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  • Name: Georgy Zhzhenov ( Georgiy Zhzenov )
  • Date of birth: 22 March 1915.
  • Age: 90 years
  • Date of death: December 8, 2005.
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activity: film and theater actor, people’s artist of the USSR
  • Marital status: married

    George Zhzhenov: biography

    George Zhzhenov —actor, people’s artist of USSR, a well-known film lovers in such films as «Beware of the car», «Crew» and «fate of a resident». He was born on Vasilevsky island in Petrograd in the family of ordinary peasant family. George was the elder brother of Boris, who several times played a very important role in the fate of Zhzhenov.

    Gosh, went to school with physico-mathematical bias, but the science in fact it attracted little. At age 15, he used the documents of his brother and entered the pop-circus College in the acrobatic Department. Later the young man admitted to teachers in the act and the final diploma received already to his name. In the circus, a young boy was noticed by the Directors and invited to the movies.

    Starring in the first film, Georgy Zhzhenov threw a career circus performer, and he entered the Leningrad technical school of performing arts. Even while studying a lot of filming until the end of the acting Department was already known. But in 1937 George were waiting for trouble. His brother was convicted of something that came out of the mourning demonstration for the murder of S. M. Kirov. The entire family was deported to Kazakhstan, and Boris died at Vorkuta.

    But George refused to leave Leningrad. He was supported by Director Sergei Gerasimov, and the actor was able to stay. But not for long – the government quickly found a new key. In one of the tours George Zhzhenov met and talked with another passenger train which was an American diplomat. This meeting was a good enough reason to accuse the actor of espionage and treason. Zhzhenov was exiled to 1953 he lived in exile.

    However, at the request of the same Gerasimov he managed to get to the theater the Weather-on-Oka and Norilsk, where George Stepanovich became friends with innocent Smoktunovsky. Also burning was filmed in the Sverdlovsk film Studio. Only in 1955 he was rehabilitated and return to the big city. First, he lived and worked in Leningrad, and in 1968 he moved to Moscow and joined the troupe of the Theater Mossovet.


    When George Zhzhenov began performing in the circus, he was invited to star in the film «road to life», however, in the credits it has not been specified. But this experience showed the young man the job that he would like to do. But career was difficult. Basically, he looked or supporting roles, or picture was not a success. From the great flood of films the initial stage include the famous historical drama «Chapaev», where burning played orderly Furmanova named Tereshko.

    After the return from exile, the actor began to appear. Big success of the drama «my dear man,» detective «Corrected to trust» and the sci-Fi picture «planet of storms». But most Iganovo the interest of the audience arose after the release of the bitter Comedy of Eldar Ryazanov’s «Beware of the car», where he played the inspector. After that George took on the set of «Go hunt» and «the Man I love.» In these dramas the plot revolves around heroes Zhzhenov, which strengthened the popularity of the actor.

    Soon followed by a fantastic dilogy «the Way in «Saturn» and «the End of «Saturn» social drama «All the king’s men», the famous military picture of «Hot snow», detective «the Medicine against fear». A real boom around the artist started in 1968, after the release of the first part of the tetralogy about the Soviet spy «blunder». To satisfy the interest of the viewer, was acquitted of a sequel «Destiny of the resident» a few years «Returning resident» and «End of operation «Resident». Only Georgy Zhzhenov was playing resident Western intelligence Tulyev for 20 years.

    Another legendary actor’s role is the commander of the aircraft Andrey Timchenko in the film-catastrophe «Crew». By the way, in 2016, released a remake of this picture. In the movie George Stepanovich was filmed until 1998, recently appearing in historical paintings «Ivan the Great», «Invisible traveler» and «Detachment».

    Personal life

    In a long life of Georgy Zhzhenov had four wives. He first married while still a student at the young actress Eugenia Gelincik, which he asked to break up with him when he was arrested. In exile in 1943 he went to live with another outcast, is also an actress Lidia Vorontsova, who bore him a daughter, Elena. The eldest daughter Zhzhenov after his parents ‘ divorce she lived with her mother, then in an orphanage, where George Stepanovich took her in and raised until my mother was released from a new term.

    Third wife, actress Irina makhayeva has served as burning, in the Norilsk theater. She is an actor owes his rehabilitation. Irina Efimovna about two years shuttled to Moscow and back and was able to prove the innocence of her husband. Their family has grown daughter Marina, who later became a philologist. But after returning to Leningrad the way Zhzhenov and Makhayev dispersed.

    Last companion of actor 1962 was Lidiya Malyukova, a famous actress of the Theatre named after Lensovet. With her George Stepanovich has lived up to his last days. By the way, in this marriage he had a daughter – Julia Zhzhenov, also an actress, and a Professor in VGIK.


    November 21, 2005 George Zhzhenov accidentally fell and broke his hip. It was successfully operated, but as it turned out, this was only the beginning of the tragedy. Two weeks later, 90-year-old actor was back in the hospital with inflammation of the Airways. The survey showed that Zhzhenov advanced stage lung cancer.

    Not like the doctors were fighting for the life of a famous patient, to save him failed. Georgy Zhzhenov died on 8 December 2005 and was buried at Novodevichy cemetery. On the house where the last 33 years the actor lived, was a memorial plaque.


    • 1934 — Chapaev
    • 1966 — Beware of the car
    • 1968 — the path to the «Saturn»
    • 1968 — blunder
    • 1971 — All the king’s men
    • 1973 — Hot snow
    • 1977 — «Poseidon» to the rescue
    • 1978 — the Cure against fear
    • 1979 — the Crew
    • 1982 — Return of the resident


    George Zhzhenov

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