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  • Name: Georgiy Martirosyan ( Georgiy Martirosyan )
  • Date of birth: 31 January 1948
  • Age: 68 years
  • Place of birth: Rostov-na-Donu
  • Height: 190
  • Activity: film and theater actor, Honored artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: divorced

    Georgi Martirosyan: biography

    Georgy Martirosyan is a Soviet and Russian actor of theatre and cinema in 2004 was awarded the title » Honored artist of the Russian Federation. Modern film fans know him well on the television series «cadets», «Ranetki», «Kremlin cadets» and such films as «Brand history», «Love in Russian» and «Temporarily unavailable».

    George was born in Rostov-on-don. His father Khachatur Martirosyan nor mother Marina Volkova to the stage or the cinema had no relationship. Gosha was the innate leadership qualities that became evident during his school years. The boy quickly became a class leader, was able to knock out at the pranks and antics of even the most diligent students and our children. For this he received the nickname «father Makhno».

    Georgi Martirosyan in the film
    Georgi Martirosyan in the movie «there once was a Customizer» | Movie-Theater

    He studied well and was never an excellent student, but triples in the diary had. But dreams of a profession he had long time did not appear. But in high school, his school organized a drama club where the children put these performances. George, as all interested and interesting guy, also enrolled in drama school.

    The first statement had on the guy such a huge impression that he left school right after the ninth grade he entered the Rostov theatrical Institute. In fact, such was not permissible, because he needed his Ged, but the teachers decided to meet the talented applicant and Martirosyan took the ranks of the Institute, where he studied in the Studio of G. M. Gurovsky.

    Georgi Martirosyan in the film
    Georgi Martirosyan in the movie «Private person» | Movie-Theater

    After graduation a young man drafted into the army. Here He was lucky – he was in the legendary song and dance ensemble of the North Caucasus district, under the leadership of Anatoly Topol. And most of the service private Martirosyan appeared on stage in the role of entertainer.

    After returning from military service, the artist gets in the Rostov academic drama theatre named after Maxim Gorky. He hoped that now will begin what he sought 15 years: great scene, interesting role…

    Georgi Martirosyan in the film
    Georgi Martirosyan in the movie «pirates of the XX century» | Movie-Theater

    But George offered only through images, and that is rare. After waiting in vain several months, he quits and moves in the Rostov theatre for young people, where he promised a major role.

    In Theatre, the Director quickly moved to the forefront and has become a key theater. But after a few years this level has ceased to meet an ambitious young man. He travels to Moscow to enter into some sort of capital company. Instead, George debut in the movie, but after filming is forced to return home. In theatre, he’s never been asked back and got an announcer on the Rostov TV channel.

    Georgi Martirosyan in the film
    Georgi Martirosyan in the movie «Know ours!» | Movie-Theater

    In the film a man meets with actor Alexander Abdulov and through it receives the patronage of the famous Lenkom theatre. But I repeated the story, which was already in the Rostov drama: theatre Martirosyan is not even on the second and third roles. After waiting a time she moved into the troupe of the Moscow theater of Satire, where regaining permanent repertoire.

    Then George khachaturovich was a Theater named after Vladimir Mayakovsky, and later was part of the troupe of the theater «School of modern play».


    In 1973, Georgiy Martirosyan went to the Studio named after Maxim Gorky in Moscow and effortlessly got the episode in the film «Ivanov boat» and the role of the operator Petit in the musical Comedy «Star screen». The fact that the Director Vladimir Gorikker struck a powerful textured appearance of a young actor.

    Georgi Martirosyan in the film
    Georgi Martirosyan in the movie «the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson» | Movie-Theater

    External data determined the role of George for a long time. Its large height, strong muscles, a poker face, angelic curls on his head gave the actor many roles. But unfortunately, even though the shooting was frequent and regular, the images are often battered Martirosyan similar. And often, he was offered the negative characters than positive, but the artist was that even happy: villains to play the movie more interesting.

    Georgi Martirosyan in the film
    Georgi Martirosyan in the movie «Voroshilov sharpshooter» | Movie-Theater

    In the late 70-ies, when a well-known artist, George auditioned for the role of Porthos in the music film «d’artagnan and three Musketeers». Was captured the first doubles, but suddenly from the Ministry of culture, the order came: to give the role of Valentin Smirnitsky. In the end, He played one of the cardinal’s guards, but the editing of the film, those scenes were cut.

