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  • Name: Harrison Ford ( Harrison Ford )
  • Date of birth: 13 July 1942
  • Age: 74 years
  • Place of birth: Chicago, USA
  • Height: 185
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married Calista Flockhart

    Harrison Ford: a biography

    Have Harrison Ford has Russian roots — his mother was Jewish of Russian origin. He was born in Chicago on 13 July 1942, in the American city of the childhood of the actor.

    Harrison grew up a quiet child, a good student in school. Friends he had few. He was often invited to the cinema girls, hoping to steal a kiss in the back row» is not always been successful.

    After school he decided to become a scholar and enrolled in Ripon College, where she first took to the stage at the student performance. The experience so impressed the young man that he signed up for acting classes.

    Shy Harrison Ford could not overcome the fear of stage and audience, but he did it. However, attendance at performances held student more than teaching – the actor was expelled from the last year of College, and he went to conquer Hollywood. By the time the guy managed to graduate from the acting course, and considered himself a professional.

    «Factory of dreams» met him unfriendly. Nearly 10 years, Harrison had to work as a pizza delivery boy, a carpenter, to take up any other work to survive. Despite the difficulties, he never gave up and continued to attend auditions.


    In 1970, Harrison Ford offered a role in the film «Zabriskie point». It seemed that luck smiled at him, but this experience was fatal for the actor after watching the footage, the leadership of the verdict — «professionally unfit». The role of the Ford is completely cut out of the picture. Frustrated actor decided to end the movie. Who knows what would have been his fate then, if not interfered case. Harrison did the sets at the Studio for this work of his was caught by George Lucas. He was so impressed he invited the young guy to shoot the film «American graffiti.» The picture was released in 1973 and abruptly changed the life of an actor.

    The following year he starred in the film «the Conversation». Then there was the painting «the Trial of Lieutenant William Calley» and the TV series «Dynasty». Harrison Ford wanted more. In 1977, in rolling out «Star wars: a New hope». The success of the sci-Fi Thriller was deafening, but after this triumph, the actor was offered a minor role.

    International recognition came to Ford after the role of Indiana Jones in «Indiana Jones and the raiders of the lost ark» (1981). Four years later, on the filming of another part of the tape, the actor injured his spine.

    With the popularity of Harrison Ford got the opportunity to choose roles that reveal his talent. One of them had a job in the film «Witness» was nominated for the award «Oscar». The Directors appreciate the simplicity, intelligence and skill of his game. In the future, the actor offered diverse roles. He played in the films «Frantic» and «Business girl», «Presumption of innocence», «regarding Henry».

    In the Thriller «patriot Games» Harrison Ford turned into a CIA agent, and in the crime drama «the Fugitive» played surgeon sentenced to the electric chair on charges of murder of his wife. The movies «air force one» and «the Fugitive» with his participation attracted a record box office.

    In his creative portfolio includes about 50 players, scheduled up to 2017. In 2017, roughly over the shooting of the film «blade Runner 2».

    Personal life

    From Harrison Ford had three wives. With first wife Mary Marquardt, he met in his student years. They married in 1964 and had been married for 15 years. Mary Harrison gave birth to two children.

    The second wife of actor – Melissa Mathison, screenwriter of the iconic paintings of Steven Spielberg’s «et». The couple married in 1983. Harrison Ford has repeatedly said that his second wife shared his passion and way of life. Two years after the wedding, they purchased land in the quiet town of Wyoming and built a house, in this marriage were born two children.

    Melissa and Harrison seemed like the perfect couple, but in 2001, the marriage broke up. The new fiancee of actor Calista’s younger than him by 20 years. They have a common child.

    In the life of an actor is not like its desperate characters. He leads a solitary life, three times a week, play sports, enjoy the peace and nature. Harrison Ford says that happiness is not measured by money, and millions in royalties – a means to live as he wants.


    • «The fugitive»
    • «Time to kill»
    • «Cross country»
    • «Heroes»
    • «Dynasty»
    • «Indiana Jones and the raiders of the lost ark»
    • «Regarding Henry»
    • «Hollywood homicide»
    • «Star wars: the force Awakening»
    • «The Age Of Adaline»


    Harrison Ford

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