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  • Name: Gemma Chan ( Gemma Chan )
  • Date of birth: 29 November 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: London, UK
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: theater and film actress, model
  • Marital status: not married

    Gemma Chan biography

    Gemma Chan is an English film actress for a long time was filmed mostly in TV series, such as «People», «Bedlam», «Sherlock», «brotherly», and many others. But lately, in the biography Gemma Chan appears more and more feature films such as «Fantastic animals and where they live», «London fields» and «Stratton: First assignment». In addition, she had a successful career in the modeling industry and on the stage.

    Gemma Chan
    British actress | VK Group

    Gemma Chan was born in London but grew up in the small historic town of Sevenoaks, located in the County of Kent. The girl’s parents were immigrants from Asia: a mom who works as a pharmacist at a young age with her sister and parents came from China, and his father, a highly skilled engineer, who emigrated from Hong Kong in adulthood.

    Gemma Chan
    During his studies he starred in photo shoots | Group VK

    Gemma attended the all-girls school «Newstead Wood School» and also received classical music education on violin and piano. But, despite the fact that Chan since childhood showed creative abilities, she enrolled at the law faculty of the College at Oxford University. And I have to say that was one of the best students, with the result that I received an offer to join the famous English law firm «Slaughter and May». But by that point the girl realized that she wanted to become an actress.

    Gemma Chan
    Miss Chan could become a qualified lawyer | VK Group

    She casts a tempting offer, and travels to London and entered the famous acting school at the Moscow drama theatre. Earlier graduates from this Studio were Colin Firth, pierce Brosnan and other British stars. And to pay for an expensive education and necessary expenses, purposeful girl went to work in one of the modeling agencies. Not only did she appeared in commercials for such brands as «Nivea», «Nokia» and «Reebok» but also participated in the reality show «the Runway. Battle of the models», which was in the best three.

    Gemma Chan
    Not only actress but also model | Group VK

    In 2008, miss Chan obtains a diploma graduate of the London drama center and will debut on the theatrical stage. Her first play was the famous «Turandot», after which she is annually included in the cast is at least one troupe of. Over the years the actress performed at the most prestigious stage of London theatres.


    On a television screen in a feature film Gemma Chan first appeared in 2006 in a small role in teenage horror movie «When evil calls». And after graduating from the actors Studio, starred in the television series «Doctor Who», «Sherlock», «the Secret diary of a call girl». First, the popularity of the actress brought action-Packed psychological drama «Exam», followed by the melodrama «True love,» social series «Dating» and the TV Comedy «brotherly.»

    Gemma Chan in the film
    The role of Chinese women in the movie «Exam» | Real movie

    Considerable success has been Russian-American action Thriller «Jack Ryan: chaos Theory» in which Gemma has collaborated with Hollywood stars Chris Pinom, Kevin costner and keira Knightley, as well as with the Russian actress Elena Velikanova. After this work the girl was noticed by the representatives of the British TV show «the People» and invited her for the lead role of Anita in this fantastic top-rated drama.

    Gemma Chan in the film
    In the role of Anita in the TV series «Men» | Tunes.Zone

    The latest popular movies of Gemma Chan is a fantasy «Fantastic animals and where they live», where she works in a Duo with Eddie Redmayne, as well as the Thriller «London fields» with amber heard and the Thriller «Stratton: First assignment» with Dominic Cooper.

    Personal life

    Personal life Gemma Chan is not as bold and explosive as some other movie stars. The girl for many years Dating one loved one. Her partner is a British comedian and actor Jack Whitehall, who is known in particular that was considered one of the main contenders for the role of Harry Potter until the casting of Daniel Radcliffe.

    Gemma Chan and Jack Whitehall
    My beloved Jack Whitehall | The Jewellery Editor

    The actress still lives in England and is in no hurry to move closer to Hollywood. She leads an active social life, for example, is seriously involved in the movement for the protection of human rights. On the 60th anniversary of the Declaration of human rights Gemma presented her own documentary «Amnesty», and was also an official witness in the court of old Bailey in the case against the instigators of the massacre near London Putney Bridge tube station in 2013.


    • 2009 — Exam
    • 2012 — True love
    • 2013 — Date
    • 2014 — Jack Ryan: chaos Theory
    • 2015 — brothers
    • 2015 — People
    • 2015 — model family
    • 2016 — Fantastic animals and where they live
    • 2016 — London fields
    • 2016 — Stratton: the First task


    Gemma Chan

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