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  • Name: Herman Gref ( Gref Herman )
  • Date of birth: 8 February 1964
  • Age: 52 years
  • Place of birth: page Panfilovo, Kazakhstan
  • Height: 180
  • Activity: the Russian statesman, the head of Sberbank of Russia, former Minister of economic development and trade of the Russian Federation, economist
  • Marital status: Married

    German Gref: biography

    German Gref, head of Russia’s largest Bank and one of the most highly paid top managers of the country. He traveled to the financial Olympus and during his career has been in leadership positions in many leading companies, such as LUKOIL, «Transneft», «Gazprom» and «Yandex», and also held the post of Minister of economic development and trade of the Russian Federation. In the economy of the country, he made a number of conceptual ideas – the chief banker of the creation of free economic zones, consistent reform of the electricity sector and tax system.

    Born Gref Herman Oskarovich 8 February 1964 under Pavlodar, in the village of Panfilovo, in the family of ethnic Germans who were exiled to the wide steppes of Kazakhstan from the Donbas in 1941 because of national origin. The future head of «Sberbank» became the third and youngest child in the family, he has a older brother Eugene and sister Helen. Parents Gref, Oscar F. and Emilia F. was educated and intelligent people. His father worked as an engineer and mother an economist in the agriculture Council.

    When Gref was 1.5 years, the family experienced grief – my father died, with the result that the mother was left alone with three children, whom she helped to educate the grandmother of a future banker. They taught the children how restraint, modesty and neatness, and helped to master the German language.

    School years, Mr. Gref was successful. He was a good student was obedient and disciplined student, without the mother the hassle of unsatisfactory behavior. The future head of Minekonomrazvitiya not particularly craving any Sciences, but loved sports and was even captain of the school basketball team.

    At the end of the school Gref arrived in MGIMO, but for unknown reasons, was expelled from the University after the first year of study. After expulsion he was drafted into the army, duty to the Motherland, the future economist gave in the ranks of the special forces of the USSR. After demobilization he became a student of Omsk law University at the faculty of law. While training at the University of Gref was an active social worker and a Komsomol leader, which aroused his political interest. He graduated with honors from the University and stayed to work there as a teacher.

    In 1990, Gref arrived in Leningrad graduate school, where his supervisor was the former mayor of St. Petersburg Anatoly Sobchak, who later became the «godfather» of the economist in a political career. Thanks to him, German Gref was in the St. Petersburg city administration, which met with the future leadership of the country Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev, as well as other well-known Russian politicians and businessmen, who at the beginning of his career worked in one team headed by Sobchak.

    The government

    Biography Herman Gref received a key trend in the years of Perestroika. The formation of the concept rosrazvitie of modern Russia under the government of the country established a special Committee for economic development of the Russian Federation, where the economist got the position of the head. In this position, he showed his ability to build accurate and promising economic forecasts, set out in a simple manner that impressed by his associates.

    As an economic strategist,» German Gref worked for 7 years, after which his career rapidly began to move to climb on the main political arena of the country. In 1998, he became Deputy head of the Ministry of state property of the Russian Federation. A year has led the economist «Center for strategic research» and entered the Board of the Federal Commission for the securities market. In 2000, after winning the presidential election of Vladimir Putin, Mr Gref, invited in the new government as Minister of economic development and trade of the country.

    He headed the Ministry of economic development until 2007 inclusive, while retaining the Ministerial portfolio with five changes of Prime-Ministers of the Russian Federation. The main achievements on this post Herman Gref began lobbying program on Russia’s entry into WTO, the reform of the power sector and taxation in the country, so the Russian has reached the European level of economically developed countries, received the status of market economies and raised its investment rating.

    In addition to government work, Gref has held leadership positions in many large holdings of the country and was a member of the Board of Directors of such companies, as «Gazprom», «Rosneft», «Transneft» and «Rosneft».

    The Head Of Sberbank Of Russia

    In 2007 after complete resignation of the government ahead of presidential elections Gref has completed his Ministerial activities by transferring their powers, Elvira Nabiullina. On the recommendation of the Supervisory Board of Sberbank of Russia, he was elected President and Chairman of the Board of the largest Bank in the country, the position of which is to this day.

    The head of Sberbank German Gref has made significant progress thanks to him, the financial institution has become more client-oriented and globally expanded its customer base, which increased the Bank’s net profit by 74%. The new Chairman of the savings Bank were a modern rebranding, and introduced a convenient and technologically advanced system of remote service channels, which made the financial institution a leader among banks of Central and Eastern Europe.

    In may 2015 the powers of the Gref on a post of the President of the Board of Sberbank has been extended to 2019. The economist also received membership in the Board of Directors of «Yandex». Shareholders of one of the largest search engines of the world appreciate the professionalism and strategic abilities Mr. Gref, which is very important for the development of Internet companies in the process of legislative regulation of the industry.

    In the beginning of 2016 German Gref was in the midst of a scandal. At the Gaidar forum he gave an «unexpected» assessment of the current position on the international economic market. Former Minister of economic development of the Russian Federation is called Russia a «country-downshifter», which fell into the abyss and technological enslavement before the advanced countries of the world. State Duma deputies reacted sharply to such unpatriotic statements of the head of the savings Bank and encouraged him after such a humiliating evaluations to voluntarily resign from the post of President of the largest financial institutions in the country.

    Personal life

    The head of Sberbank German Gref was married twice. His first love was Elena Velikanova, with whom he was on friendly terms from a school bench. They got married immediately after school, but their marriage ended in divorce before Mr. Gref was in government.

    The second time Gref married in 2004. His choice was designer Yana glumova. Their marriage angered MPs and widely discussed in the media, as a solemn ceremony was held in the unique reserve «Peterhof», the rent of the throne room of which reaches several million. In the second marriage the former Minister of economic development of the Russian Federation had two children.


    In 2015, according to Forbes, German Gref took the sixth position in the Top highest paid managers in Russia. His annual income was estimated at 13.5 million dollars, which included salary, bonus, long term compensation and payment for shares.


    German Gref

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