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  • Name: Gina Carano ( Gina Joy Carano )
  • Date of birth: 16 April 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Dallas
  • Height: 173
  • Activities: actress, athlete
  • Marital status: not married

    Gina Carano: biography

    Gina Carano is an American actress of action movies such as «Knockout» and «Bloody revenge». To film acting, she has achieved great success as a mixed martial arts fighter, better known as MMA. Fans of Carano was awarded the unofficial title of «Queen of the ring», which she refuses to recognize that.

    Gina was born in the suburbs of Dallas, located in Texas. Her father Glenn Thomas Carano was a professional American football player, and to have The joy Cason was engaged in farming and raising three daughters. Gina was born second and had both an older and younger sister.

    She received secondary education in a Christian school Trinity, after which he entered the University of Nevada in Reno to specialize in psychology. In Reno, she studied for one course, then transferred to the University of Las Vegas, stayed there for 3 courses, but left the University without receiving a diploma.

    The sport She became interested in adolescence. She was a member of the women’s basketball team, which won the state was also involved in volleyball and softball. Later in her life, there’s martial arts. She first came to Thai Boxing with the sole purpose to lose weight, because they were overweight.


    Of the first 14 fights held in the ring, Gina Carano has won 12, one ended in a draw. The relatively high result helped the girl to attract the attention of the organizers of mixed fighting in Nevada, which invited her to participate in the first official women’s match. Rival Carano was another budding athlete Leticia Pestova. Despite high expectations, the fight was not exciting, as Gin knocked his opponent out in just 38 seconds.

    Once in professional sports, Gina Carano continued to surprise the audience not only high performance, but also a variety of techniques in their Arsenal. She won via knockout, cut eyebrows, suffocating receptions. For the perseverance and dedication of the athlete was nicknamed «the Verdict». By the way, despite great efforts, the problem of overweight chased Carano’s entire career, and repeatedly matches postponed due to the fact that her weight did not fit in the officially sanctioned norm.

    The last fight Gina Carano was the match against the Brazilian participants, Christiana Santos, nicknamed «Cyborg», a specialist in JIU-jitsu and Muay-Tay. It was the first fight of Gina’s career that she lost. The referee stopped the match, considering the drop in Carano by TKO. However, despite the defeat, the athlete has the record for the amount of the fee received by the female fighter.

    Several times the organizers of the fighting tried to return the well-known athlete in the ring, even appointed a specific date of the fight, but every time something did not work: that Carano could not pass the medical examination, she was not licensed.


    TV career of Gina Carano began in 2006, when she participated in the filming of the cult documentary film «Girls of the ring», which is based on real events, tells about the formation of female Thai Boxing in America.

    Then she, along with another fighter Lisa king coached the unknown for the participants of the reality show «Fight girls», and also starred in two seasons of the popular show «American gladiators», which acted as a «Destroyer».

    In 2011, the documentary «I am Bruce Lee» is dedicated to the legendary fighter, Gina shared their memories of what meant to her, this man, and how his professionalism has influenced her own career.

    Also Carano was invited by the producers of the computer game Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3″ to create an image of one of the wrestlers — Natalya Volkova, Hero of the Soviet Union, a prominent Soviet commando and sniper.


    The first feature film in which Gina Carano has appeared, was a Thriller about street fighters «Blood and bone». Her character Veretta Vendetta was one of those fighters who wins his match.

    The next time she was invited to the set after 3 years to take part in the Thriller «Knockout.» And the role of Mallory Kane, she was offered the famous Director Steven Soderbergh, who saw the main character exclusively Carano. The film was shot more than a year, and in the car she got in 2011. Aspiring actress praised by critics, she was nominated for «Critics Choice Awards», but lost her Jennifer Lawrence.

    Most Directors use the actress in such roles, where you have to show her fighting skills. But John Stockwell, who directed the 2014 blockbuster «blood feud», insisted that he wanted Gina Carano not only her ability perfectly and to fight effectively, but also a deep psychological understanding of character, seeking revenge for the kidnapping and realistic dramatic situations. At the end of the filming he confirmed that the actress coped with the task.

    In 2016, the world rolling out one of the most anticipated films of the year — «Deadpool,» in which Carano attended.

    Personal life

    Gina Carano personal life is inextricably connected with the sport, as the ring brought her ex-boyfriend Kevin Ross, is also a professional Muay Thai fighter.

    In addition to Ross, the girls were romantically involved with mixed martial arts fighter kit cope, who, after the rupture of relations was blackmailing her that will make available to the public an intimate video, but later apologized to former girlfriend. The last known public partners Gina Carano was British actor Henry Cavill.

    Gina is a big lover of strong animals, so her pupils are pit bull Terriers.

    In 2009 Gina Carano was in a hundred of the most spectacular women according to the magazine «Maxim».


    • 2009 — Blood and bone
    • 2012 — Knockout
    • 2013 — fast and the furious 6
    • 2014 — Almost human
    • 2014 — Bloody revenge
    • 2015 Speed: Bus 657
    • 2015 — Opium war
    • 2015 — the Salvation
    • 2016 — Kickboxer
    • 2016 — Deadpool


    Gina Carano

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