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  • Name: Georgiy Vitsin ( Georgi Vitsin )
  • Date of birth: 18 April 1917
  • Age: 84 years
  • Date of death: 22 Oct 2001
  • Place of birth: village
  • Height: 174
  • Activities: actor, people’s artist of the USSR
  • Marital status: married

    Georgiy Vitsin: biography

    The famous Soviet theatre and cinema actor Georgy Vitsin was born in 1917 in the small town of Terijoki (Petrograd). When the boy was 8 months old, the family moved to Moscow. According to official sources, the actor was born in 1918, the date was changed mother to son took in the camp. The place was only in the younger group, and George did not pass age, so Maria Matveevna decided to take this step. The mother of the future actor was a hard-working woman who independently raised son. Husband of Maria Matveevna came back from the war and was seriously ill, so it was short-lived.

    Childhood George was a very shy boy, no one even could not imagine that he will choose acting. But in school, the guy decided to get rid of shyness and began to walk at a local drama Studio. It was then Vitsin realized that he wanted to be an actor.

    After school the boy goes to the school of the Maly theatre, where he studied for a short time, as he was expelled for a frivolous attitude to learning. This so provoked the next celebrity that fall, he decided to enroll in three theatre studios. After successful passing of entrance examinations talented young man invited to the Studio of A. Wild and the Revolution theatre school and Vakhtangov. Vitsin chose the more prestigious the last option. But the actor studied for a short time, after a year he transferred to the theater Studio of the Moscow art theatre-2, which successfully completed.

    Georgiy Vitsin: theatre

    1936 Vitsin working at the theater named Yermolova. Theatrical career of the artist has been developing rapidly, the audience quickly fell in love with him. It’s safe to say that Vitsin was very popular, to the performances with his participation went regularly. If he is not played, the person could turn around and leave. Even the strict theatre critics recognized the talent of the artist and wrote very positive reviews.

    A total of Georgy Mikhailovich worked at the theater Yermolova 33 years. Vitsin played many roles, but the most notable production, which was attended by the actor, became the comedic play «the taming of the tamer». The image of his grandfather, impotent, played artist, so liked the audience that the halls were always filled. Stage career was in full swing when the actor decided to change the theater for the movie. It was very unexpected.

    Georgiy Vitsin movies

    The cinematic debut of actor took place in 1951. The actor played a cameo role in the film «Ivan the terrible». Later it was approved for the lead role of Gogol in the film «Belinsky». The audition had a lot of famous actors, but the assistant Director has approved it Vitsin, in it she saw Gogol traits. It is noteworthy that for his career Georgii Mikhailovich played Gogol three times, so natural it looked like a game.

    Vitsin was a versatile actor, he managed to get any images. But popularity came after his comedic roles. The first known Comedy in which George played the young football player Vesnushka, was the movie «the Spare player». I wonder what samples he was quite by accident. Vitsin auditioned for the role in the movie of Fajncimmer, but the attempt was unsuccessful. The actor wanted to return to Moscow, but he noticed the assistant Director. After successful attempts George was approved for the lead role washi Vesnushka, a promising young athlete.

    Vitsin is always very thoroughly prepared for their new images. Prior to filming, the actor was actively engaged at the stadium to fit the role of sports youth. When the actor was offered the role Vesnushka, he was not 25 as I thought the Director, and 37. In this respect he was a phenomenal man, his real age for all always remained a mystery. The actor looked very young, and in the 40 could easily play a young guy of 17 years. All because George Mikhailovich led a healthy lifestyle: not Smoking, not drinking and doing yoga. Actor very seriously and carefully treated to their health, not like meal, and noisy gatherings. In this role drunkards were performed very reliably.

    After the brilliant role of John Vesnushka actor was invited to the movie «She loves you». Vitsin not only played well, but also performed complex tricks. The episode with the water skiing had to withdraw from a backup, but the Director decided to use George. Trick water skis made the actor perfect.

    In 1955 he was invited to the film «Balzaminov’s Marriage». The Director asked the artist who did not agree. Had to play 25-year-old boy, and at that time the actor turned 48.

    This recognition came to the actor after participating in the film «Dog Mongrel and unusual cross», because in this film, the audience first saw the iconic trio — Coward, Bobby and Experienced. After that, Morgunov Nikulin and Vitsin became popular favorite. This legendary trio appeared again and again in the movies of Gaidai: «Bootleggers», «Operation «y» and other adventures Shurik», «Caucasian captive, or Shurik’s new adventures». After was no less a significant role in such films as «Business people», «twelfth night», «Old, old story» and others. In 1990, the actor toured the country together with two colleagues. In recent years, played in the Theater actor.

    Vitsin was a great reciter, so in addition to acting he was doing voiced cartoons. On account of his dozens of animation: «the little humpbacked Horse», «High mountain», «the Snowman-mailer» and many others. Georgii Mikhailovich was an excellent painter, says his daughter, he could become a fine artist or a sculptor.

    Georgiy Vitsin: personal life

    The first civil wife of actor had Hope Topoleva, which Vitsin have lived for many years. The pair did not formalize their relationship officially. According to the daughter of an actor, Hope this is not wanted, and the father did not insist. It is noteworthy that the first civil wife was much older than the actor.

    After parting Vitsin threw Topolevo, bringing her food and medicine. With his official wife Tamara Fedorovna actor, lived until the last days, that she cared for him. The couple had a daughter Natasha, which Vitsin was very fond of.

    Georgiy Vitsin: death

    In his old age a great artist moved into a small «Khrushchev», giving a spacious apartment in the heart of his daughter. In recent years, Vitsin was a hermit and a little with whom communicated. We only went out to feed the pigeons.

    The actor died 21 October 2001 he had problems with heart and liver. Recently in his hometown a monument was erected in his honor.

    Georgiy Vitsin: filmography

    • For matches
    • Comedy of bygone days
    • Hands up
    • Danger to life!
    • Operation «y» and other Shurik’s adventures
    • Rival
    • The journey of pan Blots
    • The twelve chairs
    • The sun and the sun again
    • Brave guys
    • Some love stories

    Georgiy Vitsin: photo

    Georgy Vitsin

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