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  • Name: Guram Bablishvili ( Guram Bablishvili )
  • Date of birth: 5 September 1980
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Tbilisi
  • Height: 185
  • Activities: Georgian actor
  • Marital status: married Anfisa Chekhova

    Guram bablishvili : biography

    Guram bablishvili known in Russia played many film and theatre roles. But, paradoxically, the greatest popularity came to him thanks to the novel with Busty beauty Anfisa Chekhova.

    Guram bablishvili was born in the fall of 1980. In his family no one associated with the world of theatre or cinema or any other art form. But the boy grew up extremely active (as well as most of his young countrymen) and could boast of many Hobbies.

    Unfortunately, not all interests and Affairs, for which he was taken Guram, he was able to bring to a logical conclusion. Apparently, this was due to the active search itself, and the pursuit of creativity. For example, some time Guram bablishvili devoted to fencing, Boxing, horse riding and parkour. Tried his hand at horse riding, and diving.

    At the urging of mom and dad’s son took classes in choreography and vocals. He dances beautifully, and as the Georgian folk and modern dance styles. From Guram great bass and a good ear. And he, like most of his compatriots, loves to drive fast. And copes with driving as car and motorcycle.

    Probably such a wide range of Hobbies of the young man was simply necessary in order to realize the main passion of his life – acting on the stage and the set.

    Actor’s craft Guram bablishvili learned in the Theatre Institute named after Shota Rustaveli in Tbilisi. He studied under the guidance of talented mentor – Kakhi Kavsadze.


    After 5 years of training Guram bablishvili went to Moscow. Here he was accepted into the troupe of the theatre of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan. It is on this stage he made his debut. Here, the young artist felt delight from the first applause and audience love.

    The first performances of the Caucasian became a vivid production of «Saleski process,» «Glory» and «Romeo and Juliet». In the last Guram played Mercutio. Later there was a loud performances of «Young», «Exercise» and «short Stories of Chekhov.» Applauded the young artist, and in the entreprise «Hanuma».

    A cinematic biography Guram Bablishvili started painting, «Union sex». This film Olga Muzaleva was released in 2006. The actor has appeared here once in one of the Central roles. It drew attention, and soon the Tbilisi hot macho took one after the other offers from Russian Directors.

    «Protection against», «Hunter», «the Golden key», «Law and order-3» – in all these movies Guram bablishvili played quite catchy images.

    Most employment on the set forced him to leave the theater. The only thing that did not suit the artist, is firmly attached roles that Directors exploited in most movies. The fact that Bablishvili he often played heroes of crime films. As an example – action series «tough business». The only consolation here is the Tbilisi appeared in the title role.

    This tape was followed by others, but in the same vein: Guram played or villains, or anyone who catches them. «I’m the bodyguard,» «the Crime will be solved-2», «Gluhar-3», «Wild-3», «undercover» and many other movies with a crime story pleased the audience by the presence of hot Caucasian with his fiery gaze.

    Few break away from the usual image of Guram bablishvili tried in a military drama «Burnt by the sun 2» and the historical melodrama «the Institute of noble maidens». In a somewhat unusual way actor starred in the family film «All for the best».

    Now Guram bablishvili working on new projects, but not as an actor, writer, and Director.

    Personal life

    Roman Tbilisi actor and a TV star Anfisa Chekhova broke out in the theater. The pair played in the play «Once the sultry night». An intriguing plot was soon transferred to life. But the couple has long tried to hide his affair, testing the feeling of strength. At first they were almost sure that the novel became a kind of result of joint work in the play and will end immediately after it. But the feelings were real.

    Today the personal life of Guram Bablishvili strongly associated with the woman with Anfisa Chekhova. After two years of the novel they began to live together. In 2012 they had a son. The happy parents gave him a resounding name Solomon.

    In 2015, the media reported that the couple after 6 years of living in a civil marriage to legitimize their relationship. The wedding ceremony of Anfisa and Guram took place in the summer in the Maldives. The only guest on this occasion was little Solomon.


    • «The Union without the sex»
    • «The Golden key»
    • «Law and order-3»
    • «Brutal business»
    • «I am a bodyguard»
    • «Grouse-3»
    • «The Fact Krapivina»
    • «Wild-3»
    • «Under cover»
    • «Burnt by the sun 2: Anticipation»


    Guram Babul

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