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  • Name: Gennady Yukhtin ( Genius Whtin )
  • Date of birth: 30 March 1932
  • Age: 84 years
  • Place of birth: village Chubivka Kuibyshev region
  • Activity: the Soviet and Russian film and theater actor, people’s artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: married

    Gennady yuhtin : biography

    Real name famous actor and people’s artist Gennady Yukhtina is a Genius. His sister also got a strange name Idea. So, in full accordance with the spirit of the era named their children young Communists, the parents ochtina.

    Childhood Gennady Gavrilovich ochtina over 10 years. At this age he became an orphan: his parents, the political Commissars of the red army, who died at the front. The boy was taken to a special orphanage in which he collected the same orphans of fallen officers, soldiers. But here, from the estate of Spasskoye on the picturesque banks of the Moscow river, the guy ran. The orphanage was dominated by the heavy atmosphere. Juvenile inmates were many notorious hooligans and criminals.

    Gennady yuhtin were in the Volga region. Here he also came to the orphanage, which was the complete opposite of the first in the suburbs. Here the boy met the teacher who replaced his mother. A former actress, she did her best to attract children to participate in the initiative. Whtin with pleasure walked on stage, had numerous mentor willingly opened the first secrets acting.

    After graduating from high school and leaving the orphanage Gennady yuhtin went to conquer the capital. With the first attempt, he joined the film Institute. He was incredibly lucky: the future actor was enrolled in the legendary art theatre’s artists Olga Pyzhova and Boris Bibikov. Along with studying the future stars of Soviet cinema Rufina Nifontova, Isolde Izvitskaya, Tatiana Konyukhova and Hope Rumyantsev.


    After graduation, Gennady yukhtin was in the troupe of actor. He was notable for the fact that his actors are often filmed in the movies. In other Metropolitan theaters this practice is not encouraged. Thus, the young actor quickly got into the world of cinema, which became famous all over the country.

    Opportunity to become famous fate has given Gennady Yukhtina very quickly. His debut film called «Alien kin» occupies a place in the Golden Fund of Russian cinema. This mythic picture in which whtin met on the set of Nikolai Rybnikov and Nonna Mordyukova, proved to be an excellent springboard for a career aspiring artist.

    Once finished shooting «Alien relatives» immediately Yhtio suggested no less interesting role in «Rumyantsev Case». The role of the driver Evdokimova was one of the main in this picture.

    These two remarkable film, warmly received by audiences and critics, has turned the young actor into a rising star. Suggestions rained down on him with unprecedented generosity. It is noteworthy that the images were diverse. Gennady Gavrilovich played a simple working folks, lyrical heroes and soldiers, easy to live in the proposed role.

    The style of play Gennady Yukhtina was notable because the actor playing relaxed and will not imitate. He was trying to show his generation without makeup and jewelry. Are his characters in «Spring on Zarechnaya street», where whtin played engineer Kruchenkova, in the «Ballad of a soldier», «the Ensign Payne», «Re-wedding» and «Resurrection.»

    Brightest and favorite work in the movie, the actor calls the role in the film «the Elusive Avengers» Edmond Keosayan, which was released in 1966. Batman Ignat Ears was played masterfully. Whtin so well reincarnated in this way that his picture almost no one would know. I must say that Gennady Gavrilovich resorted not only the Central characters but a cameo role, which he turned into little masterpieces. Such Trofimov in the film «life Line», Bespyatov in the «Facts of the past day,» the boatswain’s Hands in «treasure Island» and Kotkin in «Semen Dezhnev».

    Perhaps the secret of turning the episodic characters in these that are remembered, along with the main is in the position ochtina: «the smaller the role, the more responsibility».

    In the new century, the cinematic biography of Gennady Yukhtina continued. It can often be seen in episodes of the acclaimed tapes, such as «St. Petersburg secrets», where he played a touching old footman Stepan, «Secrets of Palace revolutions», the TV series «Lady for a day», «youth Team» and many others.

    Personal life

    Gennady yuhtin married quite late. As he claims – have been chosen. From a responsible step – marriage – he kept the experience of colleagues, which he was before my eyes. And experience this was, alas, not the best. Acting family proved short-lived. The couple followed each other almost on the second day after the marriage.

    Personal life Gennady Yukhtina he had a happy. First of all, because he made the right choice. His wife Lydia has nothing to do with the world of theatre and cinema. She’s an accountant. The actor has always dreamed that his house was a cosy family nest, a warm hearth, where it is always waiting. And in the actor’s homes, it is no secret, there is always a «suitcase» mood and one of the spouses is constantly not home because he or filming or on tour.

    Children at Gennady Yukhtina there, but «cinema-to children» in the tens.


    • «Someone else’s relatives»
    • «Rumyantsev Case»
    • «Spring on Zarechnaya street»
    • «Ballad of a soldier»
    • «Midshipman Panin»
    • «Re-wedding»
    • «Dead season»
    • «The elusive Avengers»
    • «Resurrection»
    • «Secrets of Palace revolutions»


    Gennady Yuhtin

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