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  • Name: Halit Ergenc ( Halit Ergench )
  • Date of birth: 30 April 1970
  • Age: 46 years
  • Place of birth: Istanbul, Turkey
  • Growth: 183
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: Married Berguzar caurel

    Halit ergenc: biography

    Halit ergenc was born 30 April 1970 in Istanbul. His father Sait ergenc was known in the country as a poet, composer, actor. Since childhood, Khalitov grew up in a creative atmosphere, was fond of music and dancing, he especially liked jazz.

    Secondary education Halitov received in school, Besiktas Ataturk. Parents and friends of the family thought that the guy will go in his father’s footsteps, but he decided to be a sailor — he was drawn to the romance of long voyages. In 1989, a guy entered the faculty of Maritime Affairs Istanbul technical University.

    Romance vanished as soon as it became clear that students need to study hundreds of volumes of technical literature. Halit ergenc realized it was the wrong choice of profession, took the documents and entered the Conservatory. At the Conservatory he studied singing, Opera singing, there is decided I would become an actor.

    Along with learning the future actor worked as a marketer, a dancer, an operator, to earn a living. He graduated from the Conservatory, but offers to act in films from Directors not received — was the role in the theatrical musical and shooting in advertising.


    Halit ergenc debuted in the TV series «Black angel». Attractive actor and offered a few more roles in the series. He then moved to the United States and one and a half years acted on Broadway. In Turkey Halit returned to staging his own musical. Returning to his artistic career started a streak of success.

    In 2000, the actor had starred in feature films and television series. He played in the dramatic film «Father and son», the films «First love», «Handwriting of death» and others. A landmark in his career was the role in the movie «a Thousand and one nights», after which Halit ergenc woke up famous. For this work he received the award «Golden butterfly».

    In 2011, Halit invited for the role of Suleiman in the series «magnificent century». He was long used to the image, I read a lot of historical documents. The actor even saw himself in the role of Suleiman in the dream and felt the struggle that took place in the soul of the great ruler. Halit ergenc admits that he added to his hero’s own experiences. This role was the best in his acting career, and he won the hearts of thousands of tele-viewers worldwide.

    Personal life

    Halit ergenc was married twice. His first marriage with Gizem Sausalido lasted only a year and a half. Young wife at the time was in University and was not ready for a serious relationship. After the breakup she found happiness with her second husband — a screenwriter by Hussein Karabey.

    The second darling of Halit became Berguzar caurel, which is younger than him by 12 years. Her relationship with the actor officially registered in 2009.

    They met at the restaurant by accident. Fleeting connection was enough for a serious relationship. Soon fate brought the lovers on the set of «the Thousand and one nights», their romance began to develop with great speed. After a couple of months Halit and Berguzar were inseparable. They’ve made no secret of their relationship, appearing in public together.

    Today the couple are happy because they have common work, common home, and the beloved son of Ali, whom they love to spend their free time.

    In an interview Halit ergenc admitted that he was afraid to repeat the fate of his father, married many times. He admits that before meeting Berguzar was frivolous, but now he became fully human and I’m sure they found each other not by chance — their fate.


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    Halt Ergenc

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