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  • Name: Georgy Zhukov ( Georgiy Zhukov )
  • Date of birth: 1 Dec 1896
  • Age: 77 years
  • Date of death: 18 Jun 1974
  • Birthplace: Strelkovka, Kaluga oblast
  • Height: 188
  • Activity: commander, Marshal of the Soviet Union, the USSR Minister of defence
  • Marital status: widower

    Georgy Zhukov: biography

    Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov, the legendary Soviet commander, Marshal of the Soviet Union, which was one of the key figures of the red army during the great Patriotic war and subsequently received the nickname of «Marshal of the Victory». After the death of Joseph Stalin in the biography of Georgy Zhukov appear in Ministerial positions – first, he was first Deputy Minister of defense of the USSR, then he headed this Department. But in 1958 beetles excluded from the Central Committee of the Party, stripped of all posts in the army and sent to forced retirement.

    Georgy Zhukov in his youth
    Photo Georgy Zhukov in his youth

    Biography of Georgy Zhukov originates back to the late nineteenth century. He was born in the village of Strelkovka in the Kaluga province. George comes from a simple peasant family, so the education received only the initial three-class Church-parish school, which he graduated with honors. The boy was sent off to Moscow, where he became an apprentice in a small furrier’s workshop. To 13 years of age he’s already a great master, but the thirst for learning does not give Zhukov rest, and the teenager arrives at the evening General education courses and gets a matriculation certificate.

    Georgy Zhukov in his youth
    Photo Georgy Zhukov in his youth

    When the First world war, George drafted into the Imperial army and sent to a cavalry regiment. It is interesting that through education he could go to school and become a warrant once an officer, but was too shy at the age of 19 command of experienced soldiers, therefore, refused. How to say Marshal Zhukov later – it was a happy thought, or after the revolution, he had to emigrate. Taking part in the fighting, the young cavalryman was wounded and partially lost his hearing, but made a series of exploits, including single-handedly captured a German officer. For this future commander was awarded the George cross.


    During the Civil war, Georgy Zhukov joined the red Army and fought with the forces of Anton Denikin and Petr Wrangel. In 1920, the year the beetles finishes the Ryazan cavalry courses and becomes a platoon commander and later squadron. It his unit was engaged in the suppression of the peasant revolt near Tambov, the so-called Antonov uprising. For the successful operation of Zhukov presented to the order of the red banner. In the mid 20-ies George agreed to a teaching position at the Belarusian state University, where he led a military pre-conscription training.

    Georgy Zhukov
    Georgy Zhukov | White Russian

    In 30-ies Georgy again in the commander’s seat. He was entrusted with the 4th cavalry division, then was appointed Deputy commander of the Belarusian military district for cavalry. Later Georgy Zhukov tried to compromise and be accused of having links with has suddenly become an enemy of the people the commander of the Belarusian district Jerome the Uborevich. The commander was taken aback and personally in the name of Joseph Stalin and Kliment Voroshilov sent a telegram with the question: how could he on duty, not in contact with a supervisor. It was limited to only a reprimand.

    Georgy Zhukov
    Marshal Georgy Zhukov | Report

    On the eve of the great Patriotic war, the Politburo has appointed Georgy chief of the General staff. First, Zhukov was ordered to lead the entire army in combat readiness as provided for Nazi Germany’s attack, but not all of his ideas managed to convince the Leader that after the war, has repeatedly and publicly regretted.

    Of fighting during the Second world war is to highlight the fighting on the Western front, and the command of the blockade of Leningrad. Commander Georgy Zhukov ordered to shoot all who will drop the weapon that he had in the future glory of the brutal warlord, but his actions bring success. Also Zhukov was in charge of the troops in the battle of Kursk and is conducted an offensive operation «Bagration».

    Marshal Zhukov

    The title of Marshal of the Soviet Union Georgy Zhukov was awarded in early 1943. He became the first officer to be awarded this title since the beginning of the war. As Marshal, he took the surrender of Nazi Germany, and in 1945 the main Victory Parade in Moscow’s red square and in Berlin at the Brandenburg gate.

    A year later he played the famous «Trophy case» in which the legendary Marshal of the Victory was accused of misappropriation of luxuries and inflating his role in the defeat of the army of Adolf Hitler. Georgy Zhukov admitted that indeed brought from Germany a lot of furniture, carpets and other fashion utensils and repented that did not inform superiors. In the result, he was transferred to the post of commander of Ural military district.

    Georgy Zhukov
    Georgy Zhukov — the man who defeated Hitler | White matter

    After Stalin’s death, the commander returned to Moscow on the orders of Nikita Khrushchev appointed first Deputy Minister of defence and later Minister. By the way, Georgy Zhukov played a significant role in the removal from power of Lavrenty Beria, who was his accuser in the «Trophy case». According to most researchers, Marshal Zhukov was one of the key figures in the suppression of the Hungarian anti-Communist uprising of 1956 and spent quite a bloody operation «Whirlwind». After her Khrushchev’s afraid of the big influence of the Minister of defence on the public and military leaders, therefore, have achieved the complete elimination of Georgy Zhukov and sent him into retirement.

    Personal life

    About Marshal the people there is a lot of myths, including those about the personal life of Georgy Zhukov. So you should only talk about those romantic relationships, which he himself admitted. For the first time beetles could marry boys. He had an affair with the daughter of a housewife in which George rented Moscow apartment. But because of the First world war, those plans have sunk into oblivion. In 1919 in Saratov the infirmary Georgy Zhukov met nurse Maria Volokhova and the two immediately broke sense. But because of hostilities, the young men parted.

    Georgy Zhukov with his wife and children
    Georgy Zhukov with his wife Alexandra Zuykovo and daughters | LiveInternet

    After a year, the future Marshal fell in love with a young teacher, Alexander Zuikov, which was considered his wife, though officially they only got married in 1953. Here, fate once again brought Georgy with Mary Volkovoy. A few years Zhukov was torn between two women. Interestingly, almost simultaneously, the ladies made him the father of Alexander gave birth to a daughter Era, and Maria – Margarita. By the way, both «wives» Georgy Zhukov knew each other, but put up with the situation. Later, Volokhova married and broke up with a loved one. And the official’s wife gave Him another daughter Ella.

    Georgy Zhukov with his wife
    Georgy Zhukov with the last wife Galina Aleksandrovna | Gordon Boulevard

    During the Second world war, Zhukov lived in a civil marriage with a military paramedic Lidia Zakharova. She was with Marshall the whole war, not just out with him to the front and moved to the South of Ukraine, when he was appointed commander of the Odessa military district. They separated only when to visit her husband Alexander came Zuikova. In the end, Georgy broke up with his mistress, but not for wives, but for the sake of a military doctor Galina Semenova. They also lived in de facto Union, but in 1965 Georgy Zhukov officially divorced Zuykovo and went to the registry office Galina, who brought him a fourth daughter Mary.

    Georgy Zhukov and his daughter
    Georgy Zhukov to his daughter Mary | LiveInternet

    All daughters of Georgy Zhukov received an excellent education. Margarita graduated from the economic faculty of Moscow state University, more than 40 years he taught political economy in a variety of Metropolitan universities. She is the founder of the public Fund «Marshal Zhukov». Era and Ella graduated from MGIMO. The eldest of them was an employee of the Institute of state and law, Russian Academy of Sciences, and the youngest became a journalist. And Maria G. wrote and published a widely known book «Marshal Zhukov — my father.»


    In recent years, the life of Georgy Zhukov began to visit the Kremlin Palace of congresses, where he always met with prolonged applause. Also Marshall was a consultant to the documentary film «If the roads you your house» and «Pages of the battle of Stalingrad», and he even starred in two series. Appeared in print and a book of memoirs, «Memories and reflections», on which He worked for over 10 years.

    The Monument To Georgy Zhukov
    Monument to Marshal Zhukov in Moscow’s red square | Russian courier

    At the end of 1973, his wife dies of Georgy Zhukov, Galina Aleksandrovna, and then Marshall began to feel worse and worse. He suffered a stroke, then a heart attack, and in the spring went into a coma. Georgy Zhukov died in hospital June 18, 1974, after several weeks in a coma. Despite the last wishes of the commander on a traditional burial, his body was cremated and the ashes buried in the Kremlin wall on red square in Moscow. The 100th anniversary of the birth of Marshal Georgy Zhukov for the first time in the history of the Kremlin necropolis, a panihida was served.


    Georgy Zhukov

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