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  • Name: Gennady Khazanov ( Khazanov Gennadij )
  • Date of birth: 1 December 1945
  • Age: 71
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 164
  • Activities: actor, public figure, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married to her lover, Album

    Gennady Khazanov: a biography

    Known parodist and unsurpassed master of Reprise Gennady Khazanov was born in post-war Moscow. His mother Iraida M. Khazanov was an engineer by profession and an actress by vocation. In his spare time, the actress went on stage of the national theatre in DC plant. Lenin and consistently broke a storm of applause of spectators. Little Gene was waiting for her behind the scenes. To leave the boy at home was not with anyone. Iraida M. raised the child alone. The father of the future star, engineer telecommunication and sound recording Viktor G. Lukasser, left Iraida Moiseevna without waiting for the birth of an heir.

    Have mom little Gene very much. Almost from the first grade he began to take part in the school Amateur. Parodied classmates, and even teachers, while managing to study on «perfectly». However, since the fifth grade, academic performance of the young impersonator is slowly but steadily came down. Especially in chemistry and physics. Gene Khazanov ROS absolute Humanities. Only a math teacher could instill a love of his subject, does not admit of exact Sciences student. By the way, she was the only teacher Khazanov, so never and did not become the heroine of his parodies.

    Hoping to see my son on stage, Iraida M. sent him to the musical school named after Konstantin Stanislavsky. Studious boy played the piano, but unfortunately moms, to music the soul of the son is not lying. She aspired to acting. Khazanov was watching on TV at the Arkady Raikin, never missing a performance, and desperately wanted to be like him. Future artist memorized the monologues of the famous actor tried to copy the intonation. When Gene was 14, he came to the concert of the meter and met him personally. The talented teenager was so touched by Raikin that he proposed to go to all his concerts absolutely free.

    After eighth grade Khazanov their dreams, went to work as a mechanic at the plant. So the dream about entering the drama has become a year closer. The fact that the Soviet schools at the time were translated into odinnadcataya, and in the evening we used to learn 10 years old. Barely received the coveted certificate, Khazanov with all haste rushed to pass exams in all of the Moscow theatre universities. In the Shchukin school famous even then, the actor and Director Alexander Shirvindt advised talented entrant to try yourself in the variety-circus College, but Khazanov didn’t hear him. It was not just a failure on the exam, and the collapse of the dream of his life. Khazanov decided to put an end to the career of the actor and to go to the engineers as a mom. He joined IISS in imeni Kuybysheva.

    There is something caught Khazanov his acting vocation. Instead of a day to sit on the drawings, the artist played in the KVN, and instead of learning «strength of materials» was a monologue of the student culinary College, which some years later will laugh the entire country.

    In the end Khazanov realized that the Builder of it is unlikely to work, but in town, it seems, was right. Then he went to enter the State school of circus and variety arts.

    Gennady Khazanov: theatre

    Having finally higher theatrical education, Khazanov has a job to Leonid Utesov. In his orchestra, Gennady worked as entertainers until they went on increasing in moskontsert. Through this organization took place without exception, all stars of the Soviet music. Who not only parodied Khazanov from the stages of Moscow concert: the Golden voice of the Soviet show-business Lev Leshchenko, the idol of his childhood Arkady Raikin and even overseas legend Louis de Funes.

    Professional recognition came to Khazanov in 1974. The artist gave a monologue Viola Seeds «Award at the all-Union pop artist contest and won it. Immediately after this «student culinary College» showed on TV, and Khazanov became famous throughout the Soviet Union.

    Hazanov became the star of the Soviet Reprise. The modern viewer will recognize this genre that has come to us from the West stand up comedy.

    In 1978 Khazanov takes the stage of the Moscow theater stage, accompanied by ballet. The action is called the play «trifles of life». In the hall of the house. Monologues Khazanov «Parrot», «cat», «Dream» and many others knew every Soviet viewer, but few suspected that the most acute moments of the performances of the artist is increasingly an outtake. During live performances Gennady ignored the wishes of the officials and, increasingly, improvised. It ended in 1984, Khazanov was banned from performing at all. But the popularity of an artist by the time has grown so much that he was invited to the closed parties and concerts, which has never been seen in the poster.

    In 1978 Khazanov creates its own theater of MONO. The artist in him head, he’s the only actor. The theatre announces itself with a production of «Small tragedy», the script is written by the famous satirist Mikhail gorodinskii, and it was directed by Roman Viktyuk.

    Khazanov dream to become a real actor came true in 1992, when Director Sergei Yursky invited him to the Moscow art theatre. Gennady took the stage in the play «Players».

    In 1997, Gennady Khazanov became Director of the Moscow Variety Theatre and continued in that position to this day. He stepped away from the genre to Reprise. His monologues, on which once laughed the entire Soviet Union, can now be seen only on TV. Now Khazanov does plays a major role in the entreprise «Death on the tennis court,» «Dinner with a fool» and together with Inna Churikova in the play «Mixed emotions».

    Gennady teaches at the Russian Academy of theatrical arts (former GITIS), sitting in the jury of the Higher League of KVN, leads a TV show on «TV-3» and «the First channel».

    Gennady Khazanov: movies

    Her first role in a movie Gennady Khazanov played in 1976. This was a movie Evgenia Ginzburg’s «Magic lantern» — a musical parody of foreign films, which starred all the «stars» of the Soviet show-business: Lyudmila Gurchenko, Natalya Krachkovskaya, Lyubov Polishchuk, Nikolai Karachentsov, and many others. Gennady Khazanov got the role of Commissioner Zhyuva.

    In 1992, he brilliantly played the main role in the film Nikolai Dostal, «a Small giant of big sex». But in two thousand the artist has twice been translated to the silver screen the image of Joseph Stalin.

    Gennady has repeatedly acted in a «Jumble» and was voiced by many Soviet and Russian cartoons. In particular, his voice says the famous parrot Kesha from the cartoon «return of the prodigal parrot».

    Gennady Khazanov: personal life

    Gennady Khazanov married. The artist’s wife name is Zlata Iosifovna, she works as his Manager. They met back in 1969 in the theatrical Studio of Moscow state University «Our house» where the beautiful Zlata was assistant Director Mark Rozovsky.

    Zlata’s mom was against her marriage with the actor. She raised a daughter by herself. Father of Zlata, a prominent party leader, was arrested in 1937. But, despite the disapproval of the bride’s mother, December 25, 1970 married love. After a few years the family of Hasanovich already waiting for an heir. Its going to be called Arkady, in honor of the idol Gennady Viktorovich Arkady Raikin. But alyssa was born. She graduated from the Moscow choreography school and became a soloist of the Bolshoi theatre. After injuries to the ligaments Alice left the scene and went into teaching. Now she has two daughters.

    In 1987, Gennady V. and Zlata Iosifovna almost left the daughter an orphan. After a tour in the States, they boarded the plane, EN route from Washington to Moscow. Passengers buckled straps, the liner was left on the runway, but suddenly came back. Turned out it was faulty so that the take-off, never would. Fortunately, the crew noticed this.

    In the 90 years Khazanov received Israeli citizenship. They bought a two-story house near tel Aviv and come to rest.

    Gennady Khazanov: filmography

    • Magic lantern
    • Wedding of jays
    • Small giant of big sex
    • My fair nanny
    • Who’s the boss?
    • Adventures of private Ivan Chonkin
    • Ordered to destroy! Operation «Chinese box»
    • Olympic village
    • Furtseva
    • Prisoner of the Caucasus

    Gennady Khazanov: photo

    Gennady Khazanov

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