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  • Name: George Clooney ( George Timothy Clooney )
  • Date of birth: 6 may 1961
  • Age: 55 years
  • Place of birth: Lexington, ky, USA
  • Height: 180
  • Activities: actor, Director, screenwriter and producer
  • Marital status: married

    George Clooney: a biography

    George Clooney was born on may 6 1961 in Lexington — a large American city located in the East of the country. He was the second child in the star family. His father Nick Clooney was a famous American journalist, host of his own talk show on one of the cable channels, mother – a former beauty Queen USA. George Clooney is a descendant of Abraham Lincoln (have a great-nephew of the 16th President of the USA).

    The first debut of the future Hollywood star was the appearance on the program of the father. Cute, adorable baby instantly liked the audience. In the future, Nick Clooney often did his show with young talent.

    The actor recalls his childhood with hints of nostalgia, but there were negative aspects. The family often had to move in search of better employment opportunities for father, sometimes they felt a strong need. This black strip for George Clooney was learning in high school: it was during this period he was struck by bell’s palsy is a genetic disease inherited from his father. As a result, the teenager was paralyzed left side of my face. A real nightmare was the reaction of his classmates – he was the victim of constant bullying, was nicknamed «Frankenstein». Fortunately, the cancer was gone.

    After school, George Clooney while attending Northern Kentucky University and Cincinnati, and not having finished any of them. Attempt to realize themselves as athletes (the actor was fond of baseball) also brought no results. In the end, after a year of unsuccessful job search, he decided to move to Los Angeles- it was here that he began his acting career.


    At first, George Clooney was waiting for a bitter disappointment. He failed the test for the sample experienced financial difficulties, was forced to work hard, to somehow support themselves. But George continued to believe in your imminent success and the latter was not long in coming.

    In 1994 he entered in the cast of the cult TV series «er». Since then, his career went up, it began to speak as about a rising star. Series enjoyed great popularity among the American public.

    In 1996, Clooney made his debut in a feature film «From dusk till dawn» became his ticket to the world of cinema. In 2002 he made his first appearance as a Director, creating the film «confessions of a dangerous mind».

    The most famous films with the participation of George Clooney became a «Peacemaker» (1997), «ocean’s Eleven» (2001), «spy Kids 3: Game over» (2003), «Thirteen friends of Oushena» (2007), «fantastic Mr. Fox» (2009) and others. The actor also became one of the creators of the films «Unprepared», «treasure Hunters», «Good night and good luck», «the ides of March». The premiere was last held in 2011, brought a nomination for «Oscar» for best adapted screenplay.

    In 2012 George Clooney has acted as producer of the Thriller «Argo,» for which he won another statuette «Oscar» together with Ben Affleck and Grant Chislova in the category «Best film».

    The last works of the Hollywood star began his role in the film «Tomorrowland» (2015) and «hail, Caesar!» (2016).

    Personal life

    Personal life George Clooney no less interesting and eventful than his filmography. Women who belonged to the heart of the actor, such as vivid as his movies. In 1987, the actor started an affair with Kelly Preston. In memory of the relationship George stayed home boar Max, who was a loyal friend of the actor and even slept in his bed.

    First wife of George Clooney was Talia Balsam, whom he had legalized their relationship in 1989. 4 years later the couple divorced, without explaining the reasons for the divorce. The actor endured a hard breakup and I promised myself never to marry. As time will show, his promise he does not fulfill.

    During the filming, which took place in Paris in 1996, George Clooney struck up an acquaintance with a law student who worked as a waitress, Celine Balitran, who was then 23 years old. They soon declared their relationship. Their romance was short but intense.

    In 2000, during work on the is Clooney met a model and TV presenter Lisa Snowdon. Their affair lasted 5 years. Also the actor was attributed relationship with journalist Mariella Frostrup, a participant in the reality show Sarah Larson, actress Renee Zellweger, Julia Roberts, Stacy Keibler and Cindy Crawford.

    In 2009 George Clooney met a charming waitress Elisabetta Canalis (she now works as a model). The novel was very violent, the lovers even thought about the children, but suddenly broke up in 2011.

    Lawyer Amal Alamuddin appeared in the life of Clooney in 2013. In September 2014, in Venice sarcastica never marry an actor led his beloved down the aisle. The wedding celebration lasted three days.


    • «Ambulance»
    • «From dusk till dawn»
    • «Batman and Robin»
    • «The peacemaker»
    • «The perfect storm»
    • «Spy kids»
    • «Thirteen friends of Oushena»
    • «The descendants»
    • «Gravity»
    • «Future earth»

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