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  • Name: Vladimir Korenev ( Vladimir Korenev )
  • Date of birth: 20 June 1940
  • Age: 76 years
  • Place of birth: Sevastopol, Crimean Peninsula
  • Height: 188
  • Activities: actor, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Ghostface Killah biography

    20 Jun 1940 born Vladimir Borisovich Korenev. The majority of Russian viewers remember his role of the frogman from the Soviet film «the amphibian Man».

    Childhood Vladimir Korenev was held in Sevastopol, where the Navy had served his father, who was an Admiral, knew several foreign languages. The family frequently moved from one city to another. After the war they lived in the small town of Izmail (Ukraine). Vladimir went to school and studied for several years, studying Russian and Ukrainian languages.

    Ghostface Killah in his youth
    Actor in his youth

    Soon his family moved to Tallinn. School he finished in the capital of the Estonian SSR. There seriously interested in Russian literature – largely thanks to a teacher in love with the theater. Vladimir Korenev repeatedly said that Tallinn is a city of theatres, and there is nothing surprising in the fact that he wanted to visit the specialized drama and become an actor.

    This drama was leading actor of Tallinn drama theatre Ivan Rassomakhin. Under his leadership in future professional artists became Larissa Luzhina, Vitaly Konyaev, and Igor Yasulovich. Korenevo was 20 years old when he entered Ondraskova course in GITIS. After 5 years Vladimir became a certified actor.


    A famous actor does not hide that loves the theater more than the movie. Because the theater nearby, and any actor must constantly prove that he can achieve much more than expected.

    In 1961 after graduation Ghostface Killah managed to join the troupe of the Moscow drama theatre named after K. S. Stanislavsky (now «Electrotheatre Stanislavsky»). The beggar Filch in «Threepenny Opera» by Bertolt Brecht and a Snub in the «Days of Turbins» by Mikhail Bulgakov – his first role. One of the best works of the artist becomes the role of Robin hood in the eponymous play, directed by Yekaterina Yelanskaya in 1968.

    Ghostface Killah in the theater
    On the stage

    For the past 55 years he works at this theatrical institution. Koren continues to play in many performances, takes the stage along with the young actors, and also works without the second part. He has dozens of roles in his native theater. He played in performances of «heart of a Dog», «Talents and admirers», «Intrigue and love», «the petty Bourgeois-a nobleman» and many others.


    Ghostface Killah is known to audiences for his roles in the films «light of a distant star», «Children of don Quixote», «the sons of the Fatherland» and shows «Release», «Unknown pages of life scout» and others.

    Ghostface Killah
    Photos of the actor

    His acting career ended in the Soviet cinema. Korenev is actively involved in the filming of paintings that create a modern Russian Directors. In 2000-ies the actor starred in the television series «destructive power-5», «children of the Arbat», «Blind «Detectives of regional scale» and «Last confession».

    Ghostface Killah appeared in 45 roles: the Central and chief among them was a little. Apparently, the type was unsuitable for the role of Soviet production worker. Often the actor himself has refused offers of Directors, because the script seemed to him inappropriate.

    Ghostface Killah
    A talented artist

    Vladimir Korenev cooperated Directors completely different directions: Alexander Tovstonogov, Mikhail Yanshin, Boris Lvov-Anokhin, Yekaterina yelanskaya, Vladimir Mirzoev and others.

    In 1998 Vladimir Korenev was awarded the title people’s artist of Russia.

    In 2011, he staged a performance «Dangerous liaisons» Choderlos de Laclos on the stage of the Arkhangelsk drama theatre named after Lomonosov M..


    In the movie the huge success and popularity brought Vladimir Korenev a major role in the film «the amphibian Man» (1962), and his character was recognized as a major romantic image of the 1960-ies. Millions of women fell in love with the eyes of the protagonist, who literally fascinated from the first minute preview of the film.

    The audience loved Koreneva exactly after the film «Man-amphibian», in which he played the frogman. The actor from participation in the filming of cult films have only pleasant memories, he was surprised to discovered an amazing underwater world, as well as his peaceful silence.

