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  • Name: Georgiy Burkov ( Georgiy Burkov )
  • Date of birth: 31 may 1933
  • Age: 57 years
  • Date of death: 19 Jul 1990
  • Place of birth: Perm
  • Height: 178
  • Activities: actor, film Director, Honored artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: married

    Georgi Burkov: biography

    Burkov, Georgiy Ivanovich – the Soviet Director and actor with a capital letter. In 1980, he received the title of Honored artist of the RSFSR.

    Born Georgi Burkov in Perm on may 31, 1933 in the family of ordinary workers. Father Georgi, Ivan G. was very friendly and gentle nature. He worked in the old factory district, which was called Motovilikha: first was an ordinary worker, but after a while he was promoted to chief mechanic. Mary S., George’s mother, raising a boy and had always been his best friend.

    Once a child Burkova the tragedy occurred. When he was six years old, doctors diagnosed him with typhus. It was then decided to immediately carry out the operation, but she was unsuccessful. Best Perm specialists fought for the boy’s life, but George’s condition still deteriorated. The future actor made six transactions, and the result was declared that he cannot be saved. However, the mother of George Burkova decided to take the child home. Boy for a long time treated herbs, and finally this painful disease has receded.

    George grew up in Perm, loved to go to theatre and read books. After graduating from secondary school № 49, he successfully passed the exams and was able to do in Perm state University, law faculty. However, the love of the theater was very strong, so in parallel with his studies he decided to enroll in a formal Studio of the Perm drama theatre.


    In 1954, Burkova dream came true — he became an actor Berezniki drama theatre, and after he started his work first in the Perm theatre, and then in the Kemerovo theatre. Once he noticed the Moscow theatre critic, on arrival in Moscow, he immediately told George about the main Director of Theatre of a name of Stanislavsky Boris Lvov-Anokhin, who was contacted by Surkovym and invited to audition. The young actor successfully auditioned — thus began the career of a brilliant actor self – taught.

    Georgii Burkov was a speech impediment: some originality and promiscuity. But he was very ambitious person and constantly worked on myself.

    The actor also worked in Sovremennik, the Moscow art theatre named after Maxim Gorky and Pushkin Theatre. In 1988 he became artistic Director of the cultural Center of a name of Shukshin. One of his most prominent roles, for which he earned the recognition of filmmakers and the love of the audience, is the role in the play «Anna» (1966)


    For the first time on the screen Georgy Burkov appeared in 1966 in the movie «Zosia», playing a cameo role. The first significant role he received in 1967 — it was a Comedy «the Zigzag of success» by Eldar Ryazanov. In it, the actor played the role of alcoholic Petit. After this role, Burke has played in other movies Ryazanov. In the film «Irony of fate or with light steam» Burke appeared in the form of a sociable guy, in the film «Garage» — «traitor of the Motherland» Fetisov, he played in the film «melody for a Lonely flute».

    One of the best works of the actor were roles in the films that put his friend Vasily Shukshin, is of the movie «Stove-shop», where the actor played a «designer» Victor, and «the red snowball tree» in which George was a ruthless killer sweet lips. Burkov brilliantly showed their characters in the drama film «They fought for» and «wounded animal.»

    For his bright creative life of Georgy Burkov has starred in approximately 60 movies. He played in different genres — in comedies, psychological dramas and detective stories.

    In the last years of his life Georgi Burkov engaged in rezhessuroy. In 1987, he filmed a Comedy called «the Bike» scenario Nina Semenova, and he played a major role.

    Personal life

    Georgy met his future wife Tatiana Uharova in theatre of a name of Stanislavsky. She also worked in the theater and simultaneously studied at the Shchukin school. They first saw each other in February 1965. Between them was a love at first sight. As told Tatiana, in his youth, George was a lean, strange, stooped, looked like a librarian.

    In 1965 Ugarova and Burke were married. The girl’s parents did not approve of their marriage. George was 32, Tatiana only 19, plus he was from the province, and the money he had.

    At the beginning of the spouses had a very hard time. For the performances, they received very little, but this did not prevent their happiness. In 1966, the couple had a daughter who was named Mary. Masha, following the example of parents who chose the acting career. When her son was born, she named him in honour of his father George by Surkovym.

    The actor was a family man and loyal husband. He never allowed us to doubt his faithfulness. In addition to Tatiana and Maria, he didn’t need anything.


    In 1990, Georgy Burkov was offered the role in the film «Heavens promised». The actor carefully preparing for this role, but in the summer of the same year the tragedy occurred. Burke reached for the book that lay on the top shelf of a home library, and fell, breaking his hip. Through the turning point occurred the separation of the clot. Burkov had the surgery, and he began to recover, but soon his health began to deteriorate. Unfortunately, this great actor failed to save. July 19, 1990, his heart stopped.

    Georgy buried at the Vagankovskoye cemetery in Moscow. In Perm in memory of the famous actor and his father a memorial Board.


    • «Summer dreams»
    • «Pechki-Lavochki»
    • «Funny people!»
    • «The tower»
    • «Date with youth»
    • «Expensive»
    • «Murder witness»
    • «Guests from the Future»
    • The «Statute of limitations»
    • «Fortuna»


    Georgi Burkov

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