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  • Name: Halle Berry ( Maria Halle Berry )
  • Date of birth: 14 August 1966
  • Age: 50 years
  • Place of birth: Cleveland
  • Height: 162
  • Activity: American actress
  • Marital status: divorced

    Halle berry: biography

    Maria Halle berry, better known to us as Halley (or Holly) berry, was born in August 1966 in Cleveland, Ohio. The name «Helly» the girl was named after a local landmark – a huge supermarket with the same name. In addition to the Halley family has grown older in 2 years daughter Heidi.

    The girls ‘ parents worked in a psychiatric hospital: mother Judith Ann Hawkins is a nurse, father, Jerome Jesse berry – driver. Parents divorced when Holly was 4 years and 6 Heddi. More about the girl’s father did not hear. The education of daughters completely fell on the shoulders of the mother.

    When Halle berry went to school, she was faced with the problem of racism. Before the 3rd class Helly attended school in the area where blacks lived. White, Judith Ann Hawkins watched with amazement. In school everyone thought that Helly adoption. When the family moved to the outskirts, where they lived in mostly white, not comfortable became black Helly.

    After graduating from high school Halle berry went to work at the local supermarket. But worked there long as went to College, where he chose the Department of journalism. Soon she was able to demonstrate my leadership skills and was chosen President of the class. In addition, she was chosen editor of the school newspaper and captain of the cheerios (cheerleaders) of the local football team. Besides Halle berry is actively involved in beauty pageants. In 1985, the year she became the winner of the contest «Miss teenager of America,» next year Hallie – «Miss Ohio.» At the end of 1986, the young beauty takes 6-th place in the prestigious contest «Miss world», becoming the first African-American member.

    Brilliant results in the modeling field so inspired by Halle berry, she decides to pursue a career as a model and leaves the College. Obstacle to the heights of this business is low growth beauty. The solution was found. Berry appeared in television commercials, where the growth is not important. Soon Hallie noticed the agents of the cosmetic brand «Revlon»and offered to sign a lucrative contract.


    Halle berry flashes on the screen and becomes recognizable. But she wants more than to advertise the beautiful clothes and expensive cosmetics. She dreams of a role in a movie. Helly goes on auditions and interviews. The results appear immediately: berry’s offer to star in the TV series «Living dolls». It is noteworthy that not really a popular series still gave the young actress the opportunity to assert themselves. Soon Halle berry gets the role of the drug addicted girl in the movie «jungle Fever». To better get into the character, the Actress some time talking to these addicts. She is so part of the role of the heroine Vivian, that her efforts even affected the film’s Director, spike Lee.

    Role in «jungle Fever,» begins the star cinematic biography of Halle berry. This picture is a breakthrough in the career of a young actress. Now she has everything: popularity, fans, and a lot of offers from famous Directors.

    Soon, the artist appears in a Comedy film «boomerang», where he along with Eddie Murphy. Followed by action-Packed «the Last boy scout» paired with Bruce Willis and a wonderful romance «Just business», after which the army of admirers of black beauty doubled.

    A young artist tries to choose diversified and pictures of different genres, not getting stuck in one role. It is convincing as in the Comedy «father hood,» and the drama «losing Isaiah». A star shines in the TV series «Queen» and «Frasier» and affects «Solomon and the Queen of Sheba». Critics universally praised berry in his reviews for mastery in the painting of Warren Beatty «Bulford», released in 1998. Here, the Actress plays a young provincial girl, which inspires the old and tired politics of the great achievements.

    In the same 1998, the actress appeared in the biographical film «Why do fools fall in love». The following year, Halle berry receives several prestigious awards, including «Emmy» and «Golden globe» for his work in the film «introducing Dorothy Dandridge». In the storyline of this film is about the first African-American who received the «Oscar». The role is prophetic – berry also deserves a prestigious award. In 2002, Halle berry as her character Dorothy, was nominated for «Oscar». This time for participation in the film «monster’s Ball». The actress plays the wife of executed killer. In addition to the Oscar in the Treasury of award-winning Helly fall award from the National Council of film critics USA and from the screen actors Guild.

    Particular note the Commonwealth Halle berry and Hugh Jackman, Famke Janssen, Anna Paquin, and James Marsden in the science fiction film «X-Men». After the release of this popular Thriller, based on the comic book series, appeared in two sequels of this film, released from 2003 till 2006 years.

    In the same period on the screen comes the spy Thriller «Die another day», where the Actress played a co-worker and «bond girl». Later, the audience saw the acclaimed Thriller «Gothic», after which berry appeared in the video, shot by the band «Limp Bizkit» became the soundtrack to the Thriller. Shooting «Gothic» was associated with considerable difficulties for Halle berry broke her arm in the process and forced 2 months to restore health.

    Loud project, which brought Halle berry the biggest in his career fee of 12.5 million dollars – becoming the action movie called «Catwoman». The picture brings enormous profits to its creators and actors, but the «fly in the ointment» in this «ointment» for the actress becomes the negative award «Golden raspberry». But Halle berry worthy of holding the punch and became the second actress in history, followed by Sandra bullock, which received the «prize» in person.

    Another loud project, which involved African-American star, film Oprah Winfrey’s «Their eyes were watching God.» Berry played here, free from prejudices and strong woman, which in the 1920s was able to assert his homosexual, with no judgment of his contemporaries. This role brought Holly another «Emmy».

    The most striking of the last projects of Halle berry you can call the tape «Who is Doris Payne?» and «what we lost».

    Today, dark-skinned actress from Ohio is one of the highest paid stars in Hollywood. Her fees for participation in a film reach $ 10 million. In April 2007 Halle berry came the nominal star on the Hollywood walk of fame. In 2010, in its 14th edition, included in the list of the most beautiful celebrities».

    Personal life

    Helly’s first husband was baseball player David team justice. A pair of legalized relations in 1993. But this Union lasted only 2 years. The official divorce was finalized a year after the actual.

    In 2001, the actress married musician Eric Benea. But this marriage did not last long: the couple divorced at the beginning of 2005. Personal life, Halle berry was adjusted in the same year the star started Dating model from Canada Gabriel Aubry. The pair met during one of the shoots. In the same year they were married. After 3 years, Halle and Gabriel had a daughter Nala Ariela. But even after 2 years the marriage fell apart.

    A new round in your personal life, Halle berry was launched in 2010, during the filming of «Dark tide». She met a colleague on the set of Olivier Martinez. They were married in the summer of 2013. Autumn was born, Maceo Robert.

    In October, 2015, becomes aware of the fact that the 2 years married actors came to an end. The couple broke up. As it turned out, they had a few months were separated, the separation was amicable.


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    • Boomerang
    • Chasing the sun
    • Ordered to destroy
    • Bulford
    • Why do fools fall in love
    • Introducing Dorothy Dandridge
    • Monster’s ball
    • Gothic
    • Catwoman
    • X-men: Days of future past


    Halle Berry

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