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  • Name: Gela Meskhi ( Gela Meshi )
  • Date of birth: 13 may 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor
  • Marital status: married to Ekaterina Klimova

    Gela Meskhi: a biography

    Russian actor Gela Meskhi was born on may 13 1986 in Moscow. Its unusual name it received from the Pope, which has Georgian and Spanish roots. Mama Gela — Russian. First, the parents wanted to name son rocky Junior.

    In childhood Gela Meskhi had two serious Hobbies: football and school initiative. Over time, acting fascinated the boy more, and after school Gela entered the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre Konstantin Raikin’s course, graduating in 2009.

    Gela Meskhi: movies

    Biography of Gela Meskhi began while studying in School-Studio of MKHAT. The young actor took part in many productions, educational theatre, and was engaged in performances of «Valencian mad men,» «Silence – gold», «Abduction Sobyanina», «hamlet».

    Now Gela Meskhi is a permanent member of the troupe of theatre of a name of Stanislavsky. He plays in productions of «Seven days before the flood,» «Romeo and Juliet», «Valencian mad men,» «the Abduction Sabyanina», «the Trojan war will not be», «hamlet», «Silence – gold», «the Tempest.»

    Immediately after the end of the school-Studio of MKHAT Gela Meskhi starred in the title role in the film of Yuri Kara’s «

  • Hamlet. The XXI century». The film’s Director, chose him among several dozen students. For this follow-up to the 8th festival of cinema and theatre «Amur autumn» in Blagoveshchensk Gela won the prize for «Best actor in a movie.» In 2010, the Russian rolling out two films with the participation of Gela Meskhi: tape Mher Mkrtchyan «Grown-up daughter, or test…» and a picture of «the Comedians», taken Alexander by Kalininym and Igor Wolosick. Tapes were warmly received by the audience and critics.

    Downloads Gela Meskhi brought the series Ramil Sabitov «

  • Physics or chemistry» of the everyday life of the modern school. Premiered in August 2011. Gela played the role of Alex Weinstein, high school students, experiencing sympathy for the teacher Irina Nekrasova. After the show, the actor woke up famous. Fans of creativity Gela Meskhi think he’s a unique actor, because it can connect the real game with the emotions experienced by his character behind the screen. The transformation occurs rapidly, and for this he is considered an artist of God, endowed with the birth of the remarkable talent with which he masterfully uses.

    In 2013, the actor played the main role in the movie «

  • The offspring of the father of Nations.» The painting, dedicated to the fate of Vasily Stalin, the beloved son of Joseph Stalin. For filming Gela Meskhi gained 10 lbs. Directed by Sergei Ginzburg later invited the artist to star in his film entitled «Wolf sun» about historical events, 1924 in Poland.

    Gela Meskhi: personal life

    Personal life Gela Meskhi recently been discussed in the media. This interest of the press caused by the affair of the actor with a fatal beauty Ekaterina Klimova.

    About the novel Meskhi and Klimova said long, the pair carefully hid their relationship. 5 June 2015, the tabloids exploded with sensation: Gela Meskhi and Ekaterina Klimova has secretly married. It was also reported that the couple will go on a honeymoon to Alaska, where he began re-marriage.

    It was later revealed that the pair almost a year living together, raising three children Klimova from previous marriages by Ilya Horoshilovym and actor Igor Petrenko. Along with the fact the wedding, the media reported that at the moment Klimova pregnant with a fourth child.

    Gela Meskhi: filmography

    • Hamlet. XXI Vek — hamlet
    • Adult daughter, or test…
    • Physics or chemistry
    • Astra, I love you
    • All just
    • The son of father of the nation
    • Wolf’s sun
    • Shot

    Gela Meskhi: photo

    Gela Meskhi

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