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  • Name: George Drones ( Georgiy (Egor) Dronov )
  • Date of birth: 7 April 1971
  • Age: 45 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Growth: 183
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor, Director
  • Marital status: Married

    George Dronov: biography

    Georgy Dronov – a native Muscovite. He was born in April 1971. In his family no one is associated with movie and television. House boy called Egor. Friends and family still called him by that name.

    George drones ROS regular Moscow boy. To the exact Sciences, is associated with his father, Yegor were not friends. Therefore, the desire of parents to have a son enrolled in the State technical University named after Bauman, proved to be illusory. Drones, Jr., was rather inclined to the Humanities. So after high school, George’s parents ‘ Council decided to enter the Kiev Institute of culture, where he chose the directing Department.

    While studying drones realized that he not only wants to put on plays and make movies, but also to try himself as an actor. Therefore, after graduating from the directing Department in MIKE he enrolled in the school Shchepkin, where he studied at the acting faculty in the workshop Korshunova until 1996.


    George drones made his stage debut at the age of 19. He played a small role in a production of «diary of a madman». The fear of going on stage gave way to the joy of the first success. It was after this theatrical debut drones burned with a desire to study acting.

    At the end of «Sliver» George 3 years worked in the theater In the southwest». Since 2001 – 5 years served in the State Academic Maly theater. Now drones – the actor of troupe «the Independent theatrical project».

    In the film George drones started with episodic roles. But it was the episodes in well-known projects such as «good weather In Deribasovskaya, or Brighton beach again it rains» and «Burnt by the sun». In the first picture Egor played a newspaperman, the second tanker.

    A small part went to George Dronovu in the sensational project of Nikita Mikhalkov «Siberian Barber» where the artist appeared in the form of Juncker Nazarov. After painting George drones expected that Directors throw his new proposals. But after six months he realized that it is not necessary to wait for proposals, and to seek a role for himself. Thus, Egor appeared on the project «Sasha+Masha». This series made the artist popular, although he did not expect such a success.

    After the sitcom «Sasha + Masha» George drones played in several films, but the most popular was the Comedy series «Voronin». He was so loved by the audience that came out for 13 seasons.

    Another popular project in which starred drones, was the TV series «Happy together». Here George first made his debut as a Director.

    For many fans of Yegor Dronov is a surprise that the actor has more than 40 years. In those images in which it appears on the screen, he was youthful energetic and young. The artist himself said that he doesn’t feel his age and for a long time is going to be a boy. George loves live chat, preferring his virtual. This is one reason why a famous actor does not want to leave the theatre for television. He loves improvisation and a wonderful sense of connection with the audience, which is very lacking in the movie.

    Personal life

    First wife Dronova (the pair lived in a civil marriage) was Tatyana Miroshnikova. Education Tatiana is an actress, but has worked as a presenter of the program «Events» on TVC. They broke up after 5 years of marriage. George was not satisfied that the woman has devoted all his time only career, whereas like home comfort and children’s laughter in the house. Yegor and Tatiana broke up amicably and do not like to comment on life.

    Personal life of Georgy Dronov was adjusted in 2010, when the actor met his current wife Down. A year later, in March 2011, they had a daughter Alice, which belongs to all the free time star dads.


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    George Drones

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