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  • Name: Herman Sterligov ( German Sterligov )
  • Date of birth: 18 October 1966
  • Age: 50 years
  • Place of birth: Zagorsk, Moscow oblast
  • Height: 178
  • Activity: the Russian public and political figure, entrepreneur, one of the first multimillionaires of Russia
  • Marital status: Married

    Herman Sterligov: biography

    German Sterligov – the first «official» Soviet millionaire, known in the society bright extravagant actions and badly expressed nationalist views. In the 90-ies after the collapse of the USSR, he was a very successful businessman, but after 15 years has transformed from the wealthiest man in the country, «hermit», because he thought that his wealth is jealous of every single person, and he and his family can tragically be fatal for their success. At the moment Sterligov calls himself a poor man of the country, while he intends to enter the world of big politics, declaring the intention to stand in deputies of the state Duma for the 2016 elections. 31 August 2015 the businessman was detained at Domodedovo airport for his active extremist activities in Nagorno-Karabakh and public anti-state appeals, for which he was put on the international wanted list.

    He was born Herman L. Sterligov October 18 1966 in the city of Zagorsk (Sergiev Posad) in the Moscow region. He was a descendant of Russian nobility, a genus which originates in the XVI century. His father, Lev, was a renowned Professor of medicine and was considered the best diagnostician of the time, and mother Margaret A. – peasant daughter, guardian of the family hearth that has dedicated his life to the education of children.

    Childhood of the future multi-millionaire were far from wealth and celebration. But this did not prevent him to get a good secondary education in the Metropolitan school № 19 with an English bias. However, a certificate from the school was the only document Sterligov about the education he received at MSU for EuroFaculty, but, having studied only one course, dropped out and was no longer spending your time learning.

    After school, he also like all Soviet young men were drafted into the Soviet army and gave back to the Motherland. Your army Herman L. recalls with nostalgia and considers military service a good school of life, which is tempered in this masculinity, responsibility and male character.


    Biography of Herman Sterligov after the army has been continuously connected with the business. The young man at the time of the collapse of the USSR do not miss your chance to become a successful entrepreneur and with the financial support of his older brother Dmitri was a co-founder of Russia’s first commodity exchange «Alisa». For several years, the company has become the largest holding, has 84 subsidiaries not only in Russia but also abroad.

    In the first day of the exchange, Sterligov became a millionaire because the company has absolutely no competition. Through the year the activity on the exchange fell, that has not prevented the businessman to open a Club of young millionaires, whose activities he directed the development and improvement of the Ryazan region. However, all the planned projects have not been implemented, therefore the organization had to fold.

    In the mid 90-ies of the businessman has decided to expand its activities and has gone into politics. However, he continued to develop his business, which even today it is impossible to give clear parameters – Sterligov «amassed» a huge fortune on anything.


    In the political world ambitious and extravagant businessman who is used to all at once, burst like a boomerang. He decided to skip all of the lowest rung of the classic political career and immediately wanted to become Governor of the Krasnoyarsk territory, and a year later ran for mayor of Moscow. In the national elections he failed and scored only a 3.87% of the vote, taking third place in the standings among the candidates.

    Defeat on elections of the Moscow mayor did not break the fighting spirit — he decided to go further and to try their hand in the presidential race in upcoming elections in 2004. Then he couldn’t get into the papers, so as not logged on. This period was a turning point in the fate of the businessman. On the campaign he spent all his fortune and was forced with his family to leave Paris and settle in the suburban Mozhaisk. First he built for his family a luxurious mansion that later burned down by the neighbors. Family Sterligov regarded it as a «sign of God», so the future life they organized on the distant farm, where there are no electricity and basic access roads.

    In 2008 Herman Sterligov has renounced reclusion and decided to get back to business. He came to Moscow and created the anti-Crisis settlement and commodity centre, whose activities were similar to commodity exchange. In 2009, the businessman presented a private unit of «Gold» that is high fineness gold coin weighs 1 ounce. Their gold German Lvovich proposed to use as the sole means of payment in the world by creating a Gold Exchange. But the FFMS refused Sterligov in the delivery of the exchange license, so this idea remained unrealized.

    In 2015, the extravagant businessman Sterligov, who made a fortune in the financial pyramids, were detained in the capital’s Domodedovo airport at the time of return home from Yerevan. For extremist activities in Nagorno-Karabakh, the Basmanny court of Moscow has passed the decision on arrest of property of the businessman, who is suspected of fraud and misappropriation of funds in their business partners.

    Despite this, the businessman has not lost hope for a brighter political future and announced his intention to nominate his candidacy in the elections to the state Duma in 2016. He wants his political ideas with a pronounced nationalist character to bring to life on the Deputy level and I am sure that he will support millions of Russians.

    Personal life

    Personal life Herman Sterligov is not so vague as career. At the dawn of his business he married the daughter of a bankrupt intellectual capital Elena who is a graduate of the polygraphic Institute. Herman L. was very lucky with my wife – she is for almost 25 years supported the political and nationalist views of her husband, and unquestioningly obey all orders and is satisfied with the role of mother and domestic goddess.

    In connection with the divergent views and ideas Sterligov and his wife during their joint lives could be in the form of a socialite men and women, becoming a real «wife of a Decembrist,» which supports her husband in all situations.

    Married Sterligova were born five children: Pelagia, Arseny, Panteleimon, Joe, and Micah. Children of Herman L. brought up for «the gospel», they do not attend public school and receive education at home. The eldest daughter is already married and I gave my parents three granddaughters, and the sons are actively involved in the development of the farm, organized by the father. Arseniy is engaged in construction of wooden houses, Sergey became the organizer of the business of manufacturing natural cosmetics and organic food and household items. Pantaleon was headed by the Institute of Medicine of Galen, in which people are treated exclusively with herbal medicines.

    In the last period the income of the German Sterligov, according to his confession, are the bread of own production and products of the farm. The family lives in a comfortable house and sees this as the true wealth and happiness. The businessman continues to travel frequently, staying in expensive apartments and to do charity work, donating money for the improvement of ecology of Russia.


    Herman Sterligov

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