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  • Name: Georgy Jikia ( Georgiy Dzhikiya )
  • Date of birth: 21 November 1993.
  • Age: 23 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 188
  • Activities: soccer
  • Marital status: not married

    Georgy Jikia: biography

    Georgy Jikia is famous due to its sports career. From December 2016, the player is a defender of the Moscow club «Spartak».

    George Tomasovic Djikia was born in Moscow on 21 November 1993. His dad is self – employed, mother is a housewife. In the mid-nineties, the family settled in Balashikha.

    Father George led the team and offered his son to try his hand. The first coach Djikia became Sergey Mikheev. Did the boy play football since 7 years in the sports school «Victoria». Specifically, the section was not chosen, it just was closer from home.

    Georgy Jikia
    Georgy Jikia | VK

    After several years of practice the boy moved to «Lokomotiv-Perovo» and with 10 years of training already there. In the family of George there are no professional players, but both parents are long-time football fans.


    While training in Perovsky branch of the football school of Locomotive the boy was playing in different positions. At first he was in the center, but over time began to shift closer to protection. His first professional contract with the club «Lokomotiv-2» Djikia concluded in 2011. Coach was Evgeny harlachev. He was the initiator of the invitation of Djikia in structure «Loko -2».

    Georgy Jikia in
    Georgy Jikia in the «Lokomotiv-2» | VK

    George spent three seasons, playing for the «Lokomotiv-2» in the second division. In an interview, the footballer admitted that the first serious match at the senior level, believes a meeting with Smolensk «Dnepr» in the Cup of Russia. The victory at that time Muscovites have brought the penalty shootout that decided the outcome of the match after 120 minutes of hard fighting.

    Djikia could go in the first «Locomotive», it was once called to a match, but failed to gain a foothold. The reason for this was the change of coach. George was invited to a meeting with Slaven Bilic, who followed up promising players «Loko-2», hoping to strengthen their account team. However, in 2013, Horvath was dismissed from the post of coach of Lokomotiv, just at the moment when he looked to the young candidates. New coach Leonid Kuchuk Djikia was not interesting.

    Georgy Jikia on the field
    Georgy Jikia on the field | VK

    For six months prior to the expiration of the contract, George went to finish the season «Spartak — Nalchik» where he successfully played 8 games. The new agreement footballer has been proposed, due to financial difficulties «Lokomotiv -2» was disbanded. During this period, Jikia received an offer to pursue a career Harlacheva from Eugene and went to Dzerzhinsk to play for Khimik.

    In 2015, George signed a three-year contract with the football club «Amkar». Interestingly, his first goal for the Perm club Jikia scored the team «Lokomotiv», and this goal was victorious and influenced the outcome of the match.

    Georgy Jikia in FC
    Georgy Jikia in FC «Spartak» | VK

    In December 2016 Djikia has passed in «Spartak», with the club issuing a cooperation agreement for 4.5 years. The amount of player transfers, according to German football website transfermarkt (transfermarkt), close to 2.5 million euros, is for this reason that George included in the list of ten expensive players in the Premier League in 2016.

    Executive Director of Perm «Amkar» Denis Maslov said that George wanted to get several famous football clubs. Djikia wanted to play in «Spartacus» and other suggestions seriously considered. Accepting the offer Muscovites, the player had the opportunity to return to his hometown.

    Personal life

    Personal life George Djikia hidden from prying eyes. In an interview, the athlete remembered that he has a brother, though in his childhood he started to play football.

    George marl and knows the Georgian language, love to listen music and watch movie. According to the player, he doesn’t favour any specific genres, listen to and watch everything.

    Georgy Jikia
    Georgy Jikia | VK

    George is not enough time to engage in social media, he has no account in instagram, although a photo can be found in this app for tag #Djikia. George is dedicated to one of the groups in the social network Vkontakte, where you can find photos and videos, which depicted the best moments of the sports career of a footballer.

    Interesting facts

    Georgians from the heading is a nickname Djikia received because of their nationality. In Tbilisi, the player has a lot of relatives, but born and raised young man in Moscow. Nationality George was one of the reasons he constantly gets offers from Georgian football clubs. The athlete had already faced the choice between becoming a member of the national team of Georgia with the team or in Russia.

    Georgy Jikia
    Georgy Jikia | VK

    The first salary of the player amounted to 15 thousand rubles. Half of that money went to the George on the daily transport expenses, the rest he spent on trips to the fast food restaurants. Djikia recalls with a smile this detail of his biography. In one interview admitted that he doesn’t think about what to spend money, and often just postpones the funds received.

    When He was 14, he and his team went to a training camp in Dagomys. During the match one of the keepers broke his nose, and the second could not take the field due to the high temperature. Djikia wearing goalkeeper gloves and took his place in goal, so his team could finish the match.

    Georgy Jikia
    Georgy Jikia | VK

    Jik is a mountain leopard. According to one version, the name of the player is a direct indication that his ancestors were brave and courageous warriors. The jik called George in Perm «Amkar».

    Player’s number «14». This figure does not have sacred values in life Djikia. Once he chose a number of free and never change it. The athlete admitted that after years of wearing form, the number 14 was his favorite.

    Sports stats

    On account of George Djikia 66 games in the team «Lokomotiv-2», and 8 games for «Spartak-Nalchik», 33 fight for Dzerzhinsky «Chemist» and 42 matches for the football club «Amkar».

    Georgy Jikia on the field
    Georgy Jikia on the field | VK

    Early in his career, the athlete played in the second division, but the dedication and work on his skill helped him to be in the Premier League. Before the player came to the Moscow «Spartak», it is in General played 151 match and has scored 8 goals.


    Georgy Jikia

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