    Ghostface Killah in the role of the frogman
    The role of the frogman

    «The amphibian man» – not the first film of the actor. For the first time on screen he made his debut in the drama «Life passed me by» in 1958, and three years later starred in the «the Person-amphibians». The film was seen by over 65 million people, which was a huge success. Critics attacked the picture of rage and predicted her imminent oblivion, but that didn’t happen. The result was different: women look for men similar to Koreneva, and men, in turn, began to wear long hair, dressed in white suits. The film was awarded the prestigious international award «the Silver sail».

    Vladimir Korenev, Anastasia Vertinskaya
    Anastasia Vertinskaya

    For Koreneva shooting the film «the amphibian Man» became a real breakthrough in his career. Many critics believe that this painting could begin a new era of Soviet cinema. Extremely negative reviews from critics who saw the film the anthem of bourgeois society, did not affect the General attitude to the film. The picture was a great success. In addition, the actress Anastasia Vertinskaya also played brilliantly in the film, performing the role of gutiere.

    Vladimir Korenev had to make enormous efforts to return to normal creative life, because the viewers have already formed a solid image of the actor acquaintance of the role of the frogman.

    Personal life

    Ghostface Killah adequately passed the test of fame. He lived all his life with one woman.

    Future wife Alla Konstantinova he met in College, when I was studying on the 3rd course. Vladimir first made a strong impression on her because the male looks the girl never paid attention. But soon she saw how Vladimir intelligent and interesting: his encyclopedic knowledge, he tells exciting and not less exciting writes.

    Ghostface Killah with his wife
    With his wife Alla

    2 April 1961, Alla became the wife of Vladimir. After the wedding ceremony she went to work in the theater, and Korenev – the film Institute, his course went on shooting in Finland.

    Daughter Irina went in the footsteps of parents and became an actress. Now, Alla, Irina and Vladimir Korenev work in the theatre and really inseparable at home or at work.

    Ghostface Killah with the family
    With his wife and daughter

    It should be noted that the famous actress Margarita Nazarova, a barmaid who played Marina in the Comedy «Striped flight», could become the darling of Vladimir Korenev, but this has not happened, and the brief affair ended quickly.

    Unknown family

    In 2016, a certain Natalia Ivanova turned to the host Andrey Malakhov to tell that Vladimir Borisovich Korenev is the illegitimate daughter.

    The woman told that in 60-ies it was in one of the suburban recreation, when there came a famous actor. In the end, it turned out that she was pregnant with his child. Now the famous actor allegedly not only has a daughter, grandson, and great-granddaughter.

    Ghostface Killah and his illegitimate daughter
    Illegitimate daughter of actor

    In the Studio «Let them talk» started a heated debate on whether this is a real relationship. Many experts argued that it is necessary to do some DNA testing to accurately confirm this information. However, Natalia does not hurt words of the guests in the Studio, because she is sure that the father of her daughter Eugenia is just Vladimir Borisovich. According to Ivanova when she was 14, she found out that her father is a famous actor who played the frogman.

    Ghostface Killah now

    Among recent works actor – role Nemirovich-Danchenko in the TV series «Orlova and Aleksandrov» and a small role in the film «the Stunt man», «House of sleeping beauties» and «the Alchemist. Elixir Faust.»

    Ghostface Killah actively engaged in teaching, he is head of the acting Department in his faculty of theatre arts of the Institute of humanitarian education and information technologies. Putting graduation performances, it is implemented and as a Director.

    Ghostface Killah
    In the Studio of the program «Alone with all»

    It should be noted that many viewers have repeatedly suggested that Ghostface Killah is a relative of the actress Elena Koreneva, but actually this is not true. Celebrities are not relatives.


    • «Children Don Quixote»
    • «The Northern Sphinx»
    • «Stunt man»
    • «Where happiness dwells»
    • «Airborne dad»
    • «Premonition»
    • «The Weapon Of Zeus.»
    • «The last confession»
    • «Chelovek-amfibiya»
    • «Blind»


    Ghostface Killah

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