George Malinowski

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photo Georgy Malinovsky

  • Name: George Malinowski ( Yuri Mikheev )
  • Date of birth: 28 March 1983
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 186
  • Activity: esoteric, the participant reality show «House-2» and «battle of the psychics-16»
  • Marital status: not married

    George Malinowski : biography

    Yuri Mikheev, who has recently known to TV viewers as George Malinowski was born in March 1983 in Moscow. About the family and education Mikheeva known to very few. But after his appearance in the popular television revealed that the young man has long been interested in spirituality and magic, reading books about magical practices. He admits that the study of magic and supernatural abilities of man is the main hobby in his life.

    Mikheev performs under different aliases. George Malinowski is just one of many. The young man known as Chris ROE, Alexander storm and George Lex. The last alias is very similar to the name of Grigory Leps. Malinowski loves to sing, singing the songs, similar to the manner of performing Leps.

    As for psychic abilities, then, according to George, as a teenager he fell ill with severe form of tonsillitis, has led to clinical death.

    Make sure superhuman abilities Malinowski was able during the passage of military service. After getting injured he and a few soldiers were sent to the military hospital of Krasnodar. The stories of the magician, when George regained consciousness after anesthesia, he saw in the house the souls of the dead colleagues. Malinowski stick to necromancy.

    «Dom-2» and «battle of the psychics-16»

    The first television project, which appeared George was the infamous «House-2». A young man came to the show in December 2014. He stayed on the project for several months. During its participation Malinowski repeatedly demonstrated «the gift of the lapel and spell».

    After a couple of months George Malinowski becomes a participant of another show of the 16th season of «the Battle of psychics.» He appeared on the casting with a young trot, declaring that it is «a living attribute of his magical powers and an assistant in magical rituals.» Malinowski passed the qualifying test and hit the «12» is the best.

    Personal life

    Personal life George Malinowski as mysteriously as his activities as a «black magician». We only know that he was never married and has no children.


    George Malinowski

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