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  • Name: Gaspar Noé ( Gaspar Noé )
  • Date of birth: 27 December 1963.
  • Age: 53 years
  • Place of birth: Buenos Aires
  • Activity: film Director, screenwriter
  • Family: married Lucille Hadzihalilovic

    Gaspar noé: a biography

    Gaspar Noe born December 27 1963 in Buenos Aires. From early childhood he was surrounded by art and beauty: his father, Luis Felipe noé was a famous artist of Argentina and her mother is a social worker. Gaspar grew up in a Bohemian circle among people, passionate about art, who were often guests of the family of Noe. In 1965 the boy’s father received the most prestigious award in the field of contemporary art Guggenheim award and together with his family moved to new York to have the opportunity to exhibit their works in the same Museum. Five years Gaspar has spent in America, soaking up American culture and learning the language, after which the family of Noah again returned to Argentina.

    First the guy thought of becoming a filmmaker after watching a sci-Fi film Stanley Kubrick’s «Space Odyssey 2001». The boy was then only seven years old. Through friends who worked in the cinema, Gaspar watched a movie almost every day. The eye he had caught, and, intended for an adult audience, which later greatly influenced his own work and worldview.

    When the boy turned fourteen, his family moved again, this time in Paris. Gaspard was studying French, and at seventeen entered the cinematic College Louis Lumiere. Despite the atmosphere in which grew up aspiring Director, a lot of friends found this act quite eccentric. After graduating from College, the guy went to the University of Paris the faculty of philosophy.

    When Noah was twenty-two years he worked as a helper Argentinian Director Pino Solanas at the time of filming of his famous film «tango. The Exile Of Gardel». The work inspired the youth to create their first short films. To cooperate with Solanesol Gaspar returned again in 1988 in the movie «South».

    Three years later he began writing the screenplay for his next movie «enter the void», inspired by Robert Montgomery’s «Lady in the lake». He admits Noe, he never believed in any higher power, but he was always interested in «life after death», which was the main motivation for removing these pictures. Script writing lasted for fifteen long years before the audience was able to see another mixed picture of the famous filmmaker.

    Gaspar noé movies

    Gaspar noé made his directorial debut short film «Mingarelli di Luna». The film lasted only about eighteen minutes. In 1991, inspired by your first picture, the Director has started shooting the next short film «Carrion». Together with his girlfriend

  • Lucille hadzhihalilovich, who was also a Director, he founded the production company «Les Cinémas de la Zone». The young Director made a forty-minute picture, which talks about the ambiguous relationship between the butcher and his mute daughter. The film was first shown at the Cannes film festival in 1991 and received very flattering reviews from the critics, despite the obvious sexual innuendo of the tape. Inspired by the success of Gaspard made the decision about removal of a feature film based on his painting «Carrion», however, has faced problems financing the project. And not finding investment for his film, the Director decided to move into the more lucrative field of cinema, having been engaged in the production of music videos. In parallel, Noah worked as an editor of television programs on the French channel «Canal+ «.

    Until 1996, Noah was able to collect money for shooting his first feature film «

  • One against all». In the center of the picture again turned out to be the butcher of the short film «Carrion», but the film is about a different time period of his life. Gaspar took off his painting for nearly two and a half years, sometimes experiencing financial difficulties and stopping shooting. All the characters played by the same actors who took part in the previous film. Having finished shooting, Noah showed his film at the next Festival in 1998. The film Director was greeted very warmly, winning two awards: «Mercedes-Benz Award» and special award from the journalists ‘ Union of France. In 1997, Gaspar tried his hand as an actor, playing a minor character in the crime film «
  • Doberman» his friend Director Jan cunen. In 2001, Ing has started shooting his new film «
  • Irreversible», where the main role was played by popular French actress Monica Bellucci. Gaspar acted as Director, producer, screenwriter, cameraman of the film, also playing a cameo role in the film. In August, finished shooting, and the premiere took place at the Cannes film Festival in 2002. The tape has caused a mixed reaction from the audience, more than two hundred and fifty people just left the hall, and people EN masse fainted while watching. Critics were also mixed in their reviews, but the few of them who were able to watch «Irreversible» to the end, applauded the talents of Gaspar noé standing. The controversial film with two very ambiguous scenes (the rape and brutal murder) was banned in some countries, in particular, on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. In 2008, the Director began shooting the film «
  • Enter the void», the script for which he wrote the last fifteen years. Gaspar admits that writing this story was inspired by psychotropic substances and a film Noir, «Lady in the lake». Noe decided to remove the picture in English, so a casting call was held in the United States. Some actors of the controversial Director found in Japan, where were the principal shooting of the film. The film was first shown at the Cannes film Festival in 2009, and on the screens of the United States appeared only a year later and in a more condensed version. As with previous films of Gaspar, the tape provoked mixed reactions, as viewers and critics due to the large number of scenes with drug use and sexual themes. Sexual topic Gaspar is back in 2014, announced the beginning of filming an erotic film in the popular 3D format called «
  • Love.» Actresses for the main roles, the Director found in one of the clubs in the city, and the role of the main character Murphy played by a friend of her friend. The picture was shot in the style of the erotic Thriller and contained numerous scenes of a sexual nature that have not been staged. The film was shown at the Cannes film festival in 2015 regardless of the competitive program. Critics and audiences were again very mixed in their assessments of the painting, and Gaspar noé once again confirmed its reputation as a controversial Director.

    Gaspar noé: personal life

    In the early nineties Gaspar noé started Dating a French woman

  • Lucille hadzhihalilovich, who is also a Director and screenwriter. Together the pair founded her own record label and movies. Lucille became a producer and screenwriter of the film «Carrion» and «enter the void».

    Gaspar noé: filmography

    • Carrion
    • One against all
    • Irreversibility
    • Enter the void
    • Love

    Gaspar noé: photo

    Gaspar Noe I Annabelle Dexter Jones

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