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  • Name: Gisele Bundchen ( Gisele Bündchen )
  • Date of birth: 20 July 1980
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Horizontina, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
  • Height: 180
  • Activities: supermodel, actress
  • Marital status: married

    Gisele Bundchen: biography

    Gisele bündchen, the world – famous top model, one of the angels Victotia»s Secret. She was named model of the year by the magazine VH1, and also headed the Forbes.

    Gisele bündchen was born July 20, 1980 in Brazil (Horizontina). She was not the only child in the family. Parents of the future model, she raised five daughters, each of whom dreams of becoming a model. Giselle has European blood, as her ancestors moved to Brazil from Germany.

    Gisele bündchen with her sister Patricia
    Gisele Bundchen’s sister Patricia | Amorez

    Future model loves twin sister Patricia, who was born just five minutes later Giselle and was outwardly very similar to it. In the school years the girl was engaged in sports (volleyball) and had planned to become a professional athlete.

    About the modeling career then she is not thought, although he had a high growth (180 cm) and were very thin. Classmates called her Oli (short for «olive oil»).

    The path to top model

    The business model wasn’t attracted to Giselle as much as her sisters, but once she caught the tail of luck. At the age of 14 she went to Sao Paulo with friends. They stopped at a local fast food, where he was one of the representatives of the modeling Agency Elite Modeling. He became interested in the unusual appearance of the girl and he invited her to try yourself in the role model.

    First, bündchen had to be abandoned. The fact that her own father was against his daughter was moving and tried to work in this field. But after a while she agrees. She moved to Sao Paulo. The first contract with this Agency was signed in 1995.

    Gisele bündchen in his youth
    Gisele bündchen in youth | Official website

    Soon Elite Modeling organizes a beauty contest. Giselle participates in it, and got the honorable fourth place. On this contest it was noticed by many agents.

    In 1997, the girl decides to move to America. New York it opens new doors that were previously closed. Giselle takes hard to learn English. She greatly misses her family, but hard and works hard.

    The popularity and success

    The girl soon wins one of the competitions models. Just two years after she moved to America, Vogue magazine calls her model of the Millennium. Bündchen was four times on the cover of this gloss in 1999.

    Gisele Bündchen
    Gisele bündchen on the catwalk | TODAYonline

    According to the magazine «Rolling Stone Magazine» called the most beautiful girl in the world in the early 2000-ies. She participates in many fashion shows, various well-known brands. Shooting a commercial, and appears regularly on the covers of fashion and popular magazines.


    In addition to the permanent shows and the filming of Giselle dabbled in film. She starred in the movie twice. The first time was in 2004. She was offered a role in the remake of the film «new York taxi». Screenwriter of the film was Luc Besson.

    The second time, bündchen starred in the movie «the Devil wears Prada». In the film, was released in 2006. This Comedy-drama with Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep in the lead roles was shot on a popular book, and the cost of the wardrobe is considered the largest in the world. Bündchen played the role of assistant editor of «Podium».

    Gisele bündchen in
    Gisele bündchen in «the Devil wears Prada» | Kinopoisk

    After Giselle was offered other roles, but she refused. For example, it could play a major role in the film «Charlie’s Angels». But the more she was attracted to models, and the money she needed.


    In addition to his beloved work, Giselle is trying to help those who really needed it. She runs a charity and considers it to be his duty.

    For the first time to give revenue for decoration on charity bündchen decided in 2003. She has auctioned off his platinum heart, which the model itself was created along with the jewelry house «Platinum Guild International».

    Gisele Bündchen
    Gisele Bündchen | Goodfon

    All the money that was received after the sale of the jewelry, the model was transferred to children’s hospital St. Jude, which is located in Memphis (United States). Also, bündchen has sold a few iPods with autographs and transferred funds to people suffering after hurricane Katrina.

    In addition, the model was put up for auction at Christie’s two of its ring of diamonds (6 carats, and the second is a 3.5 carat) in 2008. All the money the girl gave to share «Diamond Empowerment Fund (the aim of the campaign was the creation of educational initiatives for Africa).

    Gisele Bündchen
    Gisele bündchen in Africa | tvnz

    Giselle is actively helping the people in Africa who are sick with AIDS. In addition, she participated in the campaign «I Am Africa» in 2006. The main purpose of the event was to let more people pay attention to the problems of the inhabitants of these regions. Many celebrities posed for this album. Their faces were painted in African style.

    Since 2000 years, the girl began often traveled to third world countries, including in Africa. There she lived and was able to see the problems of local residents. The model admitted that now is always to help people. Every year it contributes to the poor children of Africa can get an education.

    In 2010, she gave a half million dollars for the residents of Haiti after the terrible earthquake). Every year money gets a free children’s clinic St. Jude. Grateful to the staff of the institution pray for Giselle.

    Social activities

    The model became a goodwill Ambassador for UNEP in 2009. She actively maintains her own blog and website where it focuses on the environmental issues. In addition, she participated in the campaign «Seal the Deal!», which was carried out by the United Nations.

    In 2010, the model produces its own organic cosmetic line for the face called «Sejaa Pure Skincare». Giselle worked herself on making these creams.

    Gisele Bündchen
    Gisele Bündchen | Woman

    Nevertheless, the model was repeatedly criticized by members of the Green party. In 2002, during the show members of the organization PETA staged a protest during the fashion show, bündchen, during which time she appeared on the catwalk in clothes made from this fur.

    The girl also accused in the fact that while training control helicopter used the model «dirty» engines. But she publicly advocated the use of only environmentally friendly fuel sources.

    Personal life

    Of the most notorious novels can be called a relationship with Josh Hartnett (actor), and model Scott Barnhill. In addition, Giselle met a billionaire Juan-Paulo MINICOM who was older than her 16 years.

    Josh Hartnett
    Josh Hartnett | Useful

    On one of the hits, the girl noticed the famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio. He was struck by her beauty and did everything possible to ignore him. They started Dating in 2000.

    Gisele Bundchen and Leonardo DiCaprio
    Gisele bündchen and Leonardo DiCaprio | International Business Centre

    Their relationship lasted for 5 long years. During this time they traveled together in Africa, they were called the most beautiful couple in 2004 by People magazine. The engagement took place, but in 2005, the young people left for unknown reasons. After that, the girl two years had a serious relationship.

    In 2007, bündchen met with the football player Tom Brady. After two years of relationship the athlete had proposed to her and they got married. In the same year of 2009 the couple had a son Benjamin Brady Rhine. Three years later, the star couple appeared and daughter Vivian lake Brady.

    Gisele bündchen and Tom Brady with kids
    Gisele bündchen and Tom Brady with kids | Celebrity Gossip and Entertainment News

    Despite the fact that Gisele bündchen is already 36 years old she is still popular and is one of the highest paid models in the world. She continues to work: often adorns the covers of many magazines and goes to the podium in the most expensive and branded items from renowned designers.

    Interesting facts about Gisele bündchen

    You should know that:

    1. The girl is actively removed for magazines, but she never exposes her Breasts. Furthermore, it does not defile in too revealing outfits, because it does not like to show intimate parts of their body;
    2. For the year, Gisele earned more than 42 million dollars. She even got into the Guinness Book of Records, as her condition reached a more than $ 170 million;
    3. All sisters Giselle steel models, but none of them managed to reach the same heights as their sister;
    4. Bündchen loves animals and sweets. She had a pet dog. Ice cream and candy spoil the figure of a top model.


    Gisele Bündchen

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