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  • Name: Gennady Smirnov ( Smirnov Gennadiy )
  • Date of birth: 7 August 1972
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: Vologda
  • Growth: 182
  • Activities: actor, TV presenter
  • Marital status: not married

    Gennady Smirnov: biography

    Actor, TV presenter, blogger, writer and a clever and interesting person. It’s all about him, Gennady Gennadievich Smirnov, who in 2014 was in the TOP 50 most famous people of St. Petersburg.

    Gennady Smirnov was born in August 1972 in Vologda. About his childhood years and adolescence little information. It is known that Gennady grew up in a poor family. The main thing in his life was mother, which he often recalls. About who his father was and he was present in the life of the actor, nothing is known.

    Studied Gennady Smirnov in the 29th Vologda school. Already in the 4th grade he knew he would become an artist. Creativity, according to Smirnov, was soaked the entire school environment. Among the children, teachers and even parents turned out to be a lot of interesting and unique personalities. Concerts, Amateur plays and skits were held here regularly. And Gene Smirnov always present and was in the forefront of participants.

    Gennady received a good musical education. His mother took him to music school in 6 years. So all the qualities and components for the conversion of young Vologzhanin in artist, he had in stock. So is it any wonder that after receiving a high school diploma, Smirnov went to the most beautiful and cultured as he today believes the Russian city – Saint Petersburg.

    In 1993, Smirnov received acting training at the renowned St. Petersburg state Academy of theatrical arts, where he studied with honoured artist of the RSFSR Tamara Abrosimova.

    After graduation, the young artist was accepted to the Theatre «Baltic house».

    Creative career

    Theatrical biography of Gennady Smirnov began in «the Baltic house». This theatre was his formation as an actor. On this stage, and the stage of the Theatre named St. Komissarzhevskaya he played many interesting roles. Viewers saw the young actor in the role of jada in the production of «Celebration», Romeo in «Romeo and Juliet», Ferdinand in «the Tempest,» and the inspector in «inspector».

    But not theatrical, and the cinematic biography of Gennady Smirnov made a artist known and popular. His filmography has more than 120 titles of various films and serials, many of which are beloved by domestic audiences. The actor has appeared in such rating «COP-gangster» titles such as «Streets of broken lamps», «national security Agent», «COP war» and «Opera. Chronicles of lethal Department». Portrayed killers, dirty cops and gangsters.

    But Gennady Smirnov cannot be called an actor of one role. Its diversity and versatility have noticed such eminent Directors-intellectuals like Mikhail Kozakov, Valery Ogorodnikov, Andrei Konchalovsky and Dunya Smirnova. In the box of the actor roles in their high-profile projects, «gloss», «Kokoko», «Link», «Fathers and sons», «Coma».

    In St.-Petersburg Gennady Gennadiyevich widely known as a talented TV presenter. In the early 2000s, he led the transfer of «Morning in the city», and since 2006 has been leading the program «Peter: instructions for use», which airs on channel «TNT Saint-Petersburg».

    Lately, the growing popularity of Smirnov as a blogger. He is the author of the LiveJournal blog smirnoff-98, and rather sharply criticized the actions of Russian authorities, expressing their protest through satire. He got from many well-known politicians. For example, the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin and state Duma Deputy Elena Mizulina. The latter he dedicated the song «I love you my Mizulina call», which is now very popular in the network.

    Known Gennady Smirnov and as a voice actor. His voice say the characters in foreign films «Angels and demons», «pirates of the Caribbean», «Borat», «Casino Royale», «Mulan», «the Patriot» and many others. In this piggy Bank the artist has more than 100 titles of foreign movies and cartoons.

    Personal life

    This bright and creative person for a long time attracted the attention of many thousands army of fans of his multi-faceted talents. Personal life by Gennady Smirnov is no exception. But to learn any details from him is quite difficult.

    It is known that Smirnov is not married, but his life had an affair with Avdotya Smirnova. However, before the wedding, this novel is «not held».

    Often in the blog of the artist appear of pictures of his Pets: Gennady avid ailurophile. He claims that cats occupy an important place in his life because it is amazingly independent animals who themselves choose host and is always the soul of the house.


    • 2000 — «Empire under attack»
    • 200-2006 — «Opera. Chronicles of lethal Department»
    • 2005 — «Sea devils»
    • 2007 — «the Saboteur 2: the End of war.»
    • 2007 — «gloss»
    • 2010 — «the Route of mercy»
    • 2012 — «Kokoko»
    • 2013 — «Coma»
    • 2014 — «Gene Beton»
    • 2015 — Big


    Gennady Smirnov

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