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  • Name: George Bush ( George Walker Bush )
  • Date of birth: 6 July 1946.
  • Age: 70 years
  • Place of birth: new haven, CT, USA
  • Growth: 182
  • Activity: a Republican politician, 43rd President of the United States
  • Marital status: married

    George Bush: a biography

    George Walker Bush or George W. Bush was born in new haven, Connecticut, 6 July 1946. His father was George Herbert Bush now known as Bush Sr. the 41st President of the United States, and mother – Barbara Bush (nee pierce), where he married a week after his return from the front of the Second world war.

    Bush Sr. was one of the youngest naval pilots and from 1941-1945 participated in 58 battles, winning numerous awards and even personal thanks of President Franklin Roosevelt.

    George Bush senior with his son
    George Bush senior with his son | PBS

    George was the first son of George and Barbara, and subsequently, the parents gave him three brothers and two sisters. Unfortunately, one of the sisters – Pauline, the second child of spouses Bush died at the age of four from leukemia. George Jr. at the time was seven years.

    Bush senior, who went to the front at 18 and came back from the war a hero, received a University education and soon together with his family moved to a town called Midland, located in the state of Texas.

    The father of the future 43 the American President decided to engage in the oil business, and quite successfully. An indicator of material well-being of the Bush family became expensive apartment with a bath, a fridge (the only one on the street). At the time such facilities were like luxury.

    George Bush family
    George Bush family | E-today

    Soon George and Barbara along with their children moved to Houston, the largest city of the state of Texas. Gradually, the level of income the famous family all increased. If you started George Herbert Bush his job in the oil industry with a modest income of $375 per month, then in 1966 when he began his political career, Bush senior managed to bail out of their stock a million dollars.

    George Bush Sr.
    George Bush senior | Newsmir

    As you know, subsequently, the father of George Walker Bush was Director of the CIA, became a prominent member of the Republican party, and in 1988 was elected President of the 41 States. He became a famous increase in taxes, as well as military operations in the Persian Gulf, the Philippines and Panama. At the beginning of 2000-ies in honor of the first President Bush was called an aircraft carrier type «Nimitz».


    Junior school George Bush graduated in Midland, later continued studying at the prestigious private school «Kincaid» in Houston. At the age of fifteen, the future head of the United States was defined in the Phillips Academy located in Massachusetts. This is one of the best boarding schools for boys all over the East coast, which at one time was the father of George W. Bush.

    George Bush childhood
    George Bush childhood | Vnore

    At the time George Herbert Bush was the real pride of the school, showing excellent sporting and academic achievements. Bush, unfortunately, a similar situation could not boast. But already in school he discovered his other positive qualities: George got along very well with people and easily made friends without any difficulty became the leader of the fans of a sports team of their Academy.

    After graduating from high school, Bush was determined to go to Yale. School teachers really doubt that not a very good student will really be accepted to a prestigious University, and tried to dissuade the boy from such a difficult to implement dreams. However, George attended Yale and in 1968 became a bachelor of history.

    George Bush in his youth
    George Bush in his youth | Spectrum

    However, at the University guy studied indirectly, however, he enjoyed great popularity. During his studies, George Walker Bush became President of one of the fraternities. It was widely known hooligan entertainment of their parties, drunken fights, but the high sport achievements. Twice through the activities of their fraternity Bush was in the police station.


    In the period from 1968 to 1973, George served in the National guard, piloting a model aircraft «F-102». Like his father, Bush was a very gifted pilot, but to connect the life with the construction of a military career he wanted. So in 1973, the future President enrolled at Harvard business school, and in 1975 received her MBA (master of business administration).

    George Bush in his youth
    George Bush in his youth | Spectrum

    Returning to Midland, George following the example of his father was engaged in oil business. However, great success on the field, Bush is not reached. Several times he participated in the election campaigns of Bush, Sr., who had built a successful political career. In 1977, a politician even tried himself to be elected to the House of representatives of the us Congress, however, to recruit the necessary number of votes, he failed.

    George Walker Bush never came to the reunion no Yale, no Harvard business school. Moreover, his oil company was gradually becoming less profitable, and he, desperate to fulfill your potential in life, are increasingly applied to the bottle.

    George Bush
    George Bush | Tape

    Celebrating 40-year anniversary, Bush bitterly realized that there are no serious reasons for this joy he has not. He decided that it’s time to change something, and started with completely refused alcohol.

    He later agreed to merge his company with a reputable major firm, and in 1989, along with investors bought the baseball club, «Texas Rangers». The operation was very successful: 600 thousand dollar investment in a few years turned into the state in the amount of about $ 15 million.

    Beginning of political career

    In 1994 George W. Bush became Governor of Texas: voted 53.5% of voters. Over the years, at the head of the state administration of state policies managed very well to prove itself.

    The measures taken were effective, in addition, due to innate charisma and the ability to «smooth things over», George perfectly agreed with the opposition. Significant growth of policy (182 cm) also have a positive impact on its image.

    George Bush
    George Bush Texas Governor | Hee Haw Videos

    At that time in a positive way about the Bush, a faithful fan of the Republican party, responded to even some Democrats. The popularity and recognition has allowed the policy to be re-elected to the post of Governor of Texas in 1998, and with a much larger number of votes. At the same time, Bush began to be considered as one of the most likely candidates for the presidential position.

    Presidential elections

    Presidential race to a popular Republican started with the fact that he won the primaries within his own party. After that George Walker Bush had to fight by al Gore, a Democrat, for the post of leader of the whole country. It’s a battle Bush won in November 2000, being elected to the presidency. However, this electoral process was one of the most scandalous in the history of elections in the United States.

    George Bush and al Gore
    George Bush and al Gore | Business capital

    After the voting results have already been officially announced in Texas were suddenly not counted ballot boxes, where the coveted «tick» was standing opposite the name of al Gore. Got under the hand, and brother of the newly elected President Jeb Bush (Governor of Florida), which, according to the opposition, put pressure on the Democrats of his state. It is noteworthy that in 2016, Jeb also tried to fight for the presidency, but to no avail.

    George Bush
    George Bush at the inauguration | Spbimir

    In addition, the result of the counting of votes revealed that the total number of votes cast for candidates in the first place was al Gore. And the advantage was extremely significant: Gore ahead of Bush by nearly 500 thousand votes. However, in the U.S., as you know, the final point in the struggle between the candidates puts the electoral College in which the inauguration was held for George Bush.

    George Bush and John Kerry
    George Bush and John Kerry | Opportunity Lives

    After first term as us President, the politician continued to enjoy a great popularity among people. In November 2004, he was re-elected head of state ahead of the election campaign of Democrat John Kerry.

    Domestic policy

    Despite the fact that during his reign, Bush had to face several very serious problems, the overall economic performance of the country in the years of his presidency, turned out to be very good.

    The state’s GDP grew by a few percent per year, inflation did not exceed the limits of 1.5-2.5%. However, quite high was the level of unemployment: in 2003 it reached 6%, decreasing to 4.6% in 2006.

    George Bush
    George Bush | New York

    The reasons for the high unemployment rates experts believe that in several decisions adopted by the Bush. So, a serious blow to the economy caused the war in Iraq and Afghanistan: military expenditure this period were much higher than all of US spending on the arms race during the cold war.

    Program to reduce taxes, to ensure the growth of the economy and the rise of big business, has not justified itself. As a result, despite overall GDP growth, many businesses have closed or transferred production to third countries.

    George Bush
    George Bush | Vestnik Kavkaza

    George Bush Jr. became known as a supporter of equal rights for all races. He became the first President of the United States, in which the assistant for national security and Secretary of state went to African Americans. Before such high positions were not available to the representatives of national minorities.

    43 President of the United States has undertaken a series of reforms in education, health, social security. Not all of them were successful: social benefits, which the politician emphasized during the election campaign, as before not all battered to the needy (partly the reason was unemployment).

    Photo of effects of hurricane
    The effects of hurricane Katrina | International Business Times

    In August 2005 along the southern coast of America was the most devastating hurricane in its history, called «Katrina». Killed about a thousand people, destroyed a large number of communications, flooded villages. Many experts see the failure of Bush is that he failed to take sufficiently effective measures in this crisis situation.

    Foreign policy

    The biggest challenge was waiting for George Walker Bush in the early period of his reign the country: September 11, 2001. As you know, in this day the fault of the terrorist group «al-Qaeda» in «the twin towers» has killed several thousand people. In the organization of the heinous attack was blamed Osama bin Laden, who was hiding in Afghanistan.

    The September 11, 2001
    The September 11, 2001 | Kuban 24

    Serious military and diplomatic efforts have helped to create a powerful coalition to combat operations in Afghanistan in which a key strength of the Taliban managed to defeat. This period was also the birth of the most famous quotes Bush: «We’ll smoke them out of their shells… and bring them to justice or deliver justice to them.»

    In the same 2001, the presidential administration has announced that it cancels the agreement on limiting missile defense (missile defense), which was reached between the United States and the Soviet Union about twenty years before. The decision was dictated by the intention to provide effective protection from terrorists.

    George Bush
    George Bush and the military | France 24

    In 2002, the government of the USA declared that henceforth the country will intervene in the events taking place in the territory of other States, with the aim of achieving democracy and establishing free market. In 2003, this law began the war in Iraq, whose President, Saddam Hussein, was accused by the States support terrorist movements and refused to cooperate with the UN.

    George Bush at a time
    George Bush now | One India

    In that period, was published the famous Zhirinovsky’s appeal to George Bush. With a significant number of Mat the politician wanted to explain to the President overseas, what constitutes a policy in the Middle East, and why America shouldn’t be here. Unfortunately, Zhirinovsky George Bush, as you can guess, was not a decree, and the war is still started.

    Personal life

    In 1977, Bush has tied the knot with Laura Welch, a former librarian and teacher. In 1981, the Bush family, Jr. joined Jenna and Barbara Bush, daughter and daughter, sisters, twins.

    George Walker Bush is widely known for his clumsy antics. Photo 43 President of the USA with binoculars, which he holds is wrong, storyboard «George Bush and a raincoat», where the politician is trying to tame unruly piece of polyethylene, a video in which the President fell off a Segway, or fell off the bike – it all turned into a memes world wide web.

    George Bush
    George Bush

    The Republican, apparently not offended by those pricks. Once he even made along with a double in front of the White House correspondents ‘ Association.

    Press repeatedly rumors that George Bush has converted to Islam. However, in reality the politician is adept of the Methodist Church, although he repeatedly demonstrated respect for the Muslims in order to improve the foreign policy situation of the country. Reported that allegedly the President’s daughter converted to Islam, but these assumptions have not been confirmed.

    George Bush family
    George Bush with family | Voal

    Now Bush, as before, frequently appear in public, talking to people, reluctantly considers a decade of his life in response to the question, how many years he had just turned, in films (mostly documentaries), and even writes books (memoirs 43 President became a bestseller in the States).

    As young George still has to his people, and his wife always accompanies him, keeping the image of the elegant former first lady.


    George Bush

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