    It is unknown why, but for a long time after that, George do not give too much screen time, but really strong films. It can be seen in the action adventure «pirates of the XX century» fairy tale «There, on unknown paths…», detective, «the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson», the spy movie «TASS is authorized to declare…», the Comedy «the most charming and attractive», the historical drama «Cyrano de Bergerac», the crime Thriller «Genius».

    Georgi Martirosyan in the film
    Georgi Martirosyan in the movie «kadetstvo» | Movie-Theater

    Also, the actor was able to reveal the comedic talent in such roles as the Butler in the recent «the adventures of Prince Florizel», salon owner gay «President and his granddaughter», the military leader in a children’s fairy tale «one, two, grief is not a problem!». In the 90 years most of the actors were no longer in business, but Martirosyan was always the proposal. It is worth noting the role of former Deputy Prosecutor of the region in the famous trilogy of «Love in Russian», the Prosecutor in the criminal drama «Voroshilov sharpshooter» and George Ivanovich in a Comedy «the Impotent man».

    Georgi Martirosyan in the film
    Georgi Martirosyan in the movie «Impotent» | Movie-Theater

    In the twenty-first century, the actor appears more and more images of executives. He and the Chairman of the national sports Foundation Rostislav swift in a detective «Turkish March», and the mayor of the city of Tver in the youth series about cadets «cadets», and Chairman of the Union in the Comedy «Paris love Bones Gumankova,» and the Deputy of the State Duma in the series «the Kremlin cadets».

    Georgi Martirosyan in the film
    Georgi Martirosyan in the movie «Lily of the valley silvery» | Movie-Theater

    Also worth mentioning that in recent years, more and more get starring roles. You should pay attention to the lyrical Comedy «Brand story,» a romantic melodrama «I’m flying» and family picture «Lucky Pasha». Of the last works of the actor are highlighted in the sitcom «Swati», a crime Comedy «Temporarily unavailable» and psychological drama «Last night».

    Personal life

    While training in the Rostov theatrical Institute, Georgiy Martirosyan met a classmate Lyudmyla Hristovoj. They got married very early, and in 1969 they had a son Dmitry. Later, the relationship between spouses went wrong and they divorced. Moreover – and I live in different cities: Martirosyan went to conquer Moscow, and Aristova got married again and moved with her husband to Lviv. When his son Dmitry was 12 years old, he moved to the father to Moscow and further raising the boy was engaged in George.

    Georgi Martirosyan and daughter Elizabeth
    Georgi Martirosyan and daughter Elizabeth | the Express newspaper online

    Subsequently, the actor also created a new family. In the Theater of Satire Georgiy Martirosyan met with Tatyana Vasilyeva. They played together in the performance «Nest of grouse» and already in rehearsals between them flashed a spark of love. But in that moment, Tatiana was married to Anatoly Vasiliev, and their feelings actors had to keep. But as soon as in 1983, the woman got a divorce, He immediately proposed to her.

    Georgi Martirosyan and his second wife Tatiana Vasilyeva
    Georgi Martirosyan and his second wife Tatiana Vasilieva | LiveInternet

    Three years later the family had a daughter Elizabeth. Tatiana and George lived together until 1995, and then all of a sudden broke up. Martirosyan said in an interview that still doesn’t understand why they broke up, but both former spouses remain in friendly relations, has no regrets. Interestingly, none of the children followed in the footsteps of his father. Dmitry became a businessman, and Lisa is engaged in journalism and design. By the way, five years ago, she gave my parents a grandson of Adam.

    Philip Vasiliev, Tatiana Vasilyeva, daughter Lisa, Georgi Martirosyan and his son Dmitry
    Philip Vasiliev, Tatiana Vasilyeva, daughter Lisa, Georgi Martirosyan and his son Dmitry | InterBase

    More the actor is not officially married, but he recently confirmed that he lives with a woman named Natalia who was younger than him by 30 years.


    • 1979 Pirates of the XX century
    • 1985 — Know ours!
    • 1988 — Aelita, do not stick to men
    • 1995 — Love in Russian
    • 2000 — silver Lily
    • 2005 — Corporate history
    • 2006 — cadets
    • 2009-2010 — Kremlin cadets
    • 2008-2009 — Ranetki
    • 2011 — Lucky Pasha
    • 2015 — currently unavailable


    Georgiy Martirosyan

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