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  • Name: Gerard Butler ( Gerard Butler )
  • Date of birth: 13 November 1969
  • Age: 47 years
  • Place of birth: Paisley, United Kingdom
  • Height: 188
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Gerard Butler: biography

    Actor Gerard Butler was born November 13, 1969 in Scotland. He is the third youngest child in the family. Gerard was barely six months when the parents moved to Canada. The father wanted to establish their own business. However, all attempts ended in failure for their troubles, the man blamed his wife and children. In the end, Gerard’s mother filed for divorce. In 1972 she and her children returned to Scotland and soon married a second time.

    Gerard Butler was fond of martial arts, showed good results. Close by was the cinema – the boy liked to go there with my mom. So, unwittingly, he became interested in cinema and tried to persuade mother to drive him to the audition.

    Gerard took in youth theatre at age 12, he played a small role in the play the Royal theatre. Mother was not happy with his son’s Hobbies, believed dramatics mischief. The guy was a good student in school, and after graduation was not to upset the mother and enrolled in law school. After receiving his law degree, Butler went to Los Angeles- he gave up the acting dream. However, the world capital of cinema met his cool – he received only the role of an extra in the movie «the Bodyguard».

    In the same period, Gerard learned that his father cancer. They had not seen for 14 years, but the guy threw things and went to his father to Canada. There he was until the death of the father, and then returned to Scotland.

    Home Gerard Butler got an internship in a major law firm, he could have had a future as a lawyer, but the work is not satisfied. He became depressed – he gradually addicted to alcohol, tried to commit suicide, fought in drunken hysterics. From the abyss Butler separated single step – he drank all indiscriminately. From work it have dismissed. After his release, Gerard went to London hoping at least to get here in the theater or in the movies doesn’t work. He worked as a waiter, showed children’s toys. After a few months of wandering, he finally took to the theatre as an assistant casting Manager. One day he plucked up courage and asked the Director to cast him – he agreed. After listening to Gerard Butler got the first role.

    Some time passed, and he appeared in the play «Into the game», which I always admired. From that moment, the Butler began the dawn of a career.


    He made his debut in the film «Mrs brown» in 1997. The role was small, his character was bathed in the icy water and went to the hospital with hypothermia. In the same year he received two more minor roles. Then, on the screens out Comedy TV series «Lucy Sullivan is getting married» with the participation of Gerard Butler. The new century began with minor roles in «Arrow» and «Harrison’s Flowers».

    First starring role, the actor has got in the films «Dracula 2000» and «Attila the Hun». He had to get rid of the Scottish accent. These roles brought Butler popularity, and he soon signed a contract with a new Agency. In 2000-2003, he starred in the TV series «the Jury», the films «reign of fire» and «trapped time» and then starred in «Lara Croft» with Angelina Jolie.

    A landmark in his career came in the musical «the phantom of the Opera,» in which he starred in 2004. Box office has exceeded $ 150 million, the film was thrice nominated for «Oscar», received a dozen prestigious awards. Every solo actor performed himself. However, the shooting was difficult, but Gerard Butler did.

    Among the other iconic roles – the king of Spartans Leonidas in «300». For this role, Butler 6 months worked in the gym, gaining muscle mass and have mastered the art of swords fighting. MTV Movie Awards have recognized the actor as «the Best fighter».

    With the success of the audience greeted the picture of «Rock-n-Rolik», which Empire magazine called it the best British film of the year. In 2010, the screens out the picture «the Naked truth» in which Butler proved himself as a Comedy actor. In the same year came out another Comedy, «the bounty Hunter». Among the notable projects of recent years – the picture «machine gun Preacher».

    Personal life

    He is popular, rich and popular but still lonely. Periodically in the press there is information about the novels of the actor. Two years he met with assistant Tonya and officially confirmed that she was his girlfriend. The relationship did not work.

    Then Gerard Butler was in a relationship with the model, Madalina Ghenea, but they ended in the breakup. He attributed relationship with Jennifer aniston, Jessica Biel and others. In 2014, the actor has a new love – Morgan brown.

    Gerard does not suffer from «star disease», kind to the fans, willingly photographed with them, signing autographs. For the kindness and patience he is called a benevolent actor in Hollywood.


    • «P. S. I love you»
    • «Law abiding citizen»
    • «The bounty hunter»
    • «300 Spartans»
    • «The Island»
    • «Dear Frankie»
    • «Gods Of Egypt»
    • «Playing for keeps»
    • «One more kiss»
    • «Olympus Has Fallen»


    Gerard Butler

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