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  • Name: Gary Oldman ( Gary Leonard Oldman )
  • Date of birth: 21 March 1958
  • Age: 58 years
  • Place of birth: London
  • Height: 174
  • Activities: actor, Director
  • Marital status: married

    Gary Oldman: biography

    Gary Oldman was born March 21, 1958. His mother was a housewife and his father worked as a welder. The family was poor, so Gary and his two sisters had no toys and other childhood pleasures. The situation worsened when the father left Gary was 7 years old. First the father occasionally visited the children, and soon ceased to be interested in their lives — husband drank, he was not before. Later Gary found out that his father died.

    The reality is not pleasing to future actor, the only joy she found was in classes at the Youth theatre, which he attended from the age of 14. The teenager was given a different role — he coped with them well. But oddly, in that period of life Oldman never thought about an acting career.

    When Gary was 16 years old he left school, sold sports equipment, and in his spare time studied literature and playing the guitar. A turning point came in 1975. The young man looked at the picture of the «Mad moon» and «If…» — the performance made a strong impression on him. He decided that he will star in a movie, and learn to reincarnate.

    In the same year, Gary Oldman decided to enroll at the Royal Academy of dramatic art, however, did not make much impression on the strict examiners. One of the members of the jury advised the young man to choose another profession. Oldman did not listen. He enrolled in the theatre Rose Bruford College and in four years received the diploma of bachelor with honors. Moreover, the student achieved a scholarship to study.

    Then there was 9 years of working in London, touring in Europe and South America, a prestigious theatre award. But the main success was waiting for the actor to come.


    His film debut was in 1982 in the film «Memory». His «starring role» Gary played five years in the film «Sid and Nancy» — she brought him several awards, including an award from the film critics in London. Following this success, the Directors of Hollywood drew attention to the perspective of the actor. Soon, Gary Oldman began acting in cult films.

    In 1987, rolling out the film «prick up your ears». It immediately became popular, and the actor was showered with offers from renowned Directors. Oldman starred in the films «Criminal law», «Dracula», «Shot in Dallas» and others. The role in these paintings made him one of the most popular Hollywood actors.

    Becoming popular, Gary continued to actively act. The films were successful at the box office, collected nice fees. Among the successful works — «Red letter,» «the Fifth element», «Little fingers», «air force one». Special in the career of Gary Oldman in the films «Leon» and «do Not swallow». Leon was the first non-English film in the filmography of the British actor, and «do Not swallow» is his first screenwriting and directorial project.

    For outstanding contribution to world cinema Gary Oldman was awarded the prestigious prize at the film festival in America in 2001. This year began a new phase in his career.

    The late Oldman roles inherent in the variety and drama. Even in «Batman» and «Harry Potter» actor was able to show the inner depths of his characters. Among the works of the late period, one should highlight the films «planet 51», «Unborn» and «the Spy, get out». In the last picture he is awarded a prize at Empire Awards for best actor and nominated for «Oscar».

    Gary Oldman colleagues in Hollywood called «Actor Icteric» because he has a talent for impersonations. In each role, the audience can hear a special speech, his attractive villains sympathetic to the audience, and the historical person in his performance of work realistic. Even playing the role of the second plan, Oldman outshines the main characters. The actor is beautiful even in bad movies.

    Personal life

    Gary Oldman was married four times. In 1987, he married actress Lesley-I. This Union did not last three years. The cause of the rupture was Uma Thurman fell in love with Gary.

    In 1990, Oldman and Thurman were married, and two years later they divorced. During this period, Oldman drank a lot, was treated for alcoholism at the clinic. Uma Thurman called alcoholism of the husband of one of the causes of divorce.

    Five years after parting with Holmes actor married Don Fiorentino. Don is a professional photographer. She gave birth to Gary’s two sons. Only the actor’s four of them, one of which is adopted. In 2001, the couple broke up. Dona Fiorentino said that alcohol addiction husband’s increasing dependence on drugs. She complained that her husband often insulted her, raises his hand.

    His fourth and last wife was a jazz singer Alexandra Edinboro. They married in 2008 and are still together.


    • «The Book Of Eli»
    • «Room 44»
    • «The spy, come forth!»
    • «Dead fish»
    • «The fifth element»
    • «Chattahoochee»
    • «Tracy takes up the challenge»
    • «Revenge»
    • «A Christmas story»
    • «Planet of monkeys: Revolution»


    Gary Oldman

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