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  • Name: Georgy Yumatov ( Georgi Yumatov )
  • Date of birth: 11 March 1926
  • Age: 71
  • Date of death: 4 Oct 1997
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: actor, people’s artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: was married to the Muse Kreptogorskii

    Georgy Yumatov: biography

    Georgi Aleksandrovich Yumatov was born in Moscow on 11 March 1926. Despite the absence of the sea in his hometown, he dreamed of becoming a sailor since childhood. The future actor was determined to fulfill the dream, doing athletics and Boxing to build strength and endurance. As soon as the age allowed, George went to study at the naval school. But the war began, and a year after joining the young sailor was sent to the front. The place of his life was the torpedo boat «Courageous», which Yumatov went from cabin boy to the steering.

    «Brave» in the sea of Azov, and later the Danube flotilla took part in the liberation of several cities. For special merits and courage Yumatov was awarded the order of Ushakov. Georgy had to go to the brink of death, but he came out alive. In one such case, future actor saved ordinary mongrel, which he picked up at the Marina. Throwing himself into the water for the frightened dog, Georgy Alexandrovich was the only survivor of the whole ship blown up by torpedo boats.

    After the victory of the Soviet troops in may 1945 Georgy Yumatov returned to Moscow. Dining in a small cafe, Yumatov caught the eye of Director Grigory Alexandrov. Interesting, alive and attractive appearance like the figure of the cinema, and he offered a small role in the new film. Surprised Yumatov agreed to the proposal.

    Georgiy Yumatov movies

    The first role of George Alexandrovich were minor, but helped the newbie actor to catching the eye of Directors. Debut serious work in cinema was the role in the film «Young guard». Got Yumatov in the cast by accident. Then the Director Aleksandrov advised him to go to VGIK, where at that time a new course was scored by Sergei Gerasimov, who refused to take to his Yumatovo, deciding that he trained to the actor and offered him a role in his film.

    After the «Young guard» had a few movies, mostly on military subjects. Yumatova after they began to learn on the street. Open and sociable actor does not suffer star disease and gladly spoke with fans and journalists.

    Yumatov loved movies, and were laid in front of the cameras. Such dedicated work has yielded results: Directors, colleagues and the audience adored, charismatic actor. After the movie «Next flight» to Umatovo came the all-Union glory. Critics also praised the role of George in the film «Cruelty», considering it the best work Yumatov in movie. After these comments about the role, the actor began to worry that he had lost the role that could compete with «Cruelty». The artist became more selective to do it, choosing more complex characters with different personalities, not to become the hostage of one image.

    At the same time due to problems in the family Yumatov began to systematically abuse alcohol. Addiction contributed to the many fans who dream to have a drink with a famous actor. The Directors were worried that the talented artist went on a binge and not to disrupt the shot. Alcohol did the work tedious, Yumatov often frustrated by others. But his performance in the film before was great, so no one could accuse George Alexandrovich in the lack of diligence. In the film «One of us» on the role of Soviet spy Biryukova Yumatovo advised Vladimir Vysotsky. The character played by George turned out exactly the way he wanted to see the Director Gennady Poloka. According to many colleagues and fans of the actor, this role was the best in the filmography of the actor.

    Next was the movie «Officers», where Umatovo was offered the role of Alexei Trofimov. The writers did not doubt that a talented artist image fit perfectly. Indeed, when viewing the tape, we can say that the role was written specifically for George Alexandrovich.

    The 80s became the West acting career of Georgy Yumatov. After three paintings, «Petrovka, 38», «Ogareva, 6» and «TASS is authorized to declare…», the shooting stopped. For 10 years, the actor appeared on the screen. During this time the family Yumatov was in financial trouble, and several times he applied, so he was given a pension as a war veteran. But managed it only in 1994, when there were all the documents required for processing pensions. In the 90s the former star of the Soviet cinema began to offer a role, but mostly small and insignificant. The audience no longer recognize his idol, believing that it was no longer alive.

    He reminded himself Yumatov in 1994, when he shot the janitor. According to eyewitnesses, the janitor said Umatovo that regrets that won the war not Germany. Under the influence of alcohol Georgy broke down and grabbed the gun. A good lawyer and national love significantly shorten the period of conviction from 10 to 3 years, but in the conclusion, the actor spent only 2 months, after which he was pardoned.

    Georgy Yumatov: personal life

    His wife actor met on the set of «Young guard». The young people fell in love with each other and after some time got married. Muse Krepkogorskaya in those days turned from a cheerful and fun-loving young ladies in nervous and irritable personality. All the troubles she blamed a bad role and constantly frustrated at her husband. Come down to the fact that without his wife, the actor refused to withdraw.

    Glory and fees the wife was let the family do not know the troubles. Muza Viktorovna loved the new outfits and wild parties. She did not hesitate to spend money, believing that the husband will earn more. Also it is shifted to her husband all the household chores, considering a life unworthy of her efforts.

    The actor really wanted to have a baby, but capricious wife was always against it. The woman explained that she can offer a big role, but she will not be able to play the pregnancy. Another abortion led to complete infertility. After this news Georgy and began to drink.

    Some time Yumatov lived separately from his wife but not divorced. A few years of the actor were in constant partying and alcohol. But, in the end, the artist returned to his wife. The Muses Victorovna passion for expensive things broke out with renewed vigor. She began to visit antique shops and private seamstresses. Crazy spending money led to new disruptions of the actor.

    Truly appreciate the support of a spouse Muse Krepkogorskaya could only after his death. Unfortunately, it was too late to repent. Two years later, the actress died, she was buried beside her husband.

    Georgy Yumatov: death

    Time in confinement and the abuse of alcohol ruined his health Yumatov. Doctors diagnosed artist serious illness, then he needed surgery. After her health has not improved. A year later, the disease returned.

    Georgi Yumatov died October 4, 1997. The funeral of the actor has come a large number of people, and now come to the grave, many fans of his work. Over the years his work Yumatov received the title of people’s and Honored artist of the RSFSR.

    Georgy Yumatov: filmography

    • Spring
    • Ivan The Terrible
    • The Young Guard
    • Admiral Ushakov
    • The path and fate
    • They were the first
    • The next flight
    • Ballad of a soldier
    • Two lives
    • Quiet Odessa

    Georgy Yumatov: photo

    Georgi Yumatov

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