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  • Name: Guilherme ( Guilherme Alvin Marinato )
  • Date of birth: 12 December 1985
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Cataguases, Brazil
  • Height: 197
  • Activities: soccer, goalkeeper
  • Marital status: married

    Guilherme: biography

    Guilherme Alvin Marinato, better known as simply Guilherme, is a Russian football player of Brazilian origin, the goalkeeper of the Moscow «Locomotive», which, after obtaining Russian citizenship could play for the national team of the new country.

    He was born and raised in the Brazilian town of Cataguases, which is located in the state of Minas Gerais. The father of the footballer, Sebastian, was a working textile factory, and Her mother was a housewife and upbringing of the children. From Guilherme has an older brother, Leo, who also hosted a football school, played at the Amateur level, but chose to study at the University of professional sports.

    First, when the boy came to the section he wanted to be a field player. To 10 years Marinato has played the position of defender, but in my opinion was one of the weakest guys in the team. Once the nominal goalkeepers didn’t come to practice, and coach told Guilherme as the highest boy to be at the gate. Since then, he protects the net from goals from the opponent.

    By the way, he really was incredibly high. In adolescence Marinato ahead of their peers in the head. This is all the more strange that his father was quite low. Due to the mismatch between age and height, the boy had always in the competition to carry a birth certificate, as has repeatedly the referee wanted to stop it, knowing there’s more adult.

    Football career

    In Brazil, Guilherme played for only one club, «Atletico Paranaense» from Curitiba. For the youth team he played regularly and once scored a header after a cross from the corner flag. For the main part he played 10 matches for three seasons, where conceded 11 goals.

    In 2007, the goalkeeper has passed in the Moscow club «Lokomotiv». Interestingly, the scouts first came to view as a defensive midfielder from the opposing team. But Guilherme was able to hit them with their game and soon received an invitation from the capital of Russia, thus becoming the first Brazilian goalkeeper in the national championship.

    But I must say that adaptation in a new country with a different mentality and climate was given to the Brazilian hard. A long time he didn’t get in the squad then received a serious injury, which became the first in his career. After two seasons the management of «Locomotive» wanted to terminate a contract with him, but then stepped head coach Yuri Semin. He decided to give the goalkeeper a chance, and after some serious charges entrusted him with the number one position in the match against «Tom'».

    Guilherme expectations have believed it the coach, has defended match on «zero» and gradually became the main guardian of the gate «railwaymen». In the summer of 2015, after a wave of rumors about the transition in the camp of club «Krasnodar», the Brazilian told the press that he wants the rest of his career to play in his current team.

    In November 2015, after living in Moscow for almost eight years, the Brazilian footballer received Russian citizenship. New passport not only allowed him to get rid of the title «Legionnaire», but to claim a place in the national team. And soon the call went: head coach Leonid Slutsky called the goalkeeper of «Locomotive» in a friendly game against the national team of Lithuania, and then included the newly minted Russians in the final list of players who will play on the fields of France in the Championship of Europe on football.

    Personal life

    Even as a player of the youth team of «Atletico Paranaense» Guilherme at the disco met with journalist and radio host by the name of Raphael. They dated for 4 years, and in 2009, just as the birthday of a football player, were married.

    Guilherme wife moved to Moscow. After some time, the family was expanded by her daughter Maria Fernanda, and then the second girl, Sophia. Rafael with her daughters misses home matches of «Lokomotiv», thereby demonstrating his wife support.

    I must say that the shot fairly quickly spoke in Russian. With the teacher he worked out only twice, and then honed the spoken language in conversations with teammates. Guilherme is a very religious person and attends the Catholic Church in Moscow. Even the fashion tattoo among the players he devoted to religious themes.

    Favorite style of music of the goalkeeper «the Locomotive» — hip-hop, and he is an ardent fan of the singer Timati.



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