adventurous. It turns out that is necessary for happiness very little. The main thing – that then was something to remember. So throw all his Affairs, concerns and worries and go see the world with a backpack. He keeps so much interesting!

  • «Heads and tails»: photo
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