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  • Name: Georgiy Taratorkin ( Georgiy Taratorkin )
  • Date of birth: 11 January 1945
  • Age: 72 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activity: the Soviet and Russian film and theater actor, people’s artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: married

    George Taratorkin : biography

    Georgi Georgievich Taratorkin was born on January in post-war 1945 in Leningrad. When the son was 7 years old, did not the father: he died after a prolonged illness. Childhood George was heavy and half-starved, but the artist himself considers it to be happy. Mom had it and Belief in the theatre. Most children liked Hiking to the Leningrad youth theatre. A sense of celebration and impressions enough for a long time.

    To connect his life with theatre Taratorkin decided only in high school. For a long time he was preparing for the teaching profession. But childhood and teenage emotions associated with family trips to performances, was stronger: after school, George Taratorkin sent in your favorite theatre, but not an artist and illuminator. He did not dare to enter the theater University, postponing an attempt at a later time.

    Tall and thin young man with shining eyes, who, transfixed, was watching the actors on stage, attracted the attention of artistic Director of youth theatre Zinovy Korogodsky. Zinovy Yakovlevich, after talking with Taratorkina immediately was able to see him as a future artist. Artistic Director George advised not to be afraid of the test, reassure and probative indecisive young man. And Taratorkin decided. He soon became a student of the Studio of the youth Theatre. And future artist managed to get there, overcoming the huge competition in 100 people in the place.

    Training in the Studio proved to be quite difficult. Students who do not have time for some disciplines, was expelled without delay. But Taratorkin was one of the most successful students. His diligence was surprised teachers and classmates. To prove the viability of a professional young artist was able in his student age. In the mid-1960s, he made his debut in a production of «dedicated to You», playing his first role student Vitaly Romadin. Even then, teachers and critics have noted the inherent Taratorkin one style of play, «handwriting» of the artist.

    In 1966 Georgy Taratorkin finished Studio training was adopted by Zinovy Korogodsky in the troupe of the Leningrad youth theatre.


    A theatrical biography of George Taratorkin, starting in the 1960s, continues to this day. In theatre of the young spectator George G. served from 1966 to 1974. Soon after his accession to the theater’s artistic Director had already entrusted him the leading role in theatre performances staged. Hamlet, Boris Godunov, Peter Schmidt, Podkhalyuzin – on roles many actors could only dream of. But all these images Taratorkin embodied brilliantly. His deep insight into character, a keen understanding of all the movements of his soul and high acting skills had already impressed the Leningrad theatre-goers and critics. The audience stood and applauded the actor after the performance «do Not awake Madam» Director Yury Eremina.

    In 1974, the creative life of G. Taratorkin in a turn. Starts on Moscow period of his life. The actor accepted into the troupe of the Theater Mossovet. His first role, performed on the stage of the legendary theater, the role of Rodion Raskolnikov directed by Yuri Zavadsky. Then critics unanimously found George Taratorkin artist, who best understands the works of the great classics. Later, the actor played in the production of Stavrogin in Dostoyevsky’s novel «Demons».

    In 1996, Georgi Georgiyevich Taratorkin not only an actor but also a teacher at VGIK. Get on the path to master the dream of many students of high school theater. At that time, the actor wears a National title and headed the Union of theatrical figures of Russia. Later he was elected President of the Association «the gold mask».

    In recent years, fans of George Taratorkin could see his play staged by Peter Stein Sylvia. In this private performance the artist appeared on stage with Evgenia Simonova and Chulpan Khamatova.

    In December 2015 in the Mossovet theatre is a great entertainer appeared in the new play «Roman Comedy». He created the image of the poet Dion, which is opposed to power, impresses the audience with the depth and philosophical content. Himself George Taratorkin claims that immensely happy to play on the stage, which remembers Rostislav Plyatt and Faina Ranevskaya, with whom he had the good fortune to play and socialize.


    A cinematic biography of George Taratorkin has a lot of than theatrical. The artist himself considers himself more theatrical than movie actor. His journey in cinema began in 1968 with a small role of a bomber who made an attempt on the life of Alexander II. This painting is called «Sophia Perovskaya».

    Next year Taratorkin – the main character of kinodramy «Crime and punishment». He again plays Raskolnikov, but now on the screen, not on stage. The film was directed by Leo Kulidzhanov. It is believed that he discovered a star of the film Georgy Taratorkin. Because all subsequent roles offered by the artist, as if bound by an invisible thread with the image of Rodion Raskolnikov. Fine, conscientious, intellectual to the bone, uncertain of their sins and errors – be Dissenters, such and Vitaly Dudin in «English», Robert Warbeck in «Midsomer murders», Evgenii Pavlovich in the «Affairs of the heart», and, of course, charskiy in «Little tragedies.»

    Shiny and definitely talented named work of G. G. Jacobson in the pictures «Winner» and «Deviation – zero». But the main role Taratorkin, its hallmark is still the role of Raskolnikov. This work brought the actor the title of laureate of the State prize of the RSFSR.

    Of the later works of the famous artist of the acclaimed film «Dyuba-Dyuba» and «easy to Die», shot by Director Alexander Hvan. He appeared in several serials, the most famous being the «Saviour under birches», «the Chess player» and «Not born beautiful».

    In 2013, the screens out the spy series called «where the homeland begins», directed by Rauf Kulaevym. George Taratorkin has appeared in the ribbon, in the form of a scout Dmitriev.

    Personal life

    Relocation Petersburg actor in the capital was connected with his marriage to artist and writer Ekaterina Markova. Life in flight between St. Petersburg and Moscow was tired Taratorkin, and he decided to move, although this decision was not easy for him.

    The couple met several years before moving to the capital, on the set of «Crime and punishment». Since they are always together. The couple had a son Philip and daughter Anna. The son was graduated from the theological Academy and works as an Orthodox priest. He’s a scholar and a candidate of historical Sciences. The daughter went in his father’s footsteps and continued acting dynasty. Children gave parents three grandchildren, Nikita, Fyodor and Mikhail.


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    George Taratorkin

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