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  • Name: Georgi Millyar ( George de milieu )
  • Date of birth: 7 November 1903
  • Age: 89 years
  • Date of death: 4 Jun 1993
  • Place of birth: Moscow, Russia
  • Height: 164
  • Activities: actor, people’s artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: married

    Georgi Millyar: biography

    Georgy Millyar – known film and theater actor, people’s artist of the RSFSR. He was born in the beginning of the last century, November 7, 1903 in Moscow. His father Franz de milieu was an engineer: he came from France to Russia to advise Russian workers in the field of bridge building. Here Franz de milieu he met the daughter of the Irkutsk gold mining Elizaveta Zhuravleva, which made an offer.

    The family was wealthy enough, and George was born in no need. Alas, the happiness of the newlyweds was short – lived- in 1906, his father George died. After her husband’s death Elizabeth with their son continued to live in prosperity. They had a luxurious apartment in Moscow, the two houses (in Moscow and Gelendzhik). Teach the child languages, music, literature, was hired as a governess.

    At that time, George’s aunt was a famous theater actress, thanks to which the boy at such an early age became acquainted with the theatre. Love for the arts, the future actor was instilled since childhood – he had the opportunity to hear Chaliapin, Nezhdanova, Sobinov. Not surprisingly, George and Sam tried to try on the role of actor, arranging for their relatives home performances.

    In 1914 a carefree childhood ended with the beginning of a new period for the country. Pre-revolutionary unrest forced the mother to pick up my son from the troubled Moscow to Gelendzhik, where lived his grandfather. After coming to power of the Bolsheviks the family was left without means of livelihood revolutionaries robbed them of an apartment in Moscow, and a dacha outside Moscow. Elizabeth’s son was now entitled to only one room in a communal apartment, which became their great capital apartment. In the same period, family name prudently corrected with de milieu into Millyar. In the future, Georgii Frantsevich tried not to think about their origins, and even in the questionnaires were not informed about their wonderful knowledge of German and French.

    After graduating high school in Gelendzhik, Georgi Millyar got a job at a local theatre with simple props. The young man fulfilled all his duties conscientiously, but didn’t leave her dream of becoming a real artist. Finest hour Millyar came when in 1920 the girl playing Cinderella was unable to come to the show because of illness. Her then carefully replaced the props, and it turned out well for him.

    In 1924, an experienced artist self-taught, he moved to Moscow, where he enrolled in the current Theatre of a name of Mayakovsky, who at that time was called School juniors at the Moscow theater of the Revolution. In 1927, George F., graduated, was accepted into the troupe of the Moscow theater of the Revolution. The team he worked until 1938.

    Theatrical career Millyar was the best way, but in 1941 he left the troupe – actor decided to try himself in the film.

    Georgy Millyar movies

    The work of Georgi Millyar in movie started with a small cameo role. But his first major role he received in the film, the tale of Alexander Rowe «By magic» (1938). He played the king of Peas. This tape was the debut for Rowe, but a talking pike, oven self-propelled, walking backwards geese so impressed the audience that the Director immediately received an order for following a story.

    Following were filmed painting «Vasilisa the beautiful», where Georgy Millyar great embodied the image

  • Baba-Yaga. To give women the role of man was the most correct decision, because, as he said himself, no woman would show himself to be terrible on the screen. On the image of Baba-Yaga Millyar worked alone – he watched the elderly women, adopting their facial expressions, gait, gestures. In addition to the terrible women Millyar played in the movie, the two roles, but in the credits was listed only once. In 1941, at the «Soyuzdetfilm» decided to shoot a story with a Patriotic color «the End of Koschei the deathless». In the image of Koschei the creators of the film saw only George Frantsevich, which have long disagreed on filming, doubting their abilities. Once the discussion of the episodes the actor appeared with a fully shaved head and no eyebrows. So Millyar was always done on the set to ease the work of makeup artists. It became clear the actor is ready to act. Premiere tale with a full house took place on the Day of Victory.

    Subsequently, Georgy Millyar was the most «fabulous» actor in the world. He brilliantly played many negative characters, personified images of witches, werewolves, monsters and other representatives of the «forces of darkness». Baba Yaga artist common played about ten times, and the image changed from one role to another. He invented the costumes and loved to make it worse.

    Millyar has for many years worked with Director Alexander Rowe. In 16 paintings he executed three dozen roles. His most striking images – of the Devil «Evenings on a farm near Dikanka», Baba Yaga in «frost», the underwater Tsar Chudo-Yudo «Varvara-Krasa, long spit», the Royal villain Kwak of «Mary the weaver», a werewolf, Castryck in «Finist-a clear Falcon» – still remember the audience.

    Georgy Millyar worked with other Directors in which he managed to portray no less colorful characters. Remember the role of the Wisest in the story directed by Boris rytsareva «Aladdin’s Magic lamp», Mr. brownie in a modern tale of Boris Buneev «Duck Village», sage Selim in «the Caliph Stork» Viktor Khramov, the evil sorcerer of the Smog in the picture of Gennady Harlan «Andrew and the evil sorcerer».

    In addition to fairy tales by Georgy Frantsevich starred in other films. He participated in such films as «prisoner of the Caucasus», «the Ballad of Bering and his friends», «step off the roof», «Silver Revue». Even appearing in the episode, the talented actor was able to attract attention.

    Filmography of Georgi Millyar has more than a hundred works. The last time he starred in the film «Ka-ka-Doo» in 1992.

    Georgi Millyar: personal life

    Personal relationships Georgy Millyar have been a lot of rumors. They say that in 30 years he could marry one of the young actress, who announced the imminent completion of the family. At this news George F. allegedly replied that he could not have children, and sent a woman to the real father of the unborn child.

    It is known that a bachelor Millyar lived to 65 years. Once in one of the rooms of the apartment there is a new resident by the name of Mariya. With new friend the actor had something in common: the woman was originally from «the dispossessed» — after the revolution, her parents were arrested. By the time of meeting with Georgy Millyar Maria Vasilyevna already had grown up children from first two marriages. Looking closely to the neighbor, 65-year-old actor asked for her hand. Maria at that time was 60. Surprised woman told the artist that she doesn’t need men, Georgy Frantsevich jokingly replied: «I’m not human. I Am Baba Yaga.»

    The wedding was celebrated on the first day of filming of another fabulous ribbon «Varvara-Krasa, long braid». The film crew made a surprise to the bride and groom, covering the tables on the banks of the Moscow river.

    Wife Georgi Millyar loved and respected, also, loved the daughter and mother of the artist. Adult children of Mary V. also took the mother’s husband. In the family of Millerov always been peace and order.

    They lived in the same communal apartment, which once belonged to his family, with his mother, who died in 1971. In the life of Georgy Millyar was a simple man, liked to drink, while drunk never saw him again. He was friends mostly with make-up artists, lighting and costume designers.

    Georgi Millyar: death

    Despite the national love and popularity, Georgy Millyar was never interested in the Soviet press, and the authorities really disliked. The title of Honored artist this endlessly talented and humble man received only at the age of 85. In the last years of his life he was frequently visited by various children’s activities – meetings with children in schools, summer camps. Millyar was never dropped from concerts, although sometimes the organizers could not pay the actor fee, slyly referring to the fact that there is no money.

    On the eve of the anniversary of George Frantsevich was asked to speak for children in the concert hall «Russia». Knowing that there will be 850 children, the actor bought baby photo albums hand-drew the same picture of Baba-Yaga, who flew in a mortar. Each drawing was signed «With love, R. F. Millyar». As he admitted, he just wanted to «leave a present for each rebetenok».

    It was unclear whether he struck out George Millyar from the guest list, the concert did not take place at all, but on the appointed day for him so no one came. Painted Grandmother dispersed among the neighbors, a few pieces are still kept in the Museum movie.

    Died Georgiy Millyar on 4 June 1993, did not live a little before his 90th birthday. He was buried at the cemetery Troekurov. Among transferred to the Museum movie things artist was found a small yellowed piece of paper with the verses which he wrote shortly before his own death:

    «And, probably, it would be great

    In the end, the end of the road

    Finally play Suvorov

    And then it quietly to leave.»

    Georgi Millyar: filmography

    • «By magic»
    • «Vasilisa the beautiful»
    • «The End Of Kashchey The Immortal»
    • «Morozko»
    • «The magic lamp of Aladdin»
    • «Andrew and the evil sorcerer»
    • «Prisoner of the Caucasus»
    • «Step off the roof»
    • «Ka-ka-Doo»
    • «Kalif-stork»

    Georgi Millyar: photo

    Georgy Millyar

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