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  • Name: Gennady Vetrov ( Gennadiy Vetrov )
  • Date of birth: 18 November 1958.
  • Age: 58 years
  • Place of birth: Makiivka, Donetsk oblast, Ukraine
  • Height: 180
  • Activities: entertainer, actor, comedian, singer, anchor, composer, artist, novelist
  • Marital status: married

    Gennady Vetrov: biography

    Gennady Vetrov is a widely known and loved not only at home but also in other countries, satirist, comedian, musician «one man band», with lyrics and scripts for many variety of presentations, skits, and poems and several books. In 2009 awarded the title of Honored artist of the Russian Federation.

    Gennady was born in 1958 in the mining Makeyevka, Donetsk region. Parents of the future famous comedian were simple people: his father a miner and mother-of trade. And yet the artistry went to a small Gene in the inheritance because the boy’s grandfather of his time played the accordion and sang.

    Gennady Vetrov in childhood
    Gennady Vetrov in childhood

    Normal family and working atmosphere of the province did not become an obstacle for the development of creative talents of the child. In elementary school, Gennady enrolled in all the free sections in the area. The sport had not happened, but he was happy to attend music, theatre, chess, and glee clubs. And only in the dance section of the boy refused to take even money because of the complete lack of ability.

    At the age of seven Gene together with friends in the yard and a familiar cameraman managed to shoot his first film called «Conspiracy of smokers». The boy played one of the roles, was both screenwriter and Director.

    Gennady Vetrov in childhood
    Gennady Vetrov in childhood

    School biography of Gennady Vetrov is replete with success. He studied well, participated in a music ensemble, played the accordion, drew for the school paper, and wanted to study at the Lviv art-industrial Institute. When the selection Committee gave a negative reply, he decided to try his hand in the technical field.

    From 1976 to 1981 the Winds studied at the engineering Institute located in his native Makiivka, intending to become a specialist in the field of heat and air conditioning. Along the way, Gennady, along with a friend founded the BAND «Orion». The boys played on the Institute’s equipment and musical instruments, with great success, and speaking to the student, and citywide events.

    Gennady Vetrov in his youth
    Gennady Vetrov in his youth | the Book people

    Ironically, the turning point in the fate of the entertainer was in the army. During the half year service in Donetsk region Gennady became famous not only among the comrades in the service, he spoke to the other soldiers to concerts, and drawing and otherwise distinguished himself as an outstanding creative personality. Even then, speaking of the future artist was far from being of trivial character in his repertoire were musical numbers, miniatures and even a small monologue.

    Gennady Vetrov on stage
    Gennady Vetrov on stage | Picplus

    Seriously involved acting and music soldier Vetrov was recommended by true professionals, artists, Donetsk Philharmonic. According to them, the young man had obvious talent for theatrics, which should be developed.

    Theatre & stage

    All fate and the life of Gennady Vetrov until 2016, was linked with the career of the artist. Moreover, he tried himself in various guises, starting with the actor of theatre «Buff» and ending with the writing paths. We also started Winds from studying in LGITMiK.

    He enrolled on the music course, workshop, Isaac R. Stockbut, and took his largely thanks to the patronage of the master himself. The admissions Committee was not to taste the southern Russian patter of the artist, but Isaac R. defended Gene, so the one he liked. He studied the Winds together with Yuri Galtsev, his future partner in many dance rooms and projects, and Sergey Selin, the star of the series «Streets of broken lamps».

    Gennady Vetrov and Yuri Galtsev
    Gennady Vetrov and Yuri Galtsev | Satire

    After graduation, from 1988 to 1994, the Winds worked in the theater «Buff», under the guidance of his teacher Stockbyte. Together with the Mariinsky Opera company he has toured Germany, Sweden, USA, France and other countries. In the same troupe was Yuri Galtsev, Elena Sparrow. Even then, Gennady Vetrov not only played the role in theatrical productions, but he repeatedly became the Director and co-writer.

    Theatrical touring and performances marked a great start, the basis for the solo career of the artist. For native «Buffa» the Winds directed projects «Vinnie-Gret», cabaret «Black and White». At the same time (1989 and 1991), the artist has created three solo programs: «People!», «The pub «the Windmill» a» and «the Happy Mask». With the latest program Winds has performed many times in America, and all 33 of the concert was a success.

    In 1993-1994, Gennady Vetrov almost didn’t appear in front of domestic audience, speaking in Germany and Switzerland, where he lived for a year.


    Since 1994, the comedian literally «write» on St. Petersburg TV, where he led a variety of programs and TV shows. In 1999, the actor moved to the capital. Beginning his career at the Central Moscow channels can be considered the first performance of «full House» where he was, nice talking to leading Regina Dubovitskaya on the phone.

    Gennady Vetrov
    Gennady Vetrov | Katavivan

    Gennady Vetrov participated (in the role of a presenter, artist or author projects) on the following TV programs:

    • «The winds show»;
    • «Piano in the bushes»;
    • «Happy Mask»;
    • «The third call;
    • «Wider circle»;
    • «Winds and»;
    • «Funny people»;
    • «Full house»;
    • «Visiting Vetrov»;
    • «Merry wind»;
    • «Fun»;
    • «Cool world»;
    • «Two Cheerful Geese» (together with Yuri Galtsev).

    In addition’tseva Winds cooperated with other domestic stars Comedy show. According to spectators, one of the most memorable duets is Gennady Vetrov Igor Mamenko.

    Movies and books

    Gennady A. Vetrov managed to star in several movies and one series. His filmography includes roles in the films «Racket», «the Alaska kid», «Bloody Mary,» «the Golden key» and a cameo role in «Streets of the broken lanterns».

    Gennady Vetrov
    Gennady Vetrov | Vladim

    Also satirist has published several collections of humorous works, including: «Lovetrivia. Draught between the scenes. The road in the headlights», «Fun» (in co-authorship with Yuri Galtsev) and «Hooligan notebook».

    Personal life

    One of the main projects satirist – private theater «Windy people» which he created in 2000. In addition to the other talented actors in the troupe entered and ex-wife of Gennady Karina Zvereva. Unfortunately, outstanding acting, the couple broke up a few years ago, although the joint work and friendship, they managed to save. Karina under Vetrova almost 20 years, but this has not stopped the lovers. The couple had been happily married for 14 years.

    Gennady Vetrov and Karina Zvereva
    Gennady Vetrov and Karina Zvereva | Fotastika

    To the novel with Carina Gennady was married to Anastasia Smolina, with which they together studied at the LGITMiK, and later worked in the theater «Buff». From the first marriage Vetrova has an adult daughter Xenia, with whom he constantly communicates and helps.

    After the divorce with Carina personal life of the artist is up to you fairly quickly. To the honor of Gennady, we can say that he knows how to build relationships with women, maintaining a friendship with ex-spouses and children occupy in the life of a satirist is not the last place.

    Gennady Vetrov with his wife Oksana
    Gennady Vetrov with his wife Oksana | Pizhonka

    New wife of Gennady Anatolyevich, judging by the photos, too beautiful. He became acquainted with Oksana Voronicheva, specialty stewardess, immediately after the flight, and in 2014 the couple were married. The couple clearly do not mind the age difference (30 years), and last summer they had a daughter Maria.


    Gennady Vetrov

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