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  • Name: Hayley Atwell ( Hayley Elizabeth Atwell )
  • Date of birth: 5 April 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: London, UK
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Hayley Atwell: biography

    Hayley Atwell was born 5 April 1982 in London. Her mother was English and his father American, so the girl was born with dual citizenship. Childhood Hailey held in London.

    Parents actress ordinary as you can get. Her mother was a great orator and earned a living as a speaker. One time and Hayley admired the oratorical skill, but then abandoned. His father worked as a therapist and masseuse, is engaged in parapsychology and shamanic techniques, I loved to take pictures.

    When she was two years old, her parents divorced. Hayley Atwell has lived with her mother, but father has kept good relations. Mother often took his daughter with him on workshops and other events, but the girl they are not inspired.

    Hayley studied at the Catholic women’s school, and after graduation entered the school of dramatic art. When she turned 23, she became a student of the Royal College, where he studied philosophy. But the girl was hoping to become an actress and had regularly called for the auditions.

    Her passion for acting began in theater school. Hayley Atwell often participated in student productions, however, is the main role she had to play cute animals or wood. With the tasks the girl coped brilliantly, but when she turned to the teacher with requests to give her the main role, preferably the characteristic, he answered that he was looking like Haley did not Shine.

    Prior to acting talent and prospects of the profession, the girl entered the Royal College in Oxford, where he studied philosophy and theology. But soon luck smiled at her.


    In 2005, Hayley Atwell first appeared on television in advertising Pringles and the movie «whatever love means».

    Twenty-five years, she got the role in the movie «Cassandra’s Dream» directed by woody Allen. Her partners on the set were well-known actors Colin Farrell and Ewan McGregor. This work has restored confidence to an aspiring actress.

    Then there was shooting in the drama «the Duchess», where Haley played a friend of the Duchess and her rival Elizabeth. The painting earned praise from art critics and «Oscar» for the costumes. Atwell also received several national awards («British Independent Film Award», the «London Critics Circle Film Awards»).

    No less successful was the series «the pillars of the earth», nominated for «Golden globe». The series appeared on the screens in 2010.

    Success came to Hayley Atwell in 2011, when the screens out «the First avenger» in which the actress brilliantly played Peggy Carter, agent of the popular comic book about Captain America. Later he returned to this role in the film «the First avenger: the Other war», «ant-Man», «Agent Carter» and others

    One of the last works Hayley Atwell – the role of the mother in the modern version of «Cinderella».

    Personal life

    Hayley Atwell have a lot of fans, but radical changes in her life she doesn’t want. Says still not ready to become a loving wife and mother.

    In 2012, Atwell met with guitarist Paul Wilson. A year later, his place was taken by radio host Stephen merchant — their romance was short-lived.

    Now Haley meets up with writer and Director Gabriel Bisset-Smith. The actress admitted to journalists that her Union with Gabriel warm and emotional, which has never happened before.


    • «The pillars of the earth»
    • «The Duchess»
    • «Cassandra’s Dream»
    • «The first avenger»
    • «Cinderella»
    • «Memories of the future»
    • «Prisoner»
    • «Every human heart»
    • «Life of crime»
    • «The Avengers: Age Of Ultron»


    Hayley Atwell

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