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  • Name: Gregory Siyatwinda ( Grigory Siyatwinda )
  • Date of birth: 26 April 1970
  • Age: 46 years
  • Place of birth: Tyumen
  • Height: 168
  • Activity: film and theater actor, honored artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Gregory siyatvinda: biography

    There is a profession in which to be not like others – is vital. And in this sense Gregory siyatvinda made the right choice, having embarked on the path of an actor. Although his life had a lot to be different…

    He was born in an interracial family. The mother is a native – born Siberian, her father was a student from Zambia. Parents married and lived in Kharkov, but Grigory was born in Tyumen, home town of the mother. After 2 years his father David graduated from high school and his family went home.

    In Africa Gregory lived to 5 years and all this time he was alone: my parents were always busy at work. Siatwinda believes that if he had stayed in Zambia, you probably got into bad company, but his mother was very bored at home, on the grounds that he had poor relations with her husband and they divorced.

    Left the childhood and youth of George took place in Tyumen. There he graduated from high school and entered the Industrial Institute with the aim to become a programmer. After the first year under the laws of the time during the two years he served in the Soviet Army. After walking in uniform and boots, siatwinda able to review your selection and realize that learning what to do is not going to.

    After demobilization he did not return to College and got a job as second assistant Director on the TV channel «Region-Tyumen», and at the first opportunity rushed to Moscow to become an artist. He entered the Higher theatre school named Schukina on course Alla Kazanskaya. When the examination Board asked the dark-skinned applicant, what role he plans to claim in the future, he fumbled for words and answered, «Othello, Pushkin and of all of Hannibal, and of Mowgli!»

    The first appearance on the stage Gregory Sijtwende was held at the Vakhtangov theatre, in a production of «I don’t know you anymore, honey.» Later he joined the famous theatre «Satyricon», which cooperates until today. It is at the stage of «the Satyricon» hosted the most famous speech of the actor: «Romeo and Juliet», «the Threepenny Opera», «Masquerade», «Macbeth». For the performance of roles of the classical repertoire Gregory was even awarded a special State prize in literature and art.

    We should also mention a unique performance «the Quartet». There siatwinda performs 14 roles! The performance earned him two prestigious theatrical award «the Seagull» and «Idol.»


    In the movie Gregory siyatvinda came in 1997 and starred alongside Michael Evdokimov in sentimental Comedy «don’t be stupid…».

    Of course, the specific appearance of the actor assumes the role of a particular type. It tells Gregory that he doesn’t even have to go to auditions, and audition for his entire career he had only once. Before filming the melodrama «Impossible green eyes» he was asked to play along with the actress who claims to be the main female role. But usually the Directors name is Siatwinda when you want to create the image of a particular type.

    However, there are always fun exceptions. For example, in the script of the Comedy «dead Man’s bluff», his character was described as very dark-skinned people. So Gregory Siyatvinda, who really wanted to play the bandit Eggplant in this picture, had a few weeks to go to the tanning salon to darken. Actor for many years recalls with a laugh, a surprise among the workers were the cause of his appearance.

    Also the actor played in dramatic films, for example, «Officers», «Retribution», «Paragraph 78», «champion». But the audience loves Gregory in the Comedy roles. Such paintings as «All inclusive, or All inclusive» and «Bolshaya rzhaka» could open Siatwinda talent to make people laugh.

    We also can’t ignore his recent work in movies – mega-popular sitcom «the Kitchen», in which Gregory siyatvinda appeared in the 5th and 6th seasons and played one of the most fun characters – a hotel Manager Michael Jakovich, is in constant confrontation with the chef. Duo Gregory siyatvinda and Dmitry Nazarov came out, in the eyes of fans of the series, an incredibly fun and exciting.


    In 2003, Gregory siyatvinda tried his hand as a TV presenter. On NTV, he, along with Olga Shelest conducted the program «Morning», and went live on. But after a planned theatrical tour contract with NTV had to break after 3 months. However, siatwinda don’t regret that, because of their chronotype refers to owls, and here had at 4 am to head into work.

    4 years later Gregory was back on TV, but as a member of the entertainment show «Ice age». To stand on the skates and show the heavy elements of figure skating, he had paired with a professional figure skater Alena Leonova. However, before the finals they were unable to reach, losing in the end, Alice Grebenschikova.

    Personal life

    For a long time Gregory siyatvinda was a lonely man, but never considered himself a confirmed bachelor. Was just looking for «his» people. Only when my husband was 37 years old, he met his soul mate. She was the choreographer Tatiana, whom he met on the set of the film «film Festival». However, at that time Gregory decided not to invite the girl to meet, but six months later, their paths crossed again, and then the actor did not delay, immediately invited Tanya for a date.

    They soon married, and the wedding was played in the style of minimalism: were invited only themselves and witnesses. Gregory siyatvinda explains the decision of his reticence. He wanted to spend this festive day in the most intimate circle. But otherwise, everything was organized on the highest level – the limousine, a beautiful dress, a favorite Italian restaurant.


    • 2006 — Poor little thing
    • 2007 — Paragraph 78
    • 2007 — Artists
    • 2008 — champion
    • 2010 — Pily. Kurily.
    • 2011 — All inclusive
    • 2012 — Leader ratnakara
    • 2012 — the Holiday locked up
    • 2013 — Simple life
    • 2015-2016 — Kitchen


    Gregory Siyatvinda

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