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  • Name: Gaspard Ulliel ( Gaspard Ulliel )
  • Date of birth: 25 November 1984.
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Boulogne-Billancourt, France
  • Height: 180
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: civil marriage

    Gaspard Ulliel biography

    Gaspard Ulliel — French actor began acting in films while still in his Teens and won the recognition of audiences around the world thanks to roles in such films as «engagement,» «Hannibal rising» and «Saint-Laurent. Style – it’s me.» He is the recipient of the prestigious French film award «Cesar» as the most promising actor at the end of 2005.

    Gaspard Ulliel
    Gaspard Ulliel | Ile de Beaute

    Gaspard Ulliel was born in November 1984 in the suburbs of Paris — Boulogne-Billancourt. His father Serge Ulliel was a designer stylist, and mother Christine, in addition they collaborated with her husband in creating clothing, and even produced a famous French runway fashion show.

    Gaspard Ulliel
    Gaspard Ulliel |

    Gaspar himself no interest in the world of fashion as a child is not felt. From an early age, the boy dreamed of becoming a filmmaker. It should be noted that Gaspard Ulliel in 12 years debuted on the silver screen as an actor and since then he was regularly invited in TV shows. Working on the set he knew firsthand, so after graduating from the prestigious secondary school he entered the University of Saint-Denis, where he studied cinematography.

    Gaspard Ulliel
    Gaspard Ulliel | Celebrity photos

    But Gaspar Ulliel surprised, and then became categorically does not arrange that the main part of the University subjects was purely theoretical and of no use to him brought. Having studied for less than two of course, the young man quits College and decides that it would be useful to know the actor’s work in practice, taking part in movies. However, later Gaspard Ulliel decided to improve their skills and was trained in acting at special courses «Cours Florent , where he was noticed classic of French cinema, andré téchiné and was offered a role in his film.


    The first children’s work of Gaspard Ulliel was the episode in the film «the Woman in white», when he was barely 12 years old. Later, the actor appeared in small roles in the TV series «the Commissioner Navarro», the melodrama «a Rare bird», the Comedy «Kiss whoever you want». He has also appeared in famous paintings – the romantic story «Juliette» and mystery Thriller «brotherhood of the wolf».

    Gaspard Ulliel and Emmanuelle Bear in the movie
    Gaspard Ulliel and Emmanuelle Bear in the movie «Lost» | FilmPro

    The main role for the first time went to the Gaspar Olelo the military drama 2003 «Lost.» His partner in the film was the star of the French screen, Emmanuelle Bear, who played the teacher Odile, hiding with two children in a rural wilderness from the Nazis, who captured Paris. Hero of Gaspard, a mysterious young man with a Russian name Ivan, helping her to escape. Game Ulliel was very critically acclaimed, and the film was a success in France.

    Gaspard Ulliel in the film
    Gaspard Ulliel in the film «the engagement» |

    His next project, a big-budget detective film «the engagement», brought Gaspar Ulliel worldwide fame. The actor was personally presented the film at various film festivals. He came with this job and in Moscow, where «the Long engagement» demonstrated in the framework of the week of French cinema. For the role of the missing soldier, Manech, is engaged in researches which lame bride Matilda, played by actress Audrey Tautou, Gaspard finally got the long-awaited prize «Cesar». Prior to that, he was nominated three times, but conceded the award to other applicants.

    In parallel with this pattern, the screens out a social drama «the Last day». Because of the success of «a long engagement» this work was not too noticed. In fact, she brought Gaspar Ulliel more troubles, as he was suspected of homosexual, because in this film the actor played a young man who is not interested in women that leads eventually to tragedy. Not all movie fans were able to separate the inner world of the character from the real feelings of the performer.

    Gaspard Ulliel in the film
    Gaspard Ulliel in «Hannibal rising» | Watch here

    In early 2007 on the world’s screens out the Thriller «Hannibal rising», the prequel to the famous trilogy «Red dragon», «silence of the lambs» and «Hannibal». The role of the cannibal-aesthete Hannibal Lecter in his youth played Gaspard Ulliel. By the way, this was the first work in which the actor had the opportunity to demonstrate excellent command of the English language: his hero, he announced themselves.

    Then the screens came out a lot of quality French movies in which Ulliel played a major role. Stands out the mystic painting «the Third world», the melodrama «Dam against the Pacific», fantasy «the luck of the winemaker», a love story «Ultimatum» and the historical drama «the Princess of Montpensier». In addition, Gaspar in a duet with Jean Reno played in the crime Thriller «Closed circuit».

    Gaspard Ulliel in the film
    Gaspard Ulliel in «Saint Laurent. Style – I» | Fanpop

    In 2014, he released the biographical drama «Saint Laurent. Style is I» in which Gaspard Ulliel played by the great couturier. Many critics believe that this film – the top acting of the French artist. Interestingly, in the film shows close-UPS of drawings and sketches Saint Laurent really drawn by Gaspard-Ulliel. The last pictures of the actor, to date, is the drama «It’s only the end of the world» and «the Dancer». They were warmly received by the public, but was eclipsed by the success of previous work.

    Personal life

    For some time there were rumors about gay Gaspar Ulliel, although, in fact, there are no prerequisites to this never existed. In fact, the actor has enjoyed great success with women and had a considerable number of star novels.

    Gaspard Ulliel and Cecile Cassel
    Gaspard Ulliel and Cecile Cassel | Coffee with cream and no sugar

    In 2005, he met with a colleague, Marion Cotillard, and had her short-term relationship. Then Gaspard has been a two-year romance with actress and singer cécile Cassel, who’s the sister of Vincent Cassel.

    Gaspard Ulliel and Kate moss
    Gaspard Ulliel and Kate moss |

    Also fleeting love Gaspard Ulliel felt for the Princess of Monaco Charlotte Casiraghi and British model Kate moss.

    Gaspard Ulliel and Charlotte Casiraghi
    Gaspard Ulliel and Charlotte Casiraghi | Gaspard Ulliel Daily

    Quite a long time, the French actor was together with Jordan, Crandall, a graduate of the famous Parisian art school, who worked as assistant of the famous fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld in the fashion house of Coco Chanel. Gaspar met the girl almost five years, they divorced in 2013.

    Gaspard Ulliel and Jordan, Crandell
    Gaspard Ulliel and Jordan, Crandell | Star life

    And almost immediately, Gaspard Ulliel met with French model and singer Gael Pietri. Their relationship quickly moved beyond the lightweight affair. The pair has built a truly serious Union. In 2015, they began to live together, and in February 2016 Gaspard Ulliel for the first time became the father: Gael bore him a son.

    Gaspard Ulliel and Gael Pietri
    Gaspard Ulliel and Gael Pietri | Zimbio

    In addition to working in the film industry, Gaspard Ulliel on a regular basis involved in the modeling business: he is the face of the House «Chanel». As in the acting profession, this activity absolutely does not prevent a small scar on the cheek of her husband, who remained after the attack on his dog breed Doberman, when Gaspar Ulliel was 6 years old.


    • 2003 — Lost
    • 2004 — the engagement
    • 2004 — Last day
    • 2006 — Paris, I love you
    • 2007 — Hannibal Rising
    • 2008 — a Dam against the Pacific
    • 2009 — Ultimatum
    • 2010 — the Princess of Montpensier
    • 2014 — St-Laurent. Style is I
    • 2016 Is only the end of the world


    Gaspard Ulliel

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