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  • Name: PFM ( Alexey Dolmatov )
  • Date of birth: 23 September 1979
  • Age: 37 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow, Russia
  • Growth: 182
  • Activity: a rap artist, lyricist
  • Marital status: divorced

    Guf: a biography

    Alexey Dolmatov, known as rapper Guf was born on 23 September 1979 in Moscow. In the 90s his parents moved to China, so he finished school in another country. There he entered University and got a degree in linguistics.

    In China Guf spent almost seven years but got bored in Russia and returned. In Moscow, he studied at the economic faculty and got the second higher education.

    REP he was attracted since childhood. The first track Guf recorded in 19 years, but then in his creative biography there was a break, say associated with a College education. According to another version, the Guf was a serious drug problem. Later, the rapper confessed that depended on the drug, took out valuables from the apartment, to buy a dose, not just going through the «break-up». According to him, to overcome addiction helped passion for music, but not for long.

    Group Centr

    Centr, the group appeared in 2004 Guf created it with its counterpart Principle. Their first album was called «Gifts» and consisted of a total of 13 discs that rappers have given to friends as a Christmas gift.

    Fatal Gufa in his career came in 2006. The song «Gossip» instantly became a popular sound in the clubs and the radio. Centr is performed on a corporate event of the newspaper «Life».

    In the same year by Ren-Tv has released the video for the song «new year», PFM have recorded another hit with «My game». In 2006, the rapper has become very famous.

    In the fall of 2007 the band recorded the album «Swing». The team of the «Centre» has increased to four people, his popularity increased. But, as often happens, at the height of fame project began to crumble. Nicholas of the Principle faces problems with the police, and the Guf is increasingly engaged in a solo career and other interesting projects.

    In August 2009, Guf leaving the musical group. The reason for his decision he announced. Journalists acknowledged the reason for his break with Centr conflict with other members of the group.

    Solo career

    Debut solo album Gufa «City of roads», was released in 2007. After some time, he recorded several tracks in Duo with a colleague Basta Rostov.

    In 2009, the rapper released a second solo album, «Home», which became one of the major musical products of the year, Gough was named the best artist of the year by the Internet resource «». The album «Home» was awarded in the categories «Best video» and «Best album».

    In 2010 the Guf and started to play with Basta, they released the album. In the same year he received the title of artist of the year, and in 2011 MUZ-TV was recognized for his project the best project of the year.

    In November 2012 the presentation of the third solo album Gufa.

    Personal life

    In August 2008, Gough married longtime girlfriend ISA Agapovoj. In many of his compositions, he confessed beloved your feelings. In may 2010 the couple was born a son Dolmatovich Themselves.

    The couple, by their own admission, had a good relationship, but closer to mid-2013, the press began to appear reports of an impending divorce. The reason given was different: the Guf again hooked on drugs, Gufan have made a new friend, ISA — a novel with a snowboarder. The couple initially denied the information, but in the same year broke up. Parting they turned into a show, exchanging complaints and insults on Twitter.


    Alexey Dolmatov involved in several high-profile scandals. He publicly declared that his ex-wife, ISA a disgrace to the name, reminded her of the alleged ill at Yalta and accused the woman that she uses a lot of drugs, and consciousness — a consequence of overdose.

    Other scandals with his participation are also associated with the drug. His 36th birthday Guf held in Krasnoyarsk prison. Militiamen detained the musician and his colleague Vadim Motylev September 20, 2015 after the concert on suspicion of use of narcotic drugs. In the detention was attended by representatives of the public movement «Antikiller». Activists accuse Gufa in promoting drug use at their concerts and say they will seek a ban on his concerts.

    9 Sep 2011 Dolmatov was detained by representatives of Federal drug control service. Then, in his possession narcotic drugs were found, although in the blood they were present. The rapper paid a fine and was released.

    13 Dec 2014 Guf detained in the «X’s». The tests showed that it performed on stage drugged.

    Once again the Russian rapper arrested after concert in Krasnoyarsk on 20 September 2015. The musician had to pass tests for detection of drugs: the results of these tests are not divulged. September 27, Guf left the jail. A local court ordered him to be diagnosed with drug treatment.


    • «City road»
    • «Ether in the norm»
    • «Sam…»
    • «4:20»
    • «Basta/Guf»
    • «Home»
    • «The gift»
    • «Swing»



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