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  • Name: Harry Styles ( Harry Edward Styles )
  • Date of birth: 1 February 1994
  • Age: 22 years
  • Place of birth: Redditch, England
  • Height: 179
  • Activity: singer, musician
  • Marital status: not married

    Harry styles: biography

    Harry styles was born in the English town of Redditch is located in Worcestershire. He was the younger of two children of Des styles and Anne Cox. The older sister’s name is Harry Gemma. Parents divorced when the boy was seven years old. He, along with his sister remained in the care of his mother, who with children moved to the small town of Holmes chapel, which is located in the suburbs of Cheshire. Harry remembers that very worried that growing up without parental attention, so I was glad when his mother decided to remarry. His stepfather Robin managed to win the respect of children, for Harry was an example of male behavior.

    Music Harry styles is interested in a baby. He loved Elvis Presley songs and even learned «The Girl of My Best Friend» by heart, being a preschooler.

    In a comprehensive school Holmes Chapel the future of the singer was more interested in the possibility of creating your own ensemble than compulsory lessons. His first musical group Harry called «White Eskimo» and was in her singer and frontman. Also there were classmates and friends Stiles guitarist Hayden Morris, bass guitarist Nick Clout and drummer will Sweeney. The band performed at all school concerts, many local clubs and even won the competition Battle of the Bands Competition, which was attended by local Amateur children’s groups.

    After graduating from high school, Harry was not to continue training, and focused on the practice and development of vocal talent. He also half-time worked part time in a bakery.


    In 2010, Harry styles went to the casting of one of the world’s most famous vocal TV show «X-factor». The singer performed two songs: «isn’t She Beautiful» Stevie wonder and «Stop Crying Your Heart Out» Oasis. This was the seventh season of the TV show, and requirements for participants have become elevated.

    Harry couldn’t convince judges that it can be interesting as a solo performer, but one of the jury members Nicole Scherzinger, invited Harry to join with four other vocalists Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horana and Zane Malik. So was the team, which Harry called «One Direction».

    According to the results of the X-factor team took third place.

    One Direction

    Success on the famous show enabled the students to immediately sign a contract with a fairly known record company Syco Records, which is owned by Simon Cowell, their Manager for the project X-factor. In a year One Direction released their first Studio album, «Up All Night» and become instantly famous.

    The song «What Makes You Beautiful» from the album topped most of the world charts, and the album became the first in the famous Billboard 200. Two more songs — «Gotta Be You» and «One Thing» managed to get to the top ten charts in the UK. Increased popularity allowed the team to conclude an additional contract with an American recording Studio «Columbia Records».

    The second album «Take Me Home» was recorded in Sweden and released in late 2012. The song «Live While we’re Young» was in the top ten world charts in New Zealand and Ireland even topped the hit parade. The album was the first in thirty-five countries.

    The third album «Midnight Memories» was released in November 2013. Following the release of the band went on a world tour called «Where We Are Tour». The third album again debuted in the famous Billboard 200 at once from the first step. Thus, One Direction became the first group in music history whose first three albums started with the maximum position in the ranking.

    The last to date album «Four» was released in late 2014 and again took first place in the Billboard 200. In support of the album was organized by world tour called «On the Road Again Tour» , which lasted almost the entire 2015. But if the first concerts of the tour were attended by all members of the team, starting in April the group had only four guys. Zayn Malik was not able to withstand the DC voltage from live performances in March and left the group.

    Himself Harry styles gets great pleasure from meetings with the fans and is looking forward to recording a new album.

    Personal life

    As Harry Stiles focused on a career in music, he doesn’t have a serious relationship. But known to the General public novels, though fleeting, but interesting because of it’s conquests – the most coveted star girls.

    During the performance on show The X-factor Harry was in a relationship with TV presenter Caroline Flack, who over his fourteen years. Broke young people remain in friendly relations.

    A few months Harry styles was in a relationship with country singer Taylor swift. Moreover, before the couple started Dating, Harry sought a girl for about a year. But the young people are unable to maintain relationships for long, as both very busy people.

    Then Harry was often seen in the company of model Cara Delevingne, but a serious relationship again failed.

    Besides a love of adventure, Harry has another hobby – he adores tattoos, which he more than forty. The singer is engaged in sports, tries to eat right, not eat sweets. Involved in many charity events.


    • 2011 — Up All Night
    • 2012 — Take Me Home
    • 2013 — Midnight Memories
    • 2014 — Four


    Harry Stiles

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