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  • Name: Giovanna Antonelli ( Giovanna Antonelli Prado )
  • Date of birth: 18 March 1976
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: Rio de Janeiro
  • Height: 168
  • Activity: Brazilian theater and film actress, singer, TV presenter
  • Marital status: civil marriage with Leonardo Nogueira

    Giovanna Antonelli biography

    Giovanna Antonelli was born in spring 1976 in the Brazilian metropolis of Rio de Janeiro. She is the daughter of famous Opera singer Hilton Prado and dancer of MS Suely Antonelli. In addition to giovana’s family was brought up the eldest son Leonard.

    The music and the atmosphere of creativity filled the house of the Antonelli family. A girl from an early age he absorbed the atmosphere. Therefore nothing surprising in the fact that the creative biography of Giovanna Antonelli began at the age of eleven, no. The girl came on stage Amateur theater and since then never left her. It is necessary to note the diversity of talent of Giovanna: she not only played, but also sang and danced. Therefore, the range of roles Antonelli is very wide. Not surprisingly, the producers, from time to time visited this community theater are among the many young actors immediately chose her.

    Giovanna Antonelli: movies

    A cinematic biography of Giovanna Antonelli began when the girl was 16. She made her film debut, starting, like many of the minor roles. The first band, where there is a young actress, becomes popular drama «you Decide». She was a success in all the countries of Latin America. But the first tangible success of Giovanna Antonelli felt after leaving the series

  • «Tropikanka». But the turning point in the creative career of the artist becomes 2000. Giovanna Antonelli debuts in cinema. She appeared in the romantic Comedy film
  • «Bossa Nova» by playing a major role. In the same year, the actress starred in popular melodrama
  • «Family ties», playing Capicu – a single mother who is forced to make escort services.

    But truly the finest hour of Giovanna, you can call in 2001 when Antonelli appeared in the title role of Muslim jade in the melodrama

  • A «clone». Russian melodramas Brazilian fans know Giovanna Antonelli primarily by the film and the TV series «tropikanka». To obtain the role of jade Giovanni Antonelli had to work hard. Had to learn how to belly dance and to put an Arabic accent. Two months the actress has been devoted to the preparation for filming. Soon your efforts bore fruit: the series immediately after becoming mega-popular in Brazil and another three dozen countries in America and Europe. 25-year-old Giovanna did not expect such a tremendous success. With his partner on the tape Murilo Benicio
  • she has traveled to almost all continents, where they presented the picture. In 2002, two new paintings, which Antonelli starred in the lead roles. This tape is «Suppress» and series «a Casa das Sete mulheres». But in 2004, Giovanna returned to the telenovelas. Interestingly, in the series «Color of sin» was the first time she played a negative character.

    Now Giovanna Antonelli – very popular in the movies. Each year she appears in two or three new paintings. Latest and most popular paintings, in which he played the Giovanna is «Seven sins», «Brazilian woman» and «One kiss». In 2012-m to year on the Brazilian screens came melodrama «George», in which Giovanna has played a major role.

    Giovanna Antonelli: personal life

    Personal life of Giovanna Antonelli eventful. The actress was married four times. But from these marriages became official only two. It’s interesting that in civil unions, the actress gave birth to three children.

    The first husband of actress was an entrepreneur

  • Ricardo Medina, with whom Giovanna was familiar with from my school years. They lived together for four years and divorced in late 2001. They say that the cause of divorce had an affair with Antonelli Murilo Benicio, but the actors themselves say that their romance began after the release of the series. About his novel, the actors declared in a popular TV show than incredibly pleased with its army of fans. In 2005 Giovanna and Murilo have a first-born Pietro. But almost immediately after his birth, the couple broke up.

    In 2007 Giovanna Antonelli married again. Her husband becomes an American entrepreneur

  • Roberto Locascio. Their wedding took place in Tuscany, ancient Villa. But four months later, Giovanna and Roberto officially divorced. Cause of contention was the ex-husband Murilo Benicio. He forbade Giovanni out of the country for their son than destroyed the plans of the newlyweds to move to the US, where Roberto had left the business. Now Giovanna Antonelli in a civil marriage with the Director
  • Leonardo Nogueira. They met in 2009 on the set, and in November 2010 became the parents of twins Anthony and Sophia. Despite the birth of a daughter, their marriage is still not registered.

    Giovanna Antonelli: filmography

    • You decide
    • Tropikanka
    • Clone
    • The color of sin
    • My no easy life
    • Three sisters
    • Brazilians
    • Bossanova
    • Depressing
    • Mary, mother of the son of God

    Giovanna Antonelli: photo

    Giovanna Antonelli

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