Gulnara Karimova

(biography, photo, video) Googoosha

photo Gulnara Karimova

  • Name: Gulnara Karimova ( Googoosha )
  • Date of birth: 8 July 1972
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: Fergana, Uzbekistan
  • Growth: 182
  • Activity: social activist, Ambassador, designer, singer
  • Marital status: divorced

    Gulnara Karimova: biography

    Gulnara Islamovna Karimova is an Uzbek social activist, also known as a jewelry designer and pop singer under the name Googoosha. She was the Ambassador of his country in Spain, and as Chairman of the Board of Trustees was headed by the Fund «Forum of culture and art of Uzbekistan» and a number of other public organizations. Starting in 2013, the woman was under house arrest.

    Gulnara Karimova
    Photo Gulnara Karimova | Inter

    Home country Gulnara Karimova – Uzbekistan. She was born in Fergana in the family of the future President Islam Karimov and his wife Tatiana. Gulnara’s younger sister Lola, who now lives in the United States. The girl is still in adolescence showed a variety of talents: she’s a professional vocal training, graduated from the youth mathematic Academy in Tashkent, mastered the English language at the free level. After school in the biography of Gulnara Karimova appears Tashkent state University, where she until 1994 he studied at the Department of international Economics. Later she studied art and fashion design in new York the fashion Institute of Technology.

    Gulnara Islamovna Karimova
    Professor Gulnara Islamovna Karimova | Tengrinews

    But the education of the daughter of Islam Karimov has not ended. In native country, she graduated from the Institute of Economics of the Academy of Sciences and the undergraduate University of information technologies, and in the U.S. he received the degree of master of arts at Harvard University. Then she reached the title of Professor, doctor of political science thanks the University of world economy and diplomacy in Tashkent.

    Political and social activities

    Since 1995, Gulnara Karimova held the post of Advisor to the Minister at Ministry of foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan. Was the representative of his native state in the Americas, Russia, Switzerland and Spain. In the beginning of XXI century, the most Uzbek of experts considered Gulnara as a successor of her father in office. She Karimova affirmed that she is interested in the leadership of the country, as she considers herself a fairly educated, intelligent and ambitious person. But after the scandal in 2013, she began to lose influence and power in Uzbekistan.

    Gulnara Karimova
    Gulnara Islamovna Karimova | Kazakhstan news aggregator

    As a public figure, Gulnara went very well thanks to the Fund «Forum of culture and art of Uzbekistan», which for eight years brought to life more than a thousand different projects and the first of the Uzbek organizations have become an official partner of UNESCO. Karimov also organized and led a charity marathon «In the name of life», which helped women suffering from breast cancer; festival of traditional culture «Asrlar Sadosi»; the Republican children’s contest «Yangi avlod and Kelajak ovozi»; international film forum «Golden Guepard» Tashkent theater festival.


    In Uzbekistan, Gulnara Karimova is known as a pop singer under the name Googoosha. She has performed both solo and in duets with such stars as Julio Iglesias, Montserrat caballé and gérard Depardieu, with whom Gugusha sang the hit song «the Sky is silent». The first album, «Round Run», created under the guidance of producer and musician Maxim Fadeev, was released in 2012.

    Also implemented Gulnara and their ability of designer designer. She founded her own brand «GULI» and has released a collection of jewellery, fashion clothes and accessories. An exhibition of works by Karimova took place at the fashion weeks in Moscow, Milan and new York. In 2010, the woman was created based on recipes of the Middle East the line of natural cosmetics «Soul&Body», perfume «Mysteriouse» and «Victorious».

    Personal life

    In his personal life Gulnara Karimova was only one person. She met Mansur Maqsudi at the party with mutual friends and soon married him. The husband of Gulnara Karimova were ethnic Uzbeks, but grew up in Afghanistan and later emigrated to USA and became an American citizen. The young woman gave birth to your loved one two children – a son Islam Karimov Jr., and daughter, Iman. They lived in the family home in new Jersey until 2001, when their marriage broke up.

    Gulnara Karimova with children
    Son and daughter | Kavpolit

    It should be noted that divorce Karimova turned into a big scandal. Mansur Maqsudi using the American court has made the deprivation Gulnara opportunities to educate children and took care. Only seven years later, the Supreme court of the state of new Jersey returned Gulnara right to see his son and daughter. It is also worth adding that after the breakup with her husband Karimova has lost confidence, and his younger sister Lola, which also does not communicate for more than 15 years.

    House arrest

    In the summer of 2013 with the name Gulnara has been linked to another major world scandal. Her Parisian apartment was created by the search, and the authorities of several European countries accused the woman of money laundering and bribing officials. Also collected on Karimov dirt laid on the table to her father. Karimov considered the behavior of the eldest daughter unsuitable for Muslim women and subjected her to house arrest.

    The Son Of Gulnara Karimova
    Islam Karimov-Maksudi, the son of the daughter of the former President of Uzbekistan, Republic of | tvnz

    Several times the public and the son of Gulnara required public evidence that Karimov is not dead, because she was forbidden even to talk on the phone and use the Internet and she could not communicate with the outside world. In 2014, the radio station BBC circulated an audio recording, where the voice of the daughter of the President of Uzbekistan says that she’s alive but she needs medical attention, and living conditions worse than dogs».

    In November 2016, several media outlets reported that Gulnara Karimova allegedly died, but officials this message refused to comment. So talk about death, Karimova continued to grow like an avalanche. Adding fuel to the fire, and the fact that the funeral of President Islam Karimov, Gulnara was not, and his successor, expressing in Parliament condolences to the family, did not mention the name of the eldest daughter, turning only to see Lola Karimova.


    Gulnara Karimova

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