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  • Name: Gerard Depardieu ( Gérard Xavier Marcel Depardieu )
  • Date of birth: 27 December 1948
  • Age: 68 years
  • Place of birth: Chateauroux, France
  • Height: 180
  • Activities: French actor
  • Marital status: divorced

    Gerard Depardieu: a biography

    The star of the French cinema Gerard Depardieu was born in December 1948 in châteauroux in a poor family of an illiterate tinsmith Renee. The postwar family time was very difficult. Renee earned was not enough for anything. Depardieu existed on social assistance. The firstborn, the elder brother of Gerard Allen was born in 1945. Two years later had a daughter Elena. And when a year later Gerard, of the material issues was added to the family. Renee began to disappear from home and drink all the money. For seven years, Gerard has appeared two more brothers and a sister.

    A hard life made parents harsh and indifferent. From lack of parental attention Gerard began to stutter, preferring to communicate with gestures or remain silent. Despite all the problems, the boy is the first school I studied well but then we started classes.

    In 1951, in Chateauroux according to the development strategy of NATO settled a U.S. air base. For locals and of Gerard this event was of great importance. Base has become an island where you can join the American music, culture and, most importantly, cinema. First American films Gerard Depardieu at a young age, looked on the NATO air base.

    Over time, the behavior and performance of Gerard deteriorated. Difficult teenager left in the class for another year. Finally in 1962, Gerard received the document on lower secondary education and with relief, left the school. Tall, looked much older than his age, the teenager immediately got a job in a printing house. In addition, Gerard fell into the dubious company of peers, steal the base fuel and did other nefarious deeds. Once in the house Depardieu police came with a search warrant. Finding nothing in the house, they advised the parents to send the boy to juvie for troubled Teens. Dad refused. But soon Gerard’s still got three weeks in prison, once on hot. He was only 16 years old, so the guy was released.

    Perhaps Gerard remained in Chateauroux, if one of his friends was not invited Depardieu to join him in Paris. One studied in acting class. To run away from home for Gerard did not work – he did it regularly, and the guy went to Paris. And there went in company with a friend to see what he is doing on the courses.

    One of the eccentric professors noticed the tall guy sharply allocated among the others, and asked him to show the pantomime on a given topic. For Gerard, which was a great experience to communicate with gestures, this task proved simple. The seen was so pleased with the teacher that he was offered the artistic guy to stay. So Gerard Depardieu began to study in courses of the famous French teacher of theatrical art of Jean-Laurent Cochet.

    Gerard Depardieu: movies

    Kosh immediately sent a new listener to a speech therapist. And even pay for the treatment. Grateful to Gerard since childhood, never felt so well taken care of, quickly changed. He constantly improved: corrected the pronunciation, read classic literature, go to art exhibitions and museums. More diligent student of M. Cauchy was not.

    A cinematic biography of Gerard Depardieu began in the mid 60’s. Debut role Gerard – he played a beatnik in a short film of Lenhardt «Hipster and lady» is very consistent with the internal content. Next was a nameless hippie in feature film Warda «Nausicaa». I must say that this was the period when the French film industry back from the boring refined beauties to brutal hippies and beatniks, like the youth audience.

    The beginning of the 1970s was the start of the cinematic career of Gerard Depardieu. He appeared in several high-quality paintings, the most significant of which melodrama by Jacques Dere «a Little sun in cold water», a crime drama josé Giovanni «Skumon: profit trouble» and drama avangardistki Margo Duras «the Natalie Granger».

    To Wake up famous Depardieu helped the role of Jean-Claude in erotic tape of Bertrand Blier’s «going places». It was 1973 the year. The film beautifully showed the life of the charming scapegrace, loved to live it up and easily vvjazavshis in different criminal incidents. In General, Gerard was lucky again to play himself, he did great. The film was a huge success. Some adored him, others criticized, but indifferent was not. Depardieu becomes unprecedented popular.

    But Gerard didn’t want to stay forever in one position. He wanted to play other images and characters. And he did it in the films «Last girl» and «get out your handkerchiefs».

    Soon Depardieu was showered with awards. The first film césar award was received by the artist for the romance Truffaut «the Last metro». It was followed by others.

    In the early ‘ 80s, Gerard began to appear in Comedy films, having a new wave of adoration and popularity of the public. Few who remain indifferent from the movies «the Inspector-cuckoo» or «Tartuffe». And when Depardieu appeared on the screens in a pair with Pierre Richard, he is working with great success. The first movie in this Comedy series was the Comedy «the Losers.»

    In the mid-80s, Gerard Depardieu was already a recognized star in the world of cinema. Equally brilliant actor played a role in the tapes of different genres: comedies, action, dramas.

    Worse met an artist and the beginning of the 90s. He appeared in «Cyrano de Bergerac», where she played the main and your favorite role. Gerard again proved that it can brilliantly transform into a radically different images. For Cyrano de Bergerac Depardieu was awarded at the Cannes film festival, and the film has received «Oscar» a few «Starov», «Palm» and other awards.

    Gerard Depardieu: Hollywood

    Following the film «Cyrano de Bergerac» before Gerard Depardieu has opened its doors to Hollywood. Along with Andie MacDowell the actor starred in the film «residence permit». For this role he received a Golden globe. Next was the Comedy «Between an angel and a devil», where Gerard Depardieu for a couple with Christian clavier made a brilliant Duo that made everyone laugh to tears. In the romantic-heroic image of the fans of Depardieu saw your favorite artist in the film adaptation of the Dumas novel «the Count of Monte Cristo». «Asterix and Obelix against Caesar», where Gerard has appeared in a different way, also caused great excitement.

    In 1997 for his significant achievements in world cinema, Depardieu received the prestigious cinematic prize at the Venice film festival – «Golden lion».

    Gerard Depardieu: Russian citizen

    At the end of 2012 Gerard Depardieu has bought a house in the Belgian town of Neshen. This caused considerable discussion in the media about a possible attempt of the actor to evade taxes. Jean-Marc Ayrault, Prime Minister of France has called this attempt as «pathetic.» It was terribly outraged by Depardieu, and a few days later he replied to the Prime Minister a letter in which put your passport and social card. In December of the same year, Gerard has moved to Belgium and after a few days renounced his French citizenship, told reporters that he considered himself a citizen of the world.

    1 Jan 2013 the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has signed a decree granting Russian citizenship to the artist. At the press conference, Putin said that «if Gerard really wants to have or a residence permit in Russia or a Russian passport, we will assume that this issue has been resolved, and resolved positively».

    So on 5 January 2013 Gerard Depardieu became a Russian citizen.

    Gerard Depardieu: personal life

    Wrong facial features, the roughness and clumsiness Depardieu did not prevent him to be extremely attractive and appealing. Women, including the most beautiful stars of world cinema, Gerard has always enjoyed considerable success. Her sympathy showed Catherine Deneuve, Isabelle Adjani, Andie MacDowell and Monica Bellucci, with whom Gerard starred in films. But, despite the considerable interest in his person Depardieu many years remained faithful to his wife.

    They met in the fall of 1968 the school Cauchy.

  • Elizabeth Ginia, in contrast to the «proletarian» descent of Gerard, had a deep aristocratic roots and belonged to a wealthy family in Paris. Elizabeth and Gerard were married on 11 APR 1970. Their marriage lasted 26 years and broke up in 1996. Officially the couple divorced in 1992. The reason was suddenly surfaced connection Depardieu with a black model Karen sill, which gave birth to Gerard’s daughter Roxanne. In 1997 the private life of Gerard Depardieu is once again in top news: the stars had a romance with actress Carole bouquet, the face of the company «Chanel». But, according to Depardieu, Carole was a significant flaw – jealousy. In 2005 the couple divorced.

    Gerard Depardieu officially recognized four children. The two older daughter Julie and son William – from his wife Elizabeth (Guillaume, died in 2008), daughter Roxanne from Karin Silla and the son of Jean of cambogia Helen of bizo.

    Gerard Depardieu: filmography

    • Waltzing
    • The twentieth century
    • The last woman
    • Inspector-cuckoo
    • Cyrano de Bergerac
    • Between angel and devil
    • Danton
    • Vatel
    • Unlucky
    • Waterfront Orfevr, 36

    Gerard Depardieu: photos

    Gerard Depardieu